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  1. Dark Wolf says:

    Conditions were better on 31 May than I have seen since before New Years Day. On the North side, the vis was 15-20′ at a depth of 80′, with a bottom temp of about 52 degrees.
    The area around the ramp was stirred up by a large class of OW students. Vis at 100′ was 10-15′, with a bottom temp of 52 degrees.

  2. snagel says:

    I have not been to Oronogo since the 7th, but the conditions seemed to be improving. The water was still high, but the vis was starting to improve. Water temps were as normal: 50-52 at 100′.
    The North side had the best vis, since not many people go over there. We were getting around 20′ in the area around “The Blue Room”. The East side was lower, maybe 10′ due to a huge class of OW students. A lot just depends on how many people are there, and where they are diving. Not sure how this last round of rain has affected things.
    Most everywhere is messed up right now, from what I understand. I know the places that I have been are pretty hard hit. Hopefully things will clear up soon.


  3. jaxjags64109 says:

    I dove Oronogo yesterday (6/21/08) and had 15 ft Vis down to 45-50 feet. Any deeper and it got a little dark. There were not many other divers so we had the place pretty much to ourselves and had no silting issues to speak of.

  4. Dark Wolf says:

    Fun day of diving! Past 100′ we were getting pretty good vis, even though it was DARK! I would say 20′ or so on the deeper end. Did two deep dives, and hung out with good friends for the SI’s. Bottom temps were upper 40’s to lower 50’s.

  5. DrRobb says:

    4 of us had the lake to ourselves on 6-22-08. Max depth for our dives was 45ft. Visibility was probably 15ft although if I could have gotten Trav to go deeper we might have seen it open up 🙂

  6. Malibu Tinman says:

    Dove July 5-6th. Not a lot of divers.
    Vis was pretty consistent 15-20 feet down to 130′. Surface temp 85, bottom 50-53. Thermocline at 22-25′.
    My first time, so I don’t have a reference for the water level, but it seemed to match the map pretty close.
    The dives were interesting and challenging. Relaxed with new buddies during the SI.
    My new favorite (inland) dive site!

  7. Walt725 says:

    Several dives to the 4 doors and the cabin cruiser. (100ft) temp at depth was 51 and vis was about 15ft. Surface temp in mid-80’s with not much vis.

  8. snagel says:

    My first time at Oronogo – have to say I was very pleased. Very nice quarry. The only thing that was a negative for me was having to walk up and down the hill to get to the water.

    Ambient Temp – 95 (wow it was hot)

    Surface Temp – 80ish (warm bathwater)

    20′ – 50 degrees (got cold fast)

    Vis – surface to 20′ 2-5 feet with a lot of muck and suspended particles. Below 20′ opened upa little up to approximately 15′.

    Several attractions – plane, cars, boats. Made drop down to the cavern entrances – fairly dark, needed a light but not bad.

    Will need cold water diving gear – drysuit, heavy rubber, hood, gloves, etc. Although you cook on the surface, gets cold quick past 20 feet.

    Owners very nice people. Accomodations include showers and bathrooms (not johnny on the spots). Not the ritz, but better than most, worse than some.


  9. Walt725 says:

    Dove on Sunday Aug 4th.
    Temp hot on the surface, 92. Vis 5 ft at surface with a cloud layer at 20-30 with about 1-2 ft of vis. But below that it was much better. Vis at the doors as at least 20′ with lots of ambient light. Temp 52.

  10. Omni says:

    Dove Oronogo today “8-23-08” and it was very nice. Only 4 other divers and 4 students with instructors. Vis was cruddy at top with it only being around 5-8. Below thermocline is quickly opened up to 15+. Below thermocline temp was the normal 57ish.

  11. Mark George says:

    Got in three dives yesterday. Not a bad place to dive, but the vis got pretty crappy in the afternoon after all the student training. First dive at around 11:00AM, vis was 20-30 ft shallow (down to 17 ft or so), then got worse deeper (10-15 ft). Surface temp was 76F, and it was 54F at 50 ft. I brought my drysuit, but my buddy only had a 3mm. We both just rented 7mm suits for the day, and it worked out OK. Overall, not bad diving at all, and the wall dives are nice!

  12. NavyHmc says:

    Not too many folks there this weekend. Surface temps were 63f,with vis of around 20′. The first thermolcline was at 50′, temps below it were 55f and very poor vis of maybe 5′-7′. We didn’t go deeper than 60′ as my dive buddy was a very new OW diver and understandably was uncomfortable going under 60′-not that we planned to. Still a bunch of good dives in the shallows so to speak.

  13. Rick Smith says:

    Dove here on Februaury 28th Air temp 25 water at the surface was 46 and the same at 113 ft. Viz was 5 – 10 ft depending on if anyone had kicked up the silt. Good dives with Scuba Toys group DDCN.

  14. admin says:

    On 2/28/09, the DDCN Divers held there 2nd annual dive. Here is a posting of the conditions from ScubaToys Forum……These guys/gals are crazy!!!!

    The weather couldn’t have possibly cooperated with us any less. It was cold, snowed the entire time we were diving, and I think we all had issues with frozen gear. Vis was maybe 10 feet and the only time I checked the water temperature during the dive it was in the low 40s. That didn’t stop a lot of us from jumping anyways… after all, it wouldn’t be a DDCN dive if we weren’t deep, dark, cold, and narc’d (I know for a fact gNats experienced all four! ).

    I think we overall failed on the getting pictures front because, well, honestly we were too cold to hold up a camera. Probably 20-30 people ended up showing up despite the conditions, a list of who was there will have to be made by someone else because I did a terrible job at getting peoples names/forum handles. I’m sure someone will have pictures in case any of us need alibis.

    Again, thanks everyone for showing up in such terrible weather and getting in some great diving!

  15. admin says:

    Posted by neogeo on ScubaToys

    April 11, 2009
    Viz was good at the Cabin Cruiser 15ish… at 113 it was 5-10ft. the temp was in the 50’s.

  16. snagel says:

    Posted by DarkWolf on Scubaboard 4/25/09

    Dives today were great! Did two dives, both to the Cabin Cruiser and getting used to new gear. Vis was low, but there were two BIG ow classes so that is to be expected. Both dives were about 25 minute run times, depths were 99 and 100′. Vis was about 10′ on the first dive, and 5-7 on the second. Both dives were really nice, and the gear feels much more comfortable. The switch to steels was a good (and educational) switch.


  17. Rkij says:

    Dove yesterday. Vis 5-10ft. Temp. 50@60ft
    A few OW classes were there.

  18. navyhmc says:

    Vis to 30′ is 15′, temps 63f. Below 30′ the vis couth of the cabin cruise is about 10′ North of the cabin cruiser is about 5′ The OW students had the shelf vis mcuked up a little, but about an hour after they left it was up to 10′

    John is installing a bubbler sytem that is intended to help a lot with the vis. He hpes to have it running in about a week or so-the high winds in the area last week are holding things up a little as he has other project that moved to the top of the list.

  19. Dark Wolf says:

    Made three dives last Sunday. Had quite a few students in the water again, but vis was not too bad in spots. On the roads it was churned up quite a bit, but if you went deeper or to a spot that had not been hit the vis was a bit better. Around 120′ the vis was about 20′. By the Cabin Cruiser, the vis was lower. Probably around 10′. John has the bubbler system in place and running. We will see what kind of impact this has on conditions.


  20. Dark Wolf says:

    Made 4 dives this past weekend. Vis was low, and varied from one spot to another at the sites I was at. In one spot there would be 12′ or so, and in just a few yards would drop to 3-5′. The “bubbler” is running and is supposed to increase the vis over time. Temps were 55 degrees at 100′, which is several degrees warmer than normal.

  21. SoybeanQueen says:

    Made one dive at Oronogo today in the afternoon. Bottom temp at the airplane (45′) was 59 degrees. Vis was about 15′ there. The road back from the plane to the entrance varied – mostly around 15′ but less, maybe 10′, in small pockets.

  22. snagel says:

    Original Post by NeoGeo on ScubaToys Forum (6/21/09)

    I dove Friday and Saturday 1 dive each day…

    Friday… Down to the cabin cruiser past the doors and down to 133… My first dive were I could really feel the effect of narcosis. I’m think the descend down is was it was, but all in in great learning experience. did a long multilevel ascend through the playground and did our saftey stop. Depth 133ft 45 minute dive 25+ft viz!

    Saturday I would have dove more but got to a slow start. We (Dark Wolf, clayhwalker and I) Went down the computer line to 130 looked at it for a bit then from we went over to a speed boat at 132ft looked around for a few minutes. Did a long multilevel ascend through the playground again did our saftey stop. Depth 132ft dive time 40 minutes. 25+ft viz

  23. Walt725 says:

    Dove Saturday June 27. Vis was horible at best. 10′ at best 5′ most everywhere. Could not see the doors at the bottom of the line. Could not see from the tip of the wing to the fuselage. We did notice however that there were no real sharp thermoclines during the dive. Temp was 59 at 95ft. Hope the visibility clears up soon.

  24. Navyhmc says:

    Vis was not the best, about 10-12 with a lot of particulate in the water. As usual, the vis was better on Friday and at depth. A OW and AOW class had the shallows stirred up to less thnn 2′ in spots. The tenps were surprisingly good: 61f-64f at 95′ location depending. 74 above 30′

    Still, a bad day diving beats a good day working. 9 dives over the weekend.

  25. Ken Davis says:

    I dove Oronogo Today and Yesterday. Viz was great! for Oronogo. In the shallows it was about 15′ and the same on the second road. 95′ . Viz was F-ing great at 175′ about 20-25′ then at 180′ there was a milky haze. Almost looked like fog. Water temp is 68deg. all the way down to 120′ then it drops fast to 49deg at 180′.
    Great weekend of diving!

  26. snagel says:

    Poseidon Days @ Oronogo


    Capt. John and Regina will be hosting Poseidon Days on October 17 & 18. If you have evr wanted to check out any of Poseidons gear this will be your chance. Represtentatives will be there will a full line of their gear on hand for you to try out. Times are 9AM to 6PM both days and gate fee is $12.00 per diver per day.

  27. Rick Smith says:

    Went to Oronogo on Saturday the 7 th. Water temps were 66 degrees at the surface and 63 dgrees at 94 ft and vis was 12-15. We had two other divers tell us they went to 120 ft and water temp was still 63 dgrees. That bubbles that Capt. John had installed is doing it’s job for sure.

  28. Navyhmc says:

    Did two dives today. The water had some particulate in it, but I would venture to say the vis was 25′ in spots! No kidding: 25 feet. Temps were 62-63 at 120′ Some tec divers said the temp at 170 was 53.

    The weather wasn’t too good, but the dives were great!

  29. snagel says:

    Original Post by Gnats on ScubaToys.

    Dove on Jan 1 (2010). Viz at around 70 feet was probably a good 20 feet. It helped that the sun was out. Temps from 100 feet and above were about 54 deg F.

    Submitted by Navyhmc on ScubaToys:

    John put in sort of a a huge aquarium airstone at 130′ and hooked it up to a air compressor. What it does is help circulate the water at 130′ and above to aid in the killing off of algae and all so it will make the water clearer. It is working, sometimes too well-it killed off a couple of fish early on so John had to turn it off for a while. Not an expert, but as I recall from my ancient junior high science, algae does not thrive well in a high oxygenated environment so the high O2 kills it off. Doesn’t matter, the vis has opened up a lot so it’s a good thing.

    John also seeded the water with a “Scum eating bacteria” his words. It’s taking care of the more organic stuff in the silt and getting rid of some of it as well. The area area around the plane has definitely benefitied from it. Last dive there, you could actually see gravel around the plane and it didn’t create the great silt cloud if you went below the level of the wings.

  30. snagel says:

    April 11, 2010

    Original post by NeoGeo on ScubaToys:

    Its not the best ive seen it and not the worse. The temp is cold! 47 at 127ft vis was 15-20ft at depth… the shallows vis 10ft and temp was in the upper 50’s. No the bubbler is not running yet

  31. snagel says:

    Original Post by Jamiejo on ScubaToys


    I went down with Adventure Sports over the 4 of July weekend for a O/W Class. We had seven students and one advanced student. I forgot just how much I love the Blue Water Lake .
    Viz. was pretty good 10′ in the shallows and about 15′ with a good light below 100′.
    Looking forward to getting back and doing some cave diving next time.

  32. Navyhmc says:

    We got 3 good dives in to the Cruiser, Dog house and computer desk (which is currently right at 135′ I might add) John still didn’t have the bubbler going, so the temps were definitely layered: 0′-15′ the vis was a murky-milky 5′ temp was around 84f. 15′-40′ vis was better 10′-15′ with temps of 63f. 40′-90′ vis opened to about 20′ and the temps were 55f. 120′ the vis stayed about 20 but the temp was 51f.

  33. Navyhmc says:

    Conditions are pretty much the same as 2 weeks ago: Sauna hot above 15′, 64f above 50′ and 50f down to 120. Vis below 50′ is up to 25′ in spots. average is about 15′-20′. The 10′-40′ area was rather heavily silted due to students and worse: Scooter students.

    The lines that were set by some instructors in the deeper areas are great! Starting at the south end of the road, they extend from Miss Budweiser – the golf cart – another boat – the suspended platform line and then on to the cabin cruiser. (tobacco using divers take note: No smoking at the cabin cruiser! ) The cabin cruiser has a line that extends to the dog/pump house and then continues on north to ???

  34. snagel says:

    Holy Moly the water is low at The O
    Original Post by Gnats on ScubaToys (Aug 27, 2010)

    CRNA and I dove this afternoon at Oronogo. To get into water deeper than 3 feet you have to WALK out past the ledge. You know the ledge if you step off of you are normally sinking to 15 feet? It’s in 3 feet of water. The big rock near the tree I always trip over is now sticking out of the water.

    Temps are brrrfunkle. Vis at 90 about 20 feet.

  35. Navyhmc says:

    Dove Oronogo on Sunday 9-12-10. Conditions were not that good. In some areas, it was 15′ vis, others less than 5′ Seems that a lot os silt had been stirredup on Saturday. It was really bad north of the cabin cruiser and in the shallows where the vis was less than 3′. Seems someone really mucked it up.

    The water was still down as was reported earlier: At least 5′ from the recent normal pool. The water level is about 2′-3′ below the ramp to the deck and only 2′ above the ledge.

  36. Snagel says:

    October 10, 2010
    Original Post by Shoot2Retrieve on ScubaToys

    My wife and I nearly had the whole place to ourselves this weekend. The visibility was exceptional, even in the training yard area with 15 to 20′ vis. Despite, my wife having trouble clearing her ears we had 3 excellent dives. Water line has seemed to have dropped a couple more feet since I was there a couple weeks ago though.

  37. Navyhmc says:

    The vis was a “Honest 20′ A lot of sutdents so the shallows were stirred up by Saturday afternoon, and of course that settled in the road by Sunday. Deep diver students mucked up the cruiser as well, but even then it was at least 10′ vis. water temps: 65f on the surface, 54f at 90′ Inside the doors though it was 58f.

    The water was still down a lot from earlier in the year, John told me that this is normal pool this time of the year and that it’s actually up a little from past years. The water level never really went down this far the past 2 years due to all the rains but it’s gotten closer to normal now.

    No matter what, a bad dat diving beats a good day working…And these weren’t bad days diving-great dives in fact!

  38. Snagel says:

    1/1/11 (New Years Dive)
    Orginal Post by Shoot2Retrieve on ScubaToys

    Well at least it was sunny Saturday. Got one dive in and down to 45 ish feet vis was good. I didn’t make it to the plane, however another diver told me they could see from front to the tail of the plane. The water was down a fair bit farther than it was is November. Went to dive the deep circuit at the front of the 4 doors to the golf cart, miss budweiser, up the wall to the tail of the plane and back thru the training yard. However vis was absolutely horrible aroud 50 footish and was worse at 92′ at the bottom to follow the rope. Began following the rope thinking it would clear up, but it just stayed that milky haze.

    Also on descent I had trouble clearing my right ear and I’ve never had problems, usually able to descend like a rock. I had been fighting off a cold so maybe that was the culprit. Ascended a bit and cleared then continued down. Their was tons of slack in the rope from the platform and I had never experienced vertigo before, but I sure did Saturday. On descent things spun real slow and was having trouble keeping concentration on the line to the golf cart and compounded by poor vis I called the dive before reaching the cart. Returned back to the ascent rope to bottom of the platform and began my ascent. On my ascent at around 75′ Everything began spinning so fast, comparable to a superfast merry go round ran by an older sibling that won’t let you off. Either that or my dive buddies had ninja like reflexes underwater, which I’m darn sure should have caused a whirlpool strong enough to have sucked me into another dimension where C-SPAN and GLEE were entertaining. However I remember the wall staying constant. Was the worst feeling while diving I have ever experienced. An extreme urge to un “ass” my location was extremely prevalent. I had to close my eyes and remember something an instructor had told me was if you have a problem under water you fix it under water. I slowly ascended and at around 40 feet my computer stayed still enough for me to accurately get a depth reading and the vertigo went away.

    After 5 minute safety stop at platform surfaced and ended a 22 minute dive.
    Had some blood coming from my nose and more in my throat so didn’t try any more dives for the day. I have always kind of been impatient with my wife and her ears, but never again!!!!! Had some great dive buddies that let me go along from tulsa and kc, that I wish I hadn’t had to have been the weenie. As far as water temps I thought were pretty good at 52 degrees, much better than being topside. Also Regina at the shop made some great Chili for a post dive warm up treat. Was definitely a fun time nonetheless. Hope everyone had a great new years.

  39. shoot2retrieve says:

    Dived Oronogo April 23rd 2011. Made a dive on the deep circuit and a dive to the Detroit Graveyard and thru the training yard. The annual protective geese at the styrofoam that buoy the line down in front of the four doors for the deep circuit are back and cranky. Vis was anywhere from 1 foot to 6 feet depending. Also did not see to matter where, cause at 105 feet there were spots that were 1 foot and at 25 feet there were spots that were 6ft. Had 48-50 degrees from around 50 to105 feet and the thermocline was around 15 ft. There was a fair bit of rain in the area and was probably responsible for much of the poor vis. The water level was back up though so that was nice to see. Have to wade water to get to the sun deck, which was dry land thru all of fall. Was a good time as always, despite tough conditions.

  40. shoot2retrieve says:

    Conditions on weekend of May 14 &15 2011 were poor. Vis was 5 foot at best even in the caverns and 2 foot at its worst. Dove the four doors, keyhole, and archway, so was on both ends of the lake and vis never improved. Deepest dive was to 95 feet Coldest water temp was 53 degrees. Not sure if the constant poor vis is due to all the rain or what, but hopefully it will improve somewhat

  41. Navyhmc says:

    Made a day trip to Oronogo today. For labor day weekend, it was literally deserted. only 12 divers and 7 of those were an OW class.
    The water was about 82f on the surface with about 15′ vis except at the entrance which was understandibly stirred up. The first ‘cline is at 20′ with a temp of 68f the next’cline was at 45′ with temps of 50f as well as a cloudy 5′ vis. below 70′, the temp dropped to 51f but the vis opened tup to 15′-maybe a cloudy 20′ vis. lowest temp was 105’ 49f. a number of good dives was had.
    As always a good day diving, And no matter what, a bad day diving beats a good day working!

  42. snagel says:

    Jan 1, 2012
    Original Post by Navyhmc on ScubaToys

    Oronogo was sunny, windy (NW winds at 15-20) warm (45f) 10′-15′ vis in areas, Girls in dry suits (OH BABY!!!) water temp of 56f on the surface and 46f at 90′ Wish you were here. 3 of 15 dove wet.

  43. snagel says:

    February 2, 2012

    He did install the bubbler system, but after a series of mechanical problems the bubbler system has not been working for some time. Dove Oronogo last weekend and the vis was the worst I had ever seen it and there was not even an open water class to blame it on. There is definitely some geologic factors coming into play that is bringing the vis down so bad. I never got to enjoy the days of 30 foot vis, but have enjoyed a few 15 foot vis days, but those are far and few between. I do wish there was a magic answer to bring the vis back though! (Shoot2Retrieve on ScubaToys forum)

    The biggest reason of rnot having the bubbler on is the cost. John was telling me it was at least $500 a month to run it. He did run it for a while and it helped a lot – especially in the 40′-100′ range, it opened up to an honest 20′-25′ vis. The economy hit hard last year so things are a little tight. (NavyHMC on ScubaToys forum)

  44. snagel says:

    March 2012
    Original Post by DivingCRNA on ScubaToys

    I just talked on the phone with John Mueller, aka Captain John of Captain John’s Sports and SCUBA. This is all first hand information.

    It was a call to see how he was doing after his surgery and to see when they are opening this year.

    The answers are: John is doing very well after his surgery and he is cleared to dive after 4.3.12. He has made a great recovery.

    Blue Water Lake, “Oronogo” is not reopening this year. Or ever. The EPA is taking the land as part of the Superfund Clean-up and filling in Blue Water Lake, AKA “Oronogo”. He was given a clean up option that cost millions and it still required filling the lake. Apparently there is no way out of it.

    Take this EPA-

    With that terrible blow to SW Missouri diving, I would like to ask for a moment of silence for a great dive spot.

  45. Scuba Steve says:

    Made my openwater dive there in 1976. What a beautiful dive site. Operated by Divers Eq and repair out of KC. Was nothing there besides the pit. You could see sixty feet down. It was a beautiful place for divers. For years it was a couple of bucks to dive. $5 for a refil. There was just a very old stone building for a fill station. Then John shows up in the 80’s. Im sorry but john did absolutly NOTHING to improve the pit for years. He did raise the entry to $10 though. He tried to build some lame pool out back. What the hell for?? The walls use to be great to follow around the pit or to decend with ( in the early days ) John need to focus on buying fish to eat all the crap up. I could have cared less on what he sank there. Sorry for the rant but I watched Oronogo go to crap.

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