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  1. Dark Wolf says:

    Stockton is still really high, I think about 20′ or so. Vis is still pretty low, but varies. We got one day a month ago that was around 10′, but the other day was only about 5. I am planning on going back this week and will update the info.


  2. snagel says:


    Dove Stockton East Side of the 215 bridge. Viz – 2-3′ down to about 25′. We didn’t venture too much deeper due to wearing only shorties. Water temp on top hot, bathwater down to 25′ and then got chilly.

    Very disappointed in viz. This is a great lake to dive because of the unique rock formations and all the huge fish that are very interested in divers. Have been on the lake with 20+ viz last year. Would love to have that again, but not today.

  3. Rkij says:

    Lots of OW classes today but vis was only 5ft or less. went as deep as 29ft then lights out! Water temp was upper 70’s. very few fish. Overall still had fun.

  4. MO Diver says:

    Dove southside of boat ramp area on Sunday, 08/30/09 near Orleans Marina. Water level below even the dam markers. Temp was 77F. Vis was 3 foot or so. Thermo at 27′ foot where it dropped to just 75F. Found several flatheads that made the dive fun, a few bass were in area. Small minnows as well. One rock bass was spotted. Stayed above thermo; it was looking very mucky and we were wearing light suits.

  5. Rkij says:

    Pretty fun day today at Stockton. Water is still up a little but we had about 15ft vis. And I think the temp was in the mid 60’s about 30ft deep

  6. Scotty dog says:

    I’m a new diver but, have been hitting pretty hard since qualified a month ago.. 17 dives in so far is there any place on stockton that you would recommend for someone with this amount of experience? I live very close to Greenfield and have access to a 22′ deck boat.

    thanks for any info.. just hate to not dive being this close


  7. snagel says:

    Check out the GPS Dive Location tab at the top of the page – open the document and scroll down until you see Stockton. In general, there is a couple nice dive spots just east of the 215 bridge. If you are crossing the bridge from the west right after the bridge there are two spots to drive down on either side of the road. I prefer the south side. Anyway, if you pull down there you can dive right from the rocks. On a good day, its a pretty good dive and not too deep.


  8. Justin says:

    Just thought I’d contribute since I often stop by to see what’s happening in the region.
    Myself and 3 co-workers dove Sctockton on 7/11 at the island just south of Orleans.
    Most of my (our) diving is on the job in black water so we greatly enjoyed the 8-10′ vis we had at Stockton.
    A little cloudy down to 20-25′, then cleared up. 10’+ vis at 40′.
    Not sure on temps, but surface was 90ish. First drop was at 15-20′. That was cool (70-75?), but in a long sleeveless 3mm it didn’t take long to adjust.
    It got COLD below 40′. I tried to stick around and adjust to the temp, but just kept getting colder. Still had adequate light at just over 50, but had to come up.

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