Bull Shoals

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  1. diving is awesome for fresh water. Vis is around 15 feet in most places. Spearfishing starts on june 15th.

  2. Jeff says:

    I dove Bull Shoals on 6/21/08. I was mainly around the Oakland area, and in particular point 11. The visibility was surprisingly good. I estimated 10-15′ of vis at 20′. The first few feet are muck, but it clears up around 7-10′. The thermocline was at 22′-25′, and it is cold below. My computer was registering 80 at the surface and 65 right around the thermocline. I suspect that it is in the low 60’s at 25-30′ right now.

    The spearfishing was ok. The habitat is all screwed up for the fish with the high water levels, and it has thrown off the spearing for most everybody. The game warden told our group that somebody shot a 50+ pound blue catfish on Saturday, though.

    Go with low expectations. I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised with the conditions.

  3. snagel says:

    Submitted by Mosd – Scubaboard

    had a friend just returned from bull shoals. said the water was still about 30 feet up. said the vis was 15-20 feet above the thermocline. the thermocline was thicker than normal so you need a light below the thermocline because it is so dark. also said the town park in bull shoals is under water so was kind of cool to swim around the picnic tables.

  4. snagel says:

    Submitted by Mosd (Scubaboard)

    well just returned from a week at bull shoals. the viz is 10 feet for the first 10 feet then down to about 5 feet. the thermocline seemed to be at about 17 feet. at about 25-30 feet it cleared up some. the walleye are right in the murk. the viz is the worst i’ve ever seen there. we dove mostly down around the dam area. was still fun and a chance to dive. my son shot a huge catfish and a couple of walleye. have fun!

  5. hudson says:

    Weekend of Oct 10-12. Water levels are still up and visibility was generally poor, although it varies by as much as 5ft (from ~3ft to about perhaps 8ft) in the first 25ft. Below 25ft to about 41ft (thermocline) it’s better, again depending on location from 5ft to 10ft+ – this is a very diveable range especially if you follow the wall and you’ll run into a lot of bass. Below the thermocline it gets very dark and turns into a night dive practically but vis is still better. Temperatures were very comfortable, and ranged from 70F+ on the surface to 60F below the thermocline. I was ok with a 7mm and a hood, no gloves.

  6. SteveC says:

    We dove Bull Shoals this last weekend (May 1st, 2009)
    Vis was very good. On Saturday we were getting around 30′ and Sunday it seemed to drop to about 20′. It rained all weekend but even with no sun it was great diving. The surface temp was in the uppers 50’s and droped to the lower 50’s at around 50 feet deep. We spotted a Hellbender on a night dive.
    Not sure how long the good vis is going to last, but it’s good right now.

  7. admin says:

    bull shoals lake conditions
    Original Post by Piffle on ScubaBoard


    I went to Bull Shoals Aug 2 and 3. Surface temp was in the low 80’s snd vis at the surface was about 10 feet. I only went to about 35 feet as I was with a brand new diver that wanted to keep it shallow. The thermocline was at about 28 feet and below that the temp was in the 70’s and vis opened up to 15 to 20 feet. I’ve seen it a lot better there but for this time of year its not bad. I had a good time and it was definitely worth the trip.

  8. snagel says:

    June 7, 2010

    Original Post by GMRViper on ScubaBoard.

    Ok well im new so my info might not be as technical as some of the gals and guys on here.

    I made 3 dives in a cove just east of the bull shoals dive shop. The water was 81 degrees on the surface and got cold pretty quick. I only went to 30 ft. But i got pretty chilly in my 4mil shorty. Visibility on the surface was pretty close to 10 ft, but got murkier the deeper i went. At 30 ft it seemed pretty dark and cold. I didnt see much at this depth to be able to judge vis. I ended up just going over close to the shore and had a blast just swimming along some rock ledges that were around 10 ft deep. Lots of fish and brush to swim around. Oh i also want to say that my moms ol boy said the lake was up 15ft. So most of the shallow dive sites were 30-40 ft deep instead of 20.

    Overall i had a blast i think its been the most fun i have had so far .

  9. ozarkdiver says:

    The clearest freshwater dive (excluding springs) I’ve ever made to date was in Bull Shoals on 7/20/2001. From the surface to 25 feet it was clear as a bell (I could sit float on the surface and clearly see small detail in the rocks on the bottom). I don’t know why it was so good, as I’ve never had that kind of vis there since. The odd thing was at 30 ft (thermocline), the vis turned to pea soup.

  10. ozarkdiver says:

    Did four dives on Bull Shoals yesterday (7/6/10). The vis was good (15-20 ft.) towards the dam (point #3 and closer). Thermocline seemed shallow for this time of year (17 ft.).

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  12. ozarkdiver says:


  13. snagel says:

    Bull Shoals October 14-17 2011

    Had an Awesome time at Bull Shoals. Water Temps 69 degrees, thermocline down to about 60 feet. Didn’t really notice it. Viz was spotty depending on the area. First day 15-20′ viz, but the next day we dove more coves and it got a little silky. Weather was great….mid 80’s. The folks at Bull Shoals Boat Dock Marina treated us great. Saturday night the water pump on the generator for the houseboat went out. We called the marina and they sent a repair guy out in the dark on the lake to fix it.

    Had a great time…our own little Midwest Live Aboard.


  14. ozarkdiver says:

    Went up to Bull Shoals on 4/21, but they must have had local recent rains, as the lake was brown (unusual for the Bull). Anyway, didn’t even go in (couldn’t see five feet down).

  15. Ray W says:

    Went diving for the weekend at Bull Shoals from Oct 10-12 2014. Despite the bad weather, surface temperature was ~71 F with visibility being around 20′. Thermocline was down at 47 feet. Was very comfortable in a 5mm wetsuit with hood and gloves.

  16. ozarkdiver says:

    Conditions on 4/18:
    Thermocline: didn’t go that deep
    Temp: 63
    The good news: Vis was 40-50 ft.
    The bad news: Bull Shoals has lots of Zebra mussels (good for vis, bad for the lake)

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