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  1. Walt725 says:

    We were at Beaver on Saturday 5/31. The viz at the bluffs was about 5-8 feet with the temp around 70. We went down to 40ft but it was totally dark and a light was required. The temp there was about 56. This was an improvement over Memorial Day when we dove there and the viz was 4-5 feet at best. If the rains stop, it should clear up in several weeks.

  2. soonerwink says:

    6-7-08 conditions at the bluffs today. Surface temp 77 degrees, ( finally 3 mm season) only went as deep as 35 ft temps there 74 degrees. Vis was 8′ to 10′ and cloudy. Lots of big bass and 100’s of perch. Water is still about 10′ above normal. Beaver is finally clearing up some, wish I could have gone deeper but had inexperienced diver with me and only had on a 3mm and no hood, and I am a cold water wimp.

  3. 6/7/08 Went with my LDS went to the foundations & the bus area Then over to Helicoptor cove . Had 2 buddys & Brian would disagree with it being 3mm season Me I wore a 5mm was good to go. Conditions in both places were Surface temp 75 degrees, We went as deep as 45 ft temps there I am not sure be cause I could not see my gauges when I put it on the face of my mask. But I asure you it was cold! We (or I) did work on our Navagation skills as we all three were hanging on to rope so we would not lose each other and I was leading, Vis was 3-4 ft at best and at about 40ft you could not see anything total black, and at 30ft whe someone kicks the bottom turns out it’s total blackout also. all in all we had a good time found the Bus, Helicopter and a couple boats. But I can’t wait for it to clear up a little more.

  4. Rick Smith says:

    July 2nd water temp at the surface near bluffs 78 at 51 ft 69. Viz 5-6 ft. Water level still high and I understand the Corps intends to keep it high until October. But it was still a good day at Beaver Lake Ar.

  5. snagel says:

    Submitted by Omni – Scubaboard

    We dove the bluffs on Saturday. Bottom time was 20 min with a depth of 80 ft. Followed the sailboat line down to the strap trapeze, we thought the line went right to the boat but it ends up that once you reach the trapeze the boat is about 10-15 feet to the right. The temp was 57 at 80 ft and vis was only around 10 feet below thermocline. My computer doesn’t give the surface temp but I do believe it was upper 70’s.

    Hopefully sometime in the next month I will be able to run a line to the boat itself and stick a line arrow on it so everyone will know.


  6. Rkij says:

    Went to Beaver today and had about 5-7 ft of vis. Also I’m thinking about running a line from the shore to the plateform(with the 4 boats off off it) but do I cut the line off of the reel? How do I lay the line but keep the unused line and reel?

  7. Omni says:

    July 31st. Dove the bluffs at Beaver, had swimmers at the bluff proper so we dove the third parking lot down toward the gate. Water temp was in the upper 80’s, thermocline was at 20 ft. I was testing a reg so I didn’t go below thermocline. Vis at the thermocline was very bad, you could see a wall of muck and it dropped down to a few feet at best. Vis above the thermocline was great but patchy. I had times were it opened up to 15 feet and the water was crystal clear, almost like being in a spring.

  8. snagel says:

    Submitted by Barberman (ScubaToys)

    Just thought I would update this since I dove on Beaver Lake this weekend. The viz was pretty bad on all 3 of our dives. Did one dive by Starkey Park and had prob 5 ft viz in most areas, patches were a little better. We did two night dives at the bluffs and viz wasn’t great for those either. Seen lots of nice bass though especially on Saturday night. Viz was quite a bit worse Saturday night than Friday night, but that may have been due to high boat traffic. Heard someone say that lake may be turning over, but not sure.

  9. Walt725 says:

    Dove a small cove about a mile south of Starkey Island. Very low vis (<5′) and lots of trees. Pitch black below 40′
    Second dive was about 1500′ west of the bluffs. Great dive. Vis was 5-10′ down to about 25′. After that it opened up to 15′ or better. Temp at 70′ was 57.

  10. Terri Boyer says:

    LOTS of divers today at the bluffs. Vis 3-8 at 0-20ft. Below 40 ft vis is 25-35 ft. The sailboat sits in 88 ft of water today, with no visible surface light. All light is lost below 70 ft. Water temp was 54F at 88ft. Very nice diving if you are prepared for the cold.

  11. Terri Boyer says:

    L’tOTS of divers again today. Vis not as good as yesterday… Below 40ft vis was only 20 at best. Most likely from increased diver and boat traffic. It looks like there is a new line to the sailboat, one I hadn’t seen before.

  12. Lou Hirsch says:

    Only a few divers out today at the bluffs, I guess it was a little cold. Vis was less than 10ft, with the thermocline around 40ish. Surface 64degrees, 56degrees at 90 ft. It was pitch black below 80ft. I sure hope the lake finishes turning over soon. I followed the line down to the two tow straps between the two trees… which way to the sail boat?

  13. Terri Boyer says:

    After you get to the straps go to the right and down and you’ll be there. After the sailboat keep going down and you’ll find the concrete alligator 🙂

  14. speed-racer says:

    Beaver still hasn’t returned to normal. Jan 31 the vis was 10 feet or less from the surface to 80 feet. Very dark past 40 feet. Temp was 48 degrees near the surface and 40 degrees at 80 feet.

  15. Rick Smith says:

    Dove the Bluffs today. Water at the surface was 46 degrees and at 33 ft it was 43 degrees. Viz was about 3-4 ft. but opened up farther at depth of 60 ft. I am not sure of that as I did not go that deep. Man was it cold down there. Water level is still down at normal level.

  16. Frogman says:

    Temp. 45 F Cold!
    Vis. 6 feet
    Max Depth dove 66 feet

  17. Paul says:

    Dove beaver on point k bluff 8ft above 35ish, lower viz down to 60ft. Water temp 45

  18. Rick Smith says:

    Dove Beaver Lake, the bluffs, today with Olivier and Bob. Viz was 20 to 30 ft. Water temp was 50 at the surface abd 46 at 80 ft. Wind had picked up later in the day and was kicking up the silt in the cove near the bluffs. There is a lot of algea and silt on the bottom at this time and it makes entry and leaving the area quite slick. Anyone the gets near the bottom will kick the silt up as we did just fin kicking 3 ft above the bottom.

  19. Lou Hirsch says:

    Dove the bluffs today. It was pretty windy, and the chop turned up some silt near the shore, but vis was in the 20-30 ft range. Temp from surface to 60 ft was 52F. Beaver’s Back!

  20. Rick Smith says:

    Dove that area called North Park today with six other divers. Stayed in the area just North of the boat ramp near the bluffs. Vis was 30 – 40 Ft no kidding. Water temp was 57 degrees to 41 ft.
    We then moved over to the bluffs area and had the same conditions there. This dive we went to 61 ft and found a small thermalcline at around 40-45ft the water temp only dropped to 55 degrees down to 61 ft which was our max depth for this dive. These are the best conditions I have seen at Beaver Lake in a couple of years.
    The lake elevation is up about 5 ft above normal.
    Keep your eye out for Dive Training Magazine for an artical on Beaver Lake to be out sometime around September.

  21. Walt Kenyon says:

    Viz at the Bluffs was still 20-40 ft today even with about 40 divers in the area. Surface temp was 63 degrees and 51 degrees at 90ft. Best I have seen in 2 years.

  22. Todd says:

    Dove the Dam site on Saturday June 6th for some OW checkouts and the Bluffs on Sunday. The water is very clear (considering the OW students mucking things up), nice change from last year. Surface temp was 73, vis was around 10-15 feet above 20 feet. thermocline at 24ish feet where it really clears up. It was cloudy on Sunday so not much light penetration, but very clear. Dropped to 50-60 feet and had an easy 20-30 feet vis. temps were in the mid 60’s below the first thermocline.

  23. Todd says:

    Dove the Sailboat on Firday 6/19 late in the day. Surface temp was 82. its up 10 degrees in 2 weeks. The boat was in about 85′ with vis about 20′. computer showed 55 degrees F at depth. First Thermocline was at 27′ where it dropped to 66. not much sun for the dive as it was low on the horizon. Saturday and Sunday were on the beach at the dam for a resuce class. similar vis and temps. still lots of great diving to be had on beaver lake.

  24. rkij says:

    Dove the area with the platform and four boats (what’s it called??) on Saturday and had bathtub warm water with 30+ft. vis above 15ft. below that it was 66 degrees with 8-10ft. vis.

  25. Walt K says:

    What has happened to the vis? Dove yesterday at the bluffs and vis was about 10ft at best.

  26. Todd says:

    yep, Vis is down big time on beaver, dropped to about 12 feet at best. i didnt go below the thermocline with any OW students so I dont know if it gets any better. Water surface temp was around 83 (bath water).

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  28. snagel says:

    Original Post by FireDiver on ScubaToys (7/27/09)

    The fabulous vis is gone sadly. It disappeared the week before I went (which was a couple weeks ago). Like was said above, expect about 10-15 foot in the top 40 feet. You should hit the thermalcline about 38-40 feet and then it should open up to about 20-25.

    Overall, I’d say it’s a fairly typical Beaver dive. Not great, but a lot better than anything else around!

  29. snagel says:

    Original Post by JWDizney on ScubaToys (7/29/09)

    C and J are reporting 25′ today on their website ( CandJSports Home ) disneymom called to make sure it wasn’t a misprint, they said it’s true… might have to try and get over there before it turns again!

  30. Omni says:

    Vis was bad today. Between the rain we had this morning and the COE starting the lake level drawdown it was 8 feet at best in most places.

  31. snagel says:

    Original Post by BudMan on ScubaToys (7/31/09)

    Just got back from diving Beaver Lake.
    Only got to go one day (Friday) instead of two and only made 2 dives.

    fire diver had it about right
    above 35-40 ft /15 ft viz
    below 40 to 60 ft/ opened up quite a bit 25 to maybe 30 ft viz

    one good dive along the bluffs /good fish around 35 ft and above.
    below 60 ft really cold and I’m a wimp anymore when it comes to cold so didn’t spend much time there although I saw some more of those monster crayfish around 60 ft.

    one bad dive in the wrong spot mud flats no viz maybe 5 ft.

    definitely worth going if you pick the right spot

  32. Robert Wittwer says:

    I was there last weekend and it was 15′ to 20′ above the first thermocline and 20′ to 30′ below first and second thermoclines.

  33. Walt725 says:

    The bluffs were pretty good. Surface temp 77. Vis down to 25ft is 10′, then 5ft viz down to 80′. After that it opens up to 20+ from 80 to at least 120. Bring your long undies…. its a bit cool. 49 degrees at 120′.

  34. soonerwink says:

    Did a drysuit class at Beaver Lake on March 27-28. We only went as deep as 20′, vis was about 15′ at 20. It was very rainy and windy, so shallow, and close to the bank vis was about 2′. The temp was 48 degrees. The gates were closed at all the parks, so couldn’t dive the Bluffs. Water level is normal.

  35. Frank Thompson says:

    We had a group of ten show up for the 3rd annual DDCN dive at beaver lake 04/17/10 & 04/18/10. We rented a 42ft poontoon from Lost Bridge Marina, It is a huge barge with a small carport mounted on it. Surface temps were 61 degrees, If I remember right itemps were in the mid to lower 50 degree area down to 40-45 ft. It was around 43 degrees from 65 to116 ft I would say Vis was from 15-25 ft depending on where you were diving, even copter cove varied in vis quite a bit from the copter to the other stuff that has been sunk there. We had a great time & dived some very good sites, We found a barge called the Ruthie Mae I didn’t know was there. We will be back to beaver a few more times this year…(maybe a lot more times) but definitly planning on camping not far from where the Ruthie Mae sits on the bottom over Memorial Day weekend.

  36. todd says:

    Dove 5/22-5/23 as a DM this weekend for an advanced class at the north dam site and the bluffs. Surface temps were 70 but first drop in temp occurs about 37 feet down. thermocline at about 40-45 where it’s 55 degrees. vis at 0-25 was about 10′-12′ below 30 it starts to clear up to about 15′-17′ and its 20′ plus beow 50, just dark.

  37. snagel says:

    Beaver Lake,Ar report 6/11/10

    Original Post by BudMan on ScubaToys

    dove Beaver today made two dives

    1.dove in the cove north of the boat ramp around the point from the bluffs vis 5-6 ft at 38 ft depth wind was kicking up a lot of mud

    2. dove the far west end of the bluff area. much better 30 ft vis at 70 ft depth water temp at 70 ft was 52 degrees

    no real critters to speak of just this catfish and some fingerling bass.

    good day of diving overall just wish could string two decent dives together

  38. ozarkdiver says:

    Did an altitude class at Beaver on 6/12. Vis was about 10 ft above thermocline.

  39. Todd says:

    DM’d OW class 6/25-6/26 at the Dam Site. Surface temp of 86(bath water) with about 73 at the thermocline which was at 20′,vis above the thermo was mixed between 10-15 feet. depending on the wind. vis really opens up below the first thermo and even better below the 2nd. Jimmy at CnJ was getting reports of 30-40 vis at 40′ and deeper.

  40. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Beaver Lake on Monday (7/26).
    Thermocline: 27 ft.
    Vis above thermocline: 10-15 ft.
    Vis below thermocline: 8-10 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 86 degrees
    Temp below thermocline: 70 degrees

    For this time of year with the algae……I was pleasantly surprised.

  41. ozarkdiver says:

    Date of dive: 8/4/10
    Location: North Park (near dam)
    Thermocline: 28 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 86
    Vis above thermocline: 15 ft.

  42. Todd says:

    Dove The Dam Site with an Advanced Class 8/28-8/29.

    Water temps are still in the upper 80’s above the thermocline.

    vis is still awesome at anywhere from 15-30 feet.

    The Corps has dropped the lake level, over all its down to 1116. the lake was 1125 back in July where it is usually at and is dropping steadily. I have heard they are intending to do some repair work on the dam and will continue to lower the level this year.

  43. Diveaholic says:

    September 18 will be a lake clean up hosting to all who wish to attend. If your interested meet at C and J sports. For more information feel free to give them a call.

    Come out and have fun and meet fellow divers!

  44. Snagel says:

    September 17, 2010

    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    ok just got back from Beaver Lake about an hour ago. dove Starkey (thanks for the tip bigg) had two good dives but the lake is turning and everything below the thermocline is murky at best less than 10 ft? vis went to 53 ft looking for clear water couldn’t find it so spent my time between 35-40 ft where the vis was 20-25 ft.

    that little island across from starkey is very cool / lots and lots of fish and big fish saw one striper and large flathead.

    the wall on the south side is one that i will definetely do again just would like better vis next time.

  45. diveaholic says:

    We just got back from the clean up. We did a few dives to 40 feet and found the water we were at to be fairly clear. Due to the sharp thermocline we abandoned the deeper dives but found where we were at the visibility to be around 15 feet below the thermocline and around 30 feet above the thermocline.

    on top of the thermocline it was a warm 81 degrees also.

  46. Todd says:

    Dove September 18/19 as a DM for an open water class. Water clarity is still awesome, somewhere around 20′ vis. I love being at 30′ and looking up and I can still see the sun. Water temp was 78F. Thermocline was at 36 feet. was clear somewhat below the first thermo and I was totally content in a 5mil suit. Excellent weekend for diving.

  47. Snagel says:

    Original Post by Wheelman on Scubatoys
    October 17, 2010

    Dove it on 10/17 the temp was 71 in the upper region, I marked 65 degrees at 48ft which was about where the thermocline started. Visibility was pretty good, I would say 15ft, it was better deeper, I bounced down to 70ft and it was very good.

  48. Snagel says:

    Orginal Post by Big Budd on Scubatoys
    October 28, 2010

    i dove the dam last weekend (36.427015,-93.850064 – Google Maps), hunting fishies. got skunked. viz was down to 12(ish) feet. i think it was mainly due to the weather (dark and windy). water was 65 degrees with no thermocline until i hit 43 feet.

    me and wheelman tried a new locale a couple of weeks ago (36.416517,-93.850493 – Google Maps). anchored near the little knuckle there and dove eastward at 20 to 40 feet. very clear and cool wall dive, but COVERED in trees. it was like an obstacle course. nailed a nice walleye in 12 feet of water as i was heading back to the ladder.

  49. Snagel says:

    November 13, 2010
    Original Post by Bigg Budd on ScubaToys

    wheelman and i played hooky and did beaver lake yesterday. warning – this is my most disappointing update, to date.

    first, i get the bonehead of the year award for winterizing my boat too early. so we were relegated to shore diving, which isn’t bad, but when you are spoiled by a boat – it sucks.

    we dove the dam site, first. viz was ok, ~15, thermocline is at 60ffw. really cloudy at the thermocline, but viz opens up to 20+ past. fish are deep, so we were cold. we both missed a monster cat held up under a huge fallen tree at 55-60 feet. skunked.

    were forced to move by park services, so we dove the bluffs. similar conditions to the dam site. i missed a walleye at 40 ffw, and missed a cat at 60 CUZ MY SAFETY WAS ON. so pissed. it was a nice size cat, too. skunked.

    had lunch and shot the sh!t with Jim at C&J. headed south to starkey for dive three. conditions same, but the habitat was ripe for fish. we were excited. however, didn’t see a damn thing that i could shoot. skunked.

    you know what they say – a bad day fishing is better than a good day working. but it would have been nice to put a couple of hogs on ice. next time…

  50. Snagel says:

    Jan 9, 2011
    Original Post by Bigg Budd on ScubaToys

    wheelman and i nutted up am dove the north dam site of beaver today. morning temps were in the high teens, low twenties – and stayed there. it was friggin’ stupid. i wore a 3mil and a 7mil. next winter i’m buying a damn drysuit.

    we geared up as fast as possible and hit the water, which was a balmy 44 degrees. it was overcast and windy – viz was 10 feet. i nailed a nice walleye just before we finished our first dive. he was sitting still at 25 ffw, hugging the bottom. i also snagged a black bass with my bare hands. he was just chilling on the bottom. i let him go, of course…

    the surface interval was brutal. all of our gear froze up before we even made it back to the ‘burban. my hair froze. needless to say, we didn’t do dive two. we grilled some earl campbell hot links, packed up our frozen gear and headed to the house for an epic fish fry.

    ended the day with a bud light and a brownie. good to go.

  51. Snagel says:

    Hi All

    Original Post by Avonthediver on ScubaBoard
    January 28, 2011

    The old Monte Ne Amphitheater on Beaver is partly out of the water again as Beaver Lake is so low. So I took the time and went for a walk to it and what ever reason I got a wild hair to diver it.

    The water was a brisk 43 but the sun was out and 69. viz was not so good their is a lot of silt on the place but all and all A good afternoon dive!

    So if anyone in the Rogers area just wants to have a good shore dive on beaver right now it might be worth looking into!

    Drive all the way down east New Hope road out of Rogers and you will run right into the lake and Monte Ne.
    Turn onto Canal st and their is a service pull off, park and walk right up to the Amphitheater
    Now is a really good time to see it out of the water.

  52. Snagel says:

    March 5, 2011

    Original Post by Bigg Bud on ScubaToys

    dove dam site south this morning. only hit 22 ffw because we were dialing in our doubles. viz was SPECTACULAR at 30+, water temp was a balmy 47 degrees.

  53. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake at its best
    April 2, 2011
    Original Post by Avonthediver on ScubaBoard


    Hi all I went to Beaver yesterday to fish and get in a dive.
    My wife and I showed up at North DamSite Park around 12:30 or one and while getting our gear out and ready I noticed that Richard with Paradise Dive Adventure had a class in the water, and talking with another diver who was just out getting wet and enjoying the wonderful day. Had told me that the class had been in the water for about 40 min.
    This was very interesting to see that new divers were in 45 degree water learning their skills while learning how to cope with chilly water!

    My wife and I had a great chat with the older diver while getting our gear ready and he had told us that the visibility was just super! and that he had not seen viz like this in a long time.

    Getting down to the water right now is a little bit of a trick due to the very low water level. but down I went meeting coming out was Richard helping one of his very cold students up and out to their truck. Two thumbs up and also told viz was super!

    Set my yellow buoy and dive flag at 20 ft down turned to head down and WOW! Vis was an astonishing 40 to 50 ft!!!

    The first statue I found was the creepy ronald mcdonald boy with dog “see map”..Please dont make fun to bad..
    I traveled on down to the line that leads to the sailboat and what I call the dead forrest. and right now is really the best time to hit this depth, most of the time you have very limited visibility and can get very DARK! and at normal pool 25 ft deeper than it is now.

    Made my way around to the vollyball nets and nailed 110 ft with ease. Viz and ambient light still amazing!
    turning and moving up to see more of the statue’s and make my way up and out to finish my dive.

    to finish water temp was 48 to 45 not to bad for this time of year. Viz 40-50 ft just amazing is all I can say, the best I have ever seen on Beaver!
    Not alot of people or boat traffic. so this made for a GREAT DAY!!

    I made one more late evening dive with much of the same Viz and even getting dark I never pulled out my light at 75 ft.
    Once again I can not say how well this day was. So I hope to see other divers out their enjoying some of the best Spring diving to come along in a long time!

  54. Snagel says:

    April 9, 2011
    Original Post by MagnaBoxer on ScubaToys

    The vis was great 35-40′, but the temps were still low. Wife and I both have Atom 2.0’s. Hers showed 39 and mine 42 degrees at 85′. Thankfully we had our drysuits, but unfortunately we both opted for the 3mil gloves instead of taking the 5’s.

  55. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake report
    April 30, 2011
    Original Post by SteveBF on ScubaBoard


    Ok… just got back from the DUI Dog Rally at Beaver lake. THe diving was just off the northern end of the dam and the water was about 58 degrees. The viz was maybe 1 ft near the shore where folks were gearing up (which is to be expected), but once we got out a little way we had viz up to about 25 ft at a dtpth of maybe 40-45 feet… I was shocked given all the rain we’ve had. Maybe the dive season won’t be ruined after all!

    I can’t wait to get back in!!!


  56. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake 5/7/11
    Original Post by Soonerwink on ScubaToys

    Just returned from two great dives at the bluffs. Keith and I made it down to 65′, there was no thermocline. The lake is about 7′ above normal, not too bad. The tempature was 57 degrees and the visibility was about 25′. The vis does get worst the deeper you go. Jim at C&J’s says just around the corner from the bluffs at Starkey that the vis is terrible and the mud is moving toward the dam. That is probably why the vis gets worse deeper. They pull the water out of the lake from the bottom, so a little more current down deep. The weather was perfect for diving today, we were able to warm up nicely during surface interval. There were no clouds or wind, I think my head even got a little sunburned.

  57. Snagel says:

    Original Post by Plot on ScubaToys

    dove beaver saturday

    Got to 52 degrees at 100 feet.

    vis at the foundations and schoolbus was 5-10 feet, down the wall it was to the end of your light.

    At starkeys island vis sucked until about 30 feet, then opened up to the end of your light.

    Was pitch black under 50′ or so. Was still an awesome weekend of diving.

  58. Todd says:

    Dove North Dam Park with OW students 5/21/2011. Water temps at 64 and visibility at about 15 feet. It seems a little lower than the DUI weekend ( was at a different location than where DUI was being mucked up). The wind has really kicked up a lot of particles. If Beaver can hold off and avoid an algae bloom i think we will have just as high of vis as last year.

  59. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake at it Worst..
    May 31, 2011
    Original Post by Avonthediver on Scubaboard

    Anxious and giddy as a school boy is what I would like to describe the wait till Memorial weekend and the dive season. But what I found instead was a poor condition due to a very rainy spring, with high and muddy waters and at times high winds.

    I would say keep away from the dam area to me the viz was the worst their at around 4-5 too ZERO.
    But that did not seem to stop my brother’s and sister’s from hitting the water!
    Air temp’s are in the 80’s and water temp’s are 70 on top and 61 on the bottom, and this is 50 ft and below..word of caution its very very dark past the thermocline at 30 ft.

    Some of the better diving this weekend was had around Lost Bridge and Indian creek. I guess all of the dirt and filth are heading down to the dam..and hopefully out so viz will get better.

    To be saf…err I would hook my flag to me and roam up and down the bluff’s. But on Sunday the winds were so fast that it was like having a current and my flag would pull me through the water.

    All in all not a bad weekend I meet and had some good comradery and got wet to boot and thats what its all about! I look forward to hearing of your stories from this weekend till then cheers all and happy diving!

  60. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake
    Original Post by BiggBudd on ScubaToys

    Dove north side last saturday (5/28). starkey and secret cove. lake is blown out. viz is crap. < 1 foot. i'm so pissed. only upside was that the water was tolerable. 64 degrees at the surface. I can't tell you how cold it was at 50, cuz i couldn't see my computer…

    word has it that they plugged the lake cuz the white river was crying "uncle!". up to that point vis was good, but now — crap. it looked like chocolate milk on the surface. don't anticipate that it will get beter unless they let out more…

    heading out tomorrow to do some freediving / spearing for cyprinus carpio. will report back…


  61. snagel says:

    June 24, 2011
    Original Post By BudMan on ScubaToys

    Just got back from Beaver and it was about what I expected about 10-12 ft vis above thermocline and nothing really below just like everyone said.
    stayed above thermocline and took pictures that I’m going to post on another thread.

    water temp was 81*f and I dove in my jacket only very nice to be in water warm enough for that.

    good day even if the vis is not so good.

  62. snagel says:

    Beaver Lake Report, June 26, 2011
    Original Post by BassCat on ScubaBoard

    Had a great day on the lake with Aquasports/Diventures Springfield group on the big boat from Lost Bridge Marina. Visibility, on the other hand… 🙁 Actually not too bad in places down to the thermocline (25′), after that, gets bad fast, past 50′ virtually 0. Best we found was at the bluff at north bridge, 10′, maybe a little more in places. Suface temp 82 or so, down to 61 at 50′. Still, a great day of diving with old and new friends.

  63. Snagel says:

    July 9 & 10, 2011
    Orginal Post by Gnats & Wheelman on ScubaToys

    I was at Beaver Lake this previous Saturday near (not at) the bluffs. I was the designated adult. Not as much fun as being the designated driver, but it has in some ways the same amount of strife without the 2am taco bell run. Nothing like supervising drunks and kids. Not sure which is worse to be honest. My cats listen better. (Okay, so I shake a bag of Moist Vittles to get their attention first.)

    I can report from the 11 yr old diving, that the conditions at 18 feet were, “FREAKING FREEZING!” and Vis was zero, but that is mostly because he hasn’t figured out how to keep his mask from fogging up.

    The fish (minnows) were exceptionally hungry and enjoyed snacking on ankle bones along the shoreline.

    Dove Sunday with Big Budd. The viz was poor and we called the dive after 25 minutes. Doesn’t look like diving will be very good on Beaver this summer.

  64. Todd says:

    Dove Beaver Lake at the Dam Site Bluffs with OW class 7/16 – 7/17

    Limited Vis because of the students, even before they mucked it up. Best was about 10-12 foot of vis with full sun. Lots of particulate in the water. Surface temps around 84 with a loose thermocline around 17′. Wish we still had those 30′, but it seemed to clear up a bit below the first thermo.

  65. Chris Scholten says:

    Well, unfortunately, with the higher water levels, the visibility was only 5 feet or less at the helicopter. We went to the wall, and experienced better visibility. About 8-10 feet at 20 depth. Thermocline was about 18 foot. Temperature below thermocline was 75. Very refreshing, considering above was 106. Will be back in September to report again.

  66. testowe says:

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Appreciate it!

  67. snagel says:

    No problem, it’s all public information.


  68. Todd says:

    Dove Beaver with an OW class 8/27 – 8/28

    Dove the Point at the dam on Saturday and the Bluffs on Sunday. Same as previous trips as far as the vis goes. TIs still about 10 foot. The thermocline is about 20-22 feet with surface temps at 84. felt lovely below the first thermo but its dark. The deeper you go the crappier the vis. Our advanced class said it was pitch black at 40-50 feet and lots of muck.

  69. snagel says:

    October 8, 2011
    Original Post by AvontheDiver on ScubaBaord.

    Hello all Friday night a buddy and I went diving on Beaver Lake the water is still 75 ta 70 and viz is around 8-10 so not bad the thurmo is way down to 50ft. So if you want a late, late, late summer or early fall dive now might be a good time before it gets cold!

  70. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake – dive report
    February 10, 2012
    Original Post by JetJonezy on ScubaToys Forum

    With the bluffs still closed off, my buddy and I were going to try just south of the dam (south of the dam camp sight). The visibility was fairly low at about 5 ft. I was having some equipment issues (I was trying a new bc and my trim was off… Nose down feet up) so I signal to my buddy 30ft max and we went to exploring the large rocks randomly placed at that depth. The surface temp was about 32 and we both got into the water cold. At about the 30 min mark my hands and feet were numb and we decided to end the dive (42 water temp). All and all a bad dive, but worth every second (I may have a diving addiction). I will say that the hot chocolate at the surface was really good. My buddy and I decided we were cold enough and canceled the second dive. We also skip our traditional ice cream at the bus stop.

  71. snagel says:

    Beaver lake dive conditions and a question on a site
    March 3, 2012
    Original Post by Avonthediver on ScubaBoard

    Hi all I went out to Beaver lake for a new gear checkout and just to see what water conditions are like. My new HOG reg’s work like a dream so no problem their.
    I tryed to get into the park side to dive the bluff’s but the corp still has the gate locked, so I pulled around to the main road heading to the dam and C&J and stoped at the pull off their.
    I fish here during the summer and have made one dive their but nothing ever caught my eye…that is till this day.

    I made my way south out of the cove and found a line down to a training platform and keep on my way down the line to a boat called “Lana” with a chest at its bow that has a few goodys in it. the line kept going onto another boat and platform making my way back to the first boat I saw that another line came off the back of the Lana and way out into th open I did not want to break my limit for the day as I was really only their to try out my new regs so I finished my dive with a smile on my face!

    I got home that night and looked at the pages of sites for the Beaver area and found only one note for the boats I found but just say at dam site north. I have never ever seen diver’s in this area only fisherman I have made a small map and my question is this what all is around this spot other than the bluff’s?

    water :50
    viz: 5-10
    lake is down about 10 ft
    site is sitting at 24 & 35 ft down

    But It was a great way to start the dive season!

  72. Dave Holenda says:

    Hey Snagel, that used to be training site for a place in Rogers. If I remember right there are 5 boats, 2 platforms, and a boulder pile. There used to be big hoops made out of 1/2 inch pvc set up at various angles to practice buoyancy skills.It was a very well designed training layout.

  73. Kostya says:

    Dove state park past C&J’s on Sun 3/18. Went down to sail boat and treasure chest. Temp at bottom is 45 F and viz is 5-7 feet at best.

  74. snagel says:

    March 27, 2012
    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    Made 2 dives today. vis about 15 ft in spots lake a little high due to rain. saw more big fish shallow around 30 ft then I ever have before.

    good size stripers and walleye. saw some of those huge hellbenders again.

    62* on surface 53* at 1st thermocline.

    how come nobody told me how nice a drysuit is? I think that’s my new suit all the time.

  75. Chris Mooney says:

    Dove Beaver Lake yesterday before the bad weather came in. Dove with 3 other divers, all were comfortable in 7mil suits with hood and gloves. Surface temperature was 68 degrees, 58 below the thermocline. Visibility was a surprising 20 feet when our lead divers were not silting us 🙂

    Sights included several fish, the sunken motorcycle and the party-barge. Very cool! This was my first dive ever down to 60 feet as well as my first “wreck” dive 🙂

    All in all, a great morning learning a LOT about diving and enjoying the great underwater outdoors! This was my seventh real dive, and I still feel like I am learning more than I already know on each dive.

  76. admin says:

    Beaver Lake – April 20, 2012
    Original Post by JetJonzey on ScubaToys

    Hit the lake today. The Vis was incredible. We could see surface light at 60ft. I would say the vis was around 20ft. Great Day for a dive. Wanted to add that we dived the bluffs and went out into the trees and it was like flying… Incrediable!

  77. Todd says:

    Dove the Dam for the DUI Days 4/28. I ran the beach on Saturday so i didnt get in but I did get wet on Sunday. Water temps were at 66 degrees with about 10-15 vis on a cloudy day. Water is low with very little spring rain.

  78. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake May 5, 2012
    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    vis at Beaver today was poor at best.

    saw some fish but it was pretty murky by Beaver standards about 10 ft at 30 ffw. temp is coming up dove drysuit but only used the bibs underneath no jacket.

  79. Snagel says:

    May 6, 2012
    Original Post by Wheelman on ScubaToys

    Dove the bluffs this morning for the annual shining of the pig. I had decent viz once past the mass entry point. I would call it 15 @ 35′, max 47′ and it looked to get better below but was diving wet.

  80. Snagel says:

    Conditions at Lost Bridge on Beaver lake
    May 13, 2012
    Original Post by Avonthediver on ScubaBoard

    Friends were camping this weekend at Lost Bridges on the big Beaver and I just so happened to bring my it turns out the water is very low but very clear.
    The thurmo is right at 30 ft. Viz between 0 & 30 bounced around 6-10 ft after 30 Viz opened way up and might even hit 20ft! Temps are in the 70’s and still good at 55 below the cline.

    Spearfishing is coming up soon so I was looking to see what the cat’s might be upto but saw nothing. The Bass on the other hand are big and hanging around 16ft. If anyone knows were the hot spots might be for big cat please drop me a line.

    Since things looked so good My buddy Mark went home and picked up his gear and joined me for a late afternoon dive and like before super dive! This is not a great site for diving and our wife’s had to warn off a jetsky that ran right up on our flag so be cautious!
    For right now diving is good on beaver so I have friends coming in this next weekend and plan on taking full advantage of conditions!

    Happy Diving!!!

  81. Todd says:

    Dove the bluffs at beaver lake this weekend while doing my OWSI. it was mainly skills but we did get a few dives in. Water is excellent. I was in my 5mm with no hood and was almost a little warm. The temps were at 77 and visibility was 15-20 feet. We had to do our 800yd mask/fin/snorkel swim and i could see the yellow sub from the surface. I done it later and the top of the sub was at 20′ so very nice visibility right now. Thermocline sits about 30-33 feet.

  82. Snagel says:

    June 9, 2012
    Original Post by Bigg Budd on ScubaToys

    Wheelman and i hit the lake for an epic day of diving on Saturday. we had 8 tanks between the two of us and wheel brought his whip so we could fill our doubles on the boat. we put in some hardcore hours under water. nearly 5 hours of bottom time for the day.

    this was not pleasure diving. it was a recon mission for the upcoming spear season. we found some new spots but, more importantly, we saw tons of fish. if it had been legal to spear we would have been able to have a fish fry for the whole forum saturday night. notable sightings included:

    2 fatty channel cats
    2 mediocre blue cats
    1 MASSIVE blue (almost black)
    a school of 5 to 6 walleye – all babies, though
    2 trophy stripers that mocked us on the north side (bastards)
    1 respectable 3-4lb. flathead

    for the moat part the viz was 20+ above the thermocline which was ~24′. then you hit a layer of haze that lasts down to 26′ and it opens back up. water near the dam was noticeably warmer with a deeper thermocline of ~28′ and a thicker haze.

    water temps were +76 on the surface, dropped into the mid-60s below the ‘cline.

    if the lake stays like this we are in for a great remainder of the summer. we’ll be heading out again on saturday 6/16 for our first full morning of hunting since march. pics and trip report to follow.


  83. Todd says:

    dove the Dam site and the Bluffs 6/8 and 6/9.

    Surface Temps were 77 with an easy 20′ visibility. Great diving conditions.

    Thermocline at 30′ dropped to upper 60’s. It feels like a thermocline is forming at around 20′ too like last year. its subtle but its forming.

  84. Todd says:

    Dove the bluffs only briefly this weekend 6/24 for my Instructor Exam.

    Visibility was about 20′ with temps at 81 above the thermocline.

  85. Chris Mooney says:

    Dove The Bluffs July 4. Viz was 20′, temp 83 degrees above the thermocline at about 23′. Second thermocline was too much to bear on a 3 mil without hood. Lots of fish, plus a few larger catfish (2+ feet). Awesome morning in the lake!

  86. Todd says:

    taught my first OW class7/28-7/29 at the dam site. Water temps were 86 at the surface with a thermocline at 26′. Vis was about 12-15 feet with the students mucking it up. Beaver has a bit more a green hue this year instead of its typical blue hue. Anyway, still great diving and great vis.

  87. Todd says:

    Helped with another OW checkout at the Bluffs. Much better weather topside.
    Vis above the thermocline was about 12′, there;s lots of particulate int he water and it has a cloudyness to it. Vis below was better but darker. Thermocline at 25′ temps about were 82 and below was mid 70’s.

  88. Snagel says:

    August 12, 2012
    Original Post by SteveBF on ScubaBoard

    Yeah the viz didn’t hold out….My son and I dove there today and it was about 8 Ft …maybe a little better below the thermocline.

  89. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Starkey rec area on 8/11. Vis sucked!….probably 4 feet.

  90. Snagel says:

    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    vis at 10 ft today may find pockets of better vis elsewhere on the lake
    thermocline at 35ffw
    below that seems to be worse don’t know how deep you have to go to get better vis.

  91. Snagel says:

    Original Post by Wheelman on ScubaToys

    I was out Sunday morning in the clifty area, water temp in the upper thermocline was low 70s. There wasn’t much wind so pretty nice topside and below the viz was much improved over my last outing and I would give it 12′ – 15′, I was hunting so I didn’t go below 40′ but in general much better. I even found a nice walleye to add to the fish fry at just over 19″.

  92. Snagel says:

    Sept 2012
    Original Post by Soonerwink on ScubaToys

    I dove the bluffs on Sat. vis was about 15′ temps were about 73 degrees. The thermocline was at 38′. I was only in a 3mm, so didn’t spend any time below the thermocline. The top of the double decker is at 30′, there were 8 large walleyes laying on the top. You had to touch them before they would move. Also several of the statues have been stolen.

  93. Snagel says:

    October 22, 2012
    Original Post by Wheelman on ScubaToys

    Went out Tuesday with the crappy weather forecasted for this weekend and last week of fishing license before renewal. First, I have to say the foliage probably peaked this week in our area. Very pretty. I had a pretty good dive around the clifty area with the viz tough at 5 – 8 ft. but I was on a windward side of the main lake and wanted to hunt this spot. I went down to 48′ with the temp a constant 70 from the top, viz never improved and since my plan was hard at 50 I didn’t go down to see if it opened up. The lake is still down and has turned over, I guess we need the cold weather to clear it up now.

    On a sour note, I missed my one target fish… (yes, it is possible to cuss loud and clear under water). On a good note, it is just the start of dry suit weather and the fish will start to slow down which is apparently what I need to happen.

  94. Todd says:

    Took some OW students down to Dove Beaver lake 11-9-12 and 11-10-12. The parks are all closed so we dove the Indian Island Boat Ramp. Not a bad spot at all. The more you move towards the dam, the more rocky it gets. They have set up a LOT of fish structures and there were a TON of big bass over there. We made it to about 50′ and no detectable thermocline. Temps were 61 degrees all the way down. Visibility was good, with about 15′ with low sun light and 20′ with a high sun.

  95. Snagel says:

    December 16, 2012
    Original Post by Bigg Budd on ScubaToys

    Dove this AM with Wheelman and we saw the best viz in years. north side, rolloff bluff. I’d say +25′ at depth. i looked up at 38′ and i could see the surface. FORKING BEAUTIFUL!

    if you can stand the cold, get there now. it will be worth your trip.

    that said, we were skunked. the fish are hiding from us, but we will find them.

  96. Snagel says:

    December 24, 2012
    Original Post by Wheelman on ScubaToys

    Dove yesterday with Big Budd. Vis is still pretty good up on the north side around 20ft. BB said it opened up around 45 or so. I managed a short dive due to a hole in the dry suit glove discovered once kitted up and in the water. Water is super low yet… going to need some spring rain.

  97. Snagel says:

    March 8, 2013
    Original Post by SteveBF on ScubaBoard

    Sportsco was reporting 45 degrees and about 40Ft Viz

  98. Snagel says:

    May 12, 2013
    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    vis today was pretty good at 45-59 feet 20+ and above that 15- 20 ft vis. cold water I believe 56 degree was the lowest reading. dove wet as my drysuit inflator hose chose today to give out

  99. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake viz for Memorial Weekend
    Original post by AvontheDiver on scubaBoard

    Conditions were very good this holiday weekend with water’s cool at 71 on the surface and down in the 50’s in the deep, viz was also very good for this time of year around 25 or better in spots. Boat traffic did churn up the silt a bit at the end of the weekend but all in all very good to see Beaver like this I hope Tablerock holds the same!

  100. Snagel says:

    June 2013
    Original Post by DaeBado on ScubaToys

    Just back from Beaver!

    Just got back from a weekend at Beaver Lake. Vis on Saturday was ok at best but we followed a group and stayed for the most part between 15 and 25 ft. This put us pretty much right in the muck line but the thermocline was at about 26 ft and I wasn’t wearing enough thermally so I didn’t mind! The LDS recommended a 3/2 for me which was fine above the thermocline but not so much below it! Surface temp was around 76 degrees. The water was up about 10 ft. from last year when we got our OW certs. Have to say it was kind of surreal diving in the same area where last year we stowed our stuff and ate lunch!

    On Sunday, I traded my 3/2 for a 5/4 and my GF and I went out on our own to find the sailboat. Found it among the trees at about 90 ft. Our deepest dives to date! Water temp down there was 56 degrees but the wetsuits did pretty well keeping us warm and the vis was great! I’d say easily 30 ft. or more. Hard to judge when you’re more concerned with trying to avoid entanglement with the trees. Came back up to about 50 – 55 ft. and followed the ridge over to the pontoon boat. Vis at this depth still very good (easily 25 to 30 ft.) and really, overall the vis was better at all depths than the previous day. To my surprise, the walleye that usually hang around the top deck of the pontoon boat were nowhere to be found. The Bluegill were ever prevelant, however and this time of year are almost gold in color. Fed ’em a little deer summer sausage which they seemed to enjoy. Saw a couple of large bass but they didn’t hang around long.

    Finally got to try out some of our new gear in something other than the pool! The pool work did pay off, though as I am loving how I have my gear configured. I feel like my rig is very trim. Everything where I want it and, more importantly, where I can find it!! My Wisdom II is on a retractor (hidden inside my BC pocket) and stays snug up next to my BC. It barely moves from its spot and my hand goes right to it every time. My Octo is on a magnetic keeper and stays snug to my mody. Nothing hanging too far off of me or splayed out to the sides or above me. My new reg (Oceanic Eos) performed fantastic as well! Breathes so nice I don’t even think about it! I am considering different fins already, though. I love my splits for straight ahead kicking but I don’t think they are very good for slow or tight manuevering.

    All in all, a nice couple of days of diving! Had a little rain to deal with but not too bad. Watched bats in the evening and fed marshmallows to the raccoons in the campsite at night (they would almost take them out of our hands!) so we were entertained whether in or out of the water! We have stayed in the Parker Bottoms campground (Dam Site River area) every time we have been there and really like it. Will definitely be going back again.


  101. Snagel says:

    June 24, 2013
    Original Post by Headers on ScubaBoard

    I was there the last two weekends. Last weekend it was clear (say 20′ of viz) above about 28′ and then cleared up again at about 40′. 63 degrees at 40′. This weekend more like 10′ above the thermocline but once you hit 40′ it was a good 20′ maybe more.

  102. Snagel says:

    Beaver Lake Dive July 7, 2013
    Original Post by CoasterFreak on ScubaBoard

    My son and I dove Beaver lake this morning at Dam Site Park. The weather was awesome and we had a great time. Viz was a little disappointing at roughly 10 feet according to our not-so-scientific polling, but the water temp was about 81 degrees and the thermocline at about 28 feet. We had dove the bluffs multiple times and were not interested in the party barge, so we went to the platform for the first time and explored a couple of lines to see the sunken car and yellow submarine. There are multiple other sunken items nearby, so we definitely will go back. We saw several varieties of fish, including perch, striped bass, and a larger green fish that I cannot ID yet. On our safety stop, I found a very large crawfish eating under an old tree-trunk. We wore 3mil shorties but both agreed that we would have been fine going without. There were only a few classes out in the water, one group there all the way from Kansas City – reminded us of how spoiled we are living so close. All in all, a very nice morning underwater.

  103. Todd says:

    Dove Beaver Lake Dam Site Park on 9/28 and 9/29 while helping with OW checkouts. Water Temps were 77 degrees F, Vis was about 12′ with the sun out, maybe a little more if the students were out of the water. Thermocline has receded to about 35′ in depth. Turnover soon.

  104. Snagel says:

    This was posted on scubaboard

    Just got back from the lake. No diving…. everything is closed off. If you want in, you have to find and go through some private access. Several people have already been cited on Felony charges for “destroying government property” (they moved baracades) and “trespassing on government property”. You can’t park outside of the gates and walk your gear down to the water, or you’re a felon.

  105. ozarkdiver says:

    To Snagel…..why was the access closed on Beaver on 10/7? Was it the government shutdown? The reason I’m asking is that I dove on Greers the same weekend and it wasn’t closed. Maybe cause I didn’t go through the campground, but went to the marina to my boat. But I would think if the government property was closed, I wouldn’t have been allowed on the lake at all.

  106. ozarkdiver says:

    Beaver conditions on 11/3/13:

    Temp above thermocline: 64
    Vis above thermocline: 15
    Campgrounds are closed from 11/1 thru 3/31 (I didn’t know)

  107. Snagel says:

    Original Post by BudMan on ScubaToys

    VIS at Beaver Friday the 18th was about 20-25 ft at 60ffw. lowest temp was 50*. nobody diving but me. 2 dives for drysuit pratice got it dialed in on 2nd dive. 2nd dive was the best lots of walleye and some of those monster crayfish

  108. admin says:

    June 1, 2014
    Original Post by NWA395 on ScubaBoard

    Sat May 31st and Sun Jun 1st. Again air temps in the mid 80’s both days with scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon but really not bad.

    Viz in the mornings was approx. 20′ to 30′ with a 73 degree surface temp, and a 51 degree water temp at 63 feet.

    Thermocline varied between 10′ and 18′.

    Overall a great weekend

    Saw several stripers and large mouth as well.

  109. Snagel says:

    A Quiet Friday on Beaver
    June 27, 2014

    Original Post by AvonTheDiver on ScubaBoard.

    So last Friday not this Friday I had to take a break from that thing called work and just do what I wanted without a phone going off every five min. So that being said I turned to my most trusted tool to relax…DIVING!!

    It was just my and NO thoughts as I geared up at the truck and walked down to the Dam Site Bluffs. The only people were an older couple and three other diver’s. With a small wind blowing I hit the water to very good viz about 10-15 ft not bad for this time of year, water temp was 78. I made my way below the water and set my flag at 44ft just right at the edge of what I like to call the “Dead Forets” I hold my depth and move west the water a cool 54 with a sharp thurmo at 30ft. I find the small propane flamingo Click image for larger version. Name: propane flamingo.jpg Views: 12 Size: 14.1 KB ID: 187496and Angel #2 just right up from it. so I move on past the BIg rock and find the Pig #1 and a host of other statues I spend the next 54 min just enjoying the dive and seeing all that the lake had to offer today.

    A very good day with only two dives in but well worth it as the lake is very clear and calm for the most part for this time of year.

    Added by DigDug87 Also on ScubaBoard……….

    I agree the viz was very good at Beaver lake last weekend. I was diving not far from Dam Site Bluffs and we had 15′ to 20′ of viz. I might have to slip away this coming week and go.

  110. Todd says:

    Dove Beaver lake 6/28 and 6/29 with the OW Checkouts. Cool air temps on Saturday with the weather moving in. Water temps at the surface were about 75 with visibility at about 20′. Dove the dam peninsula on Saturday then dove the bluffs and the junkyard on Sunday. Thermo is right at 30′. Very good visibility even considering the amount of divers kicking it up. If we could have got a little direct sunlight it would have really been nice.

  111. snagel says:

    beaver lake conditions 7-19-14
    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    made a quick run over to Beaver (2:22 from front door to dive site fastest time ever) on Saturday.

    vis was ok I guess about 15feet at 55-60ffw. lots of swimmers and divers kicking up the bottom. 59*F at depth

    several large stripers on the move and video of a nice largemouth to post if I ever get my editing software to work

  112. snagel says:

    October 6, 2014

    Original Post by BiggBudd on ScubaToys

    Viz at point 5 (Erin’s Cliffs) was 8-10 ffw at best. Opened up a bit past the murk at 40. Pretty sloppy.

    Friday at dam site north was about the same. saw a whole school of nice stripers.

  113. Todd says:

    Oct 25 and 26

    Dove the Peninsula on Saturday and the Bluffs on Sunday. Air temps were as high at 87degrees! water temps above the thermocline were at 68-70. Water had some clarity to it with a lot of particulate suspended. I would guess vis at 15′. The Thermocline is dropping fast. It was at 48′ for us. Lake is getting ready to turn.

  114. ChickenFried says:

    Did a short dive this morning at Indian Creek. The water was pretty cold at 45 F. Visibility wasn’t bad, however. Probably around 15′ at 20′ deep. I didn’t go much deeper than that so don’t know if it opened up anymore lower.

  115. Detox says:

    Learn how to detox for a drug test.

  116. Navyhmc says:

    Memorial Weekend 2015, Dove the North Dam area. temps were: 64f from 0′ to about 35′ below the thermoclne it was 48f-52f depending one where you were (Bluffs were 48f, the double decked boat was 50f. Vis was about 15′ above the thermocline and around 30′ below . At 110′ it was even better. A little cloudy due to the rain, but still good as ever.

  117. Todd says:

    Dove Beaker Lake 8/29-30 for Open Water Checkouts. Water levels are still up but makes for easy entries into the water from the shore in certain areas. We dove the dam peninsula on Saturday and the bluffs on Sunday. Surface Temps were 79 degrees with air temps in the mid 80’s. Thermocline was at 33′, I didn’t get a temperature below but it felt great. Visibility was about 10-15 feet, more stained than beaver normally is this time of year but better than it has been this summer.

  118. Snagel says:

    Oct 3, 2015

    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    hard to believe but I made my first dives of the year yesterday at Beaver. vis was pretty good at 60 feet probably 15-20 ft but murky above that. temp was still comfortable

  119. Snagel says:


    Original Post by Soonerwink on Scubatoys:

    Seven of us were there last weekend. We had 6-8 foot of vis, and I had temps of 36 degrees at the surface and 42 degrees at 63 feet at the chainsaw tree. It was much better than what we had at Tenkiller on New Years Day. We only had around 2 inches of vis, with temps in the mid 40’s.

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