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  1. John Baldwin says:

    Tenkiller improving from zero vis. 6/8/08 at Scuba Park vis was 1-2 fuzzy feet. Some of that above 20 was not very green either. Temp was 70 above thermo and 63 below. Lake is almost down to normal level. Might actually clear up this season, maybe? Hope this site is successful. this would be very helpful for our dive trips. Good luck guys.

  2. Walt says:

    We drove by Tenkiller today and at the scuba park the viz was zero. There were so many people swimming right at the ramp and on either side of it that there was literally a brown cloud several hundred feet either side of the ramp. We did see one group diving on the side facing the overflow, but did not get a chance to talk with anyone to get the conditions.

  3. soonerwink says:

    Conditions at Goat Island. Water temp at surface was 82, vis down to about 32′ was only 2 to 3′. Temp at 35′ just below the thermocline was 77, vis opened up to 8 to 10′. We dived to about 72′ and temp was 75 and vis still around 8 to 10′ with a dive light, it did get dark.

  4. snagel says:

    Was in Tulsa over the weekend (7/26/08). Had planned to make a trip to Tenkiller, but checked with 2 local dive shops in Tulsa and they both said visibility was 2-3 feet at Tenkiller. Changed plans and went to Oronago (15′ vis).


  5. Rick Smith says:

    Lake Tenkiller Sat. (8-2-2008) Water was warm as a bathtub until about 20ft cooled just a small bit untill 25 — 30 ft. Cool enough to wear just a 2.5mm shorty. I don’t know the temps because my computor is out getting repaired. Viz 25ft and above was 2-3 ft. it opened up to about 15-20ft below 35ft. and the water got much nicer for diving. As you go deeper it gets more clear I am told.

  6. soonerwink says:

    Kenny, Travis and I had a great day diving at Tenkiller Scuba Park. We were the only ones diving, and even the only ones in the water. Surface temp is in the 90’s very warm, vis down to about 25′ is about 4′ after that it opens up to about 10′. When you hit 35′ vis opens up even a little more. At 55′ it opens up to about 15′, but it starts to get dark, you do need lights. We went to 85′ temp was 73 degrees. Kenny was in a swimsuit no t-shirt even and said he never got cold. I was in a .5mm and had no problem. We saw the Tenkiller Jesus ( skeleton in tree w/mask ), the Cousteau Lives marker, could not find the Cousteau Divers marker. Diving the wall in front of the Scuba Park is a very fun dive. We also saw all the usual bus, plane, single boat, and the twin boats. I noticed someone last weekend moved my skeleton out of the Bus to the plane, I like it better there. Whoever did it, did do a good job of tying it down. There are several very large bass hanging out around the bus waiting for some of the new hatchling fry to come out. I think Tenkiller is finally back to normal.

  7. soonerwink says:

    From Travis, a member of the Tulsa Aquanauts:

    No need to put off diving Tenkiller. The temperature, even deep (100’+), is wonderful 3mil comfortable. Above 35′ it’s a little murky and definitely warm. But drop down below 35 into ~8′ of vis and 72 degrees. There are a lot of fish at the 35′ thermocline, and the bus is teaming with baby fishes. Over the wall a little ways is wonderful especially if you remember to look up to see the silhouette of the rocks and the occasional catfish.

  8. soonerwink says:

    Three of us made a dive today in the rain at the Scuba Park. Don’t you just hate to get wet. It was extremely busy there today, I would say 30 to 40 students were there from OKC, McAlester, and Tulsa. You needed crossing and stop signs in the shallows. If you were not real close to your buddy it was real easy to follow the wrong diver. Over the wall we didn’t run into any divers though. Vis down to 35 ft was only about 2 ft. maybe? after that it opened up to about 6 ft. and after 50 ft. the vis was 10 to 12 ft. but dark. Temps were nice, at the surface high 80’s and at 105 ft. it was 73 degrees. I was still able to dive in a .5 mm suit with no hood or gloves. The more I dive the wall at the Scuba Park the more I like it. It is fast becoming one of my favorite places to dive in this area, and it is the closest. I wish more of you could have made it, we had a blast. Conditions for the Lake Cleanup in 3 weeks should be outstanding. We should be able to get in several good dives. Be sure and bring all your tanks.

  9. snagel says:

    Submitted by jwdizney (ScubaToys)

    Disneymom and I finally got down to scuba park yesterday morning and got a couple of dives in. 0-2 ft. vis down to about 20′, then increased to about 5-6 ft, down to about 30-35 ft. then a little more, maybe 8′ in a good spot… seemed to clear with depth, but also got darker. some deep divers were reporting 15′ vis at about 100′ FFW, but only with light.. too dark. it’s just been a bad year, and Gustav is going to muddy it up again!..

  10. soonerwink says:

    We had a great time today, and met a lot of new friendly divers. There were six Tulsa Aquanauts to make the Lake Clean-up. Tim at Nautical Adventures runs a nice operation in Cookson. There was 6000+ pounds of trash cleaned out of Lake Tenkiller today. And every one went home with a prize or two or more. It rained off and on all day, but it was a great day diving. I never went below 26′, but the temp was 79 and 10 to 15 feet vis. The best I have seen at Tenkiller since last fall. I was told by some divers that went to 79′ that they never hit a thermocline, just got dark and a little cooler.

  11. rsmith4656 says:

    Dove Lake Tenkiller, Crappy Point on Sep. 24. Viz was 8-10 ft at 51 ft, Water temp was still 75 degrees at depth. Water gets real black below 50 ft. Good lights are needed. Dive Buddy Christopher and I had never been to this site before. This is a great place to explore and we will be back.

  12. mhaggard says:

    Dove Lake Tenkiller Scuba Park yesterday. Water temp was around 76* at 40′, vis. 8′ to 10 ‘.

    Had a great time with some good friends diving we were the only divers there. We could not have picked a better day to be diving, it was truly a great time!

  13. Travis says:

    January 21, 45 F with 4-6′ of vis. Temp nor vis seemed to change much all the way to 105′. Saw a nice flat head catfish laying at 107′, the deepest I’ve seen a fish in FW.

  14. Travis says:

    February 6, ’09; Vis. 4-8′ maybe as much as 10′ at max depth of 130′, temp at depth 41 degrees. This time saw a handful of shad at ~120′.

  15. Frogman says:

    Scuba Park.
    10′ Vis.
    46 Deg.

  16. Rick Smith says:

    Dove the Scuba Park to day. Water surface temp was 54 degrees and temp from 12 feet to 69 feet was 46 degrees. Vizability was great for this time of year, 10 to 15 ft and it increased the deeper you go past 35 ft. There was no detectable thermocline.
    There is a new look at the Scuba Park, new pavement to create more park and the table at the top of the hill nearest the old roadway is gone. Showers are open at this time with hot water to warm up the body after a cold dive. We all wore wetsuits.

  17. Rick Smith says:

    Dove the Scuba Park at Tenkiller Lake today. Water temps are 54 at the surface and 52 at 81 ft. Viz was somewhere between 3 and 7 feet depending on who was kicking up the silt. Water is up to the top of the ramp due to rain over the last several days. The Park Service have created a new entry point just south of the old boat ramp. There are two picnic tables near it and they paved part way down the area. Good job Park Service!
    We did see two water mockisons at that location, so be carefull.

  18. snagel says:

    Original Post by kyleharmon on ScubaBoard (5/14/09)

    We went to to tenkiller last wed-saturday, took a little over 40 students all together. The vis out in the lake and the cove we were at was terrible, maybe 2 feet. However, on thursday we went to check out the scuba park and the vis was MUCH better. Before it started getting messed up from all the traffic, I would say viz was 15 ft at least, it was really nice. After students being in and out all day, it was still probably 10 feet in most places. Saturday morning a couple of us went off the ledge to about 110ft, and once you get below 85ft or so it REALLY opens up. We could see as far as our lights would shine, probably 30 feet. It was the best dive of the week. Also, I know some people that went to beaver 2 weeks ago and they said viz was really good there, up to 30 feet I think.

  19. DOWNDEEP73 says:

    Viz about 5′ above 30 feet. Slowly opens up the deeper you go. Dove to 80′ and the viz was about 10′-12′ and dark.

  20. Big C says:

    Dove the Scuba Park on 06.21.09. Water was tore up from about 50 Vietnamese kids swimming in the Scuba Park. We went to the opposite corner of the ramp and it was about 2-5′ vis till you got to the thermo about 25-30′ and then it opened up to about 10′ or so. Around 50′ I would say about 15′ vis, but the temp was alot colder. 74 surface temp, mid 60’s at 25-30′ and then a tad colder at 50. Wasnt running a computer, but thats pretty close.

  21. Big C says:

    Hit up the Scuba park on sunday 07.12.09. There was a bunch of divers out there. Maybe about 15 or 20 students. Water conditions were pretty murky from the students, but it really opened up about 25′ or so. Running a 3mm shorty was fine up until about 50′ then it was a little chilly, but didnt get that much colder on the way down to 70′ They brought the bouys in a bunch. Over the 4th weekend, I was told a guy hit the line with a boat and tore the bouys out. So they brought all of them in closer to the shore.

  22. snagel says:

    Tenkiller review 7-18-09
    Original Post by Hoop on ScubaToys


    OK ,so finally get a break from work, and decide to blow some bubbles…! I’m on call until 8am, so approximately 8:05am I’m on the road to Tenkiller. I headed to Crappie point, over on the east side of the lake/dam area… Whoa! The lake is absolutely cram packed with people..! I was a bit peeved about it, but hey, it was a nice weekend, and I can’t blame people for getting out… The first thing that I immediately notice is the number of swimmers in the scuba areas… Yeah, I know I wasn’t at the scuba park, but there was not a chance another car or truck could have been parked in that area…

    So I ended up over at Crappie point… I get geared up and head towards the water… It’s unbelievable how many swimmers are in the area! Anyways, for the report: Visibility -0 at 0-20 foot. The water was stirred up something terrible. At 20-30, a small break, but far from good.. at 30-50, it started clearing up pretty good. At 50-90, the water was beautiful, and my computer was registering about 63 degrees (although my temp read-out has always been somewhat suspect).. I got several dives in throughout the day, but just seemed really cramped by all the activity on the lake.. I’ll be back, but probably not until after Labor Day.

    Everyone get out and get to diving! Summer is almost over!

  23. snagel says:

    Original Post by ChrisHawk on ScubaToys (7/28/09)

    I dove the park a couple times. My deep dive was along the descending wall past the bus and plane to about 90 feet then it goes out like 20 yards and drops down again to about 115. I decended to 109 according to my depth gauge. Vis was about 12 feet past 70 feet. From surface to about 35 feet was about 3-5 ft vis. 35 to 70 about 8-10 and I got a clear patch from 70 -109 that was about 12 -15 ft. Temp was awesome, it was about 82 on the surface and 70 at depth, these are guesses since i didn’t have a temp gauge. I also dove at Cherokee Landing and the vis was horrible due to it being the Illinios river inlet. It was less than 2 feet.

  24. snagel says:

    Original Post by BudMan on ScubaToys (8/9/09)

    got back from TenKiller today.

    viz still pretty bad. only cleared up around 50 ft to about 10-12 ft viz.

    dove the west side of the small island across from the scuba park.

    anybody finding anything better on Tenkiller?

    IMO drive a little more and go to Beaver or Tablerock.

  25. MSD diver says:

    Well I must say I was disappointed in the park this year. The diving was outstanding but it appears that they have shrunk the park. I swam straight out from the ramp and found the bus had been moved. Not sure why they did this but I am sure there is a good reason.

    I dove in a shorty and decided to try a deeper dive and see what kind of thermocline I could find. At about 45 feet I hit it and it turned considerably colder. The visibility was opening up to around 15 feet at best. All though I have to agree it has not been the best dive site this year for those of us who are land locked its an awesome dive.

  26. snagel says:

    Original Post by ChrisHawk on ScubToys (8/24/09)

    Ok, well we went and had a great weekend at Tenkiller. The visability was alot better than normal. Above the thermo was about 8 feet, below seemed to be like 20. I didn’t take a wetsuit (I know a bunch of you are saying, like thats news.) below the thermocline got cold quick. The deepest I went this weekend was 70ft. I also camped out AT the Scuba Park. So I dove alot. I dove the swim beach at like 6am on Sunday and found a silver bracelet chain (estimated value of about $10) but it meant something to me, the first thing I have found. It was a fun weekend and hope to get out there again soon.

    BTW It got cold as hell at nights out there. Summers ending. GO SCUBA!!!

  27. Rick Smith says:

    Dove Scuba Park area testerday 1/17/2010. Visibility was 5-6 ft and water temp was 43 at 53 feet. There is still a lot of green algea in the water for this late date. Dive was a short as we were waring wet suits.

  28. snagel says:

    April 25, 2010

    Orginal Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    I dove the scuba park and i was the only diver there and so that was nice.

    Surface temp about 62-63 degrees. 54 degrees at 52 feet maximum depth i dove today

    Vis above thermocline was 10-12ft better then expected with the wave action and being right off shore. Vis below thermocline 15-17 ft once again better than expected.

    A few fish perch and one bass that came out to say hello from the bus.

    all in all very nice first dive of the season for me

  29. MSD diver says:

    Went to the scuba park on May the 1 and enjoyed the dive. Blue water divers was at the park and had quiet a few divers in the water certifying. Had a wonderful time with the company they provided and loved the dives as well. The surface was in the upper 60s with upper 50s at 48 foot maximum dive. Alot of Algae for some reason but other then that visibility was about 20 feet

  30. Dewayne Steele says:

    Dove Tenkiller Scuba Park this weekend, May 7-9. A few classes were in and about the park, yet viz was 10-15 above the 45 ft mark. Below that it opened up to roughly 20, but the thermocline was a bit shocking in a 3mm, went from 64 at surface to 52 at 46 ft…

    We played around in the 60-70 ft depth, but most of the fish were above the thermocline, so we followed suit and stayed above the thermocline for the majority of our dives.

    Sunday was the best day with flat calm surfaces, but all in all, it was all great conditions for diving… Just need to get a drysuit and then the cold won’t be quite so shocking…

  31. MSD diver says:

    well I have been to Tenkiller 2 times this month and must say the temps are on the rise. The surface boasted a temp of about 80 degrees making it nice to do some relatively shallow dives minus hoods and gloves. Also the temps at the first thermocline dropped in to about 74 degrees around a depth of about 20 feet give or take.

    At 60 feet we hit a second thermocline putting the temps around the mid to upper 60s but the visiblity opened up to around maybe 15 to 20 feet respectively below 30 feet.

  32. ozarkdiver says:

    Okay, this is the first time I’ve posted info about a lake I didn’t actually dive. I decided to try Tenkiller (took the day off to drive from Arkansas). Went to the lake Monday morning (7/26) and couldn’t see three feet down into the water (and vertical vis is always better than horizontal vis). Waded out up to my waist and couldn’t see my feet (and you know the shallow water next to shore ALWAYS looks clear in lakes). The color of the lake was brown. Needless to say I left and drove to Beaver Lake in Arkansas to dive (Beaver was nice with 10-15 ft vis). I would still like to dive Tenkiller as they have several sunken items, but I’ll wait until next spring for better conditions.

  33. Big C says:

    07.29.10 Scuba Park. Hands down the best lake dive me and my buddy have ever had!! Vis was low walking down the ramp 3-5′ till about 15′-20 then opened to maybe 10′ vis. On down to 35′ vis opened up to 10-15′ took a left and hit the plane, I would say a good 15′ vis. Headed to the chopper about 40′-45′ vis was perfect at the chopper for lake conditions. 15′-20’+ vis. Explored the chopper since this was our first chopper dive. Temps upper 80’s surface got chilly around 30′ and then even colder past 45′. Lowest temp would guess upper 60’s at 50′ at the back of the chopper. 3mm Shorty did fine, but chilly..

  34. soonerwink says:

    We had a great day diving the Scuba Park, Keith, Bart, Lee, Pete, Tracy and myself. The Helicopter is very cool, it is in about 40′ to 54′ of water, about 30 yds south of the plane. Just inside of the buoys. There is a large hole cut in the top, you can enter there, and exit out the large side door on the starboard side, or out the larger bay door at the back. I was able to find all the attractions in the scuba park to show a few who had never dove there. Lee and I wore a 3mm full suit, Keith wore a shortie, I only went as deep as 57′ it was 72 degrees at that depth. The vis today was maybe 5′ to 25′ deep. There is a mild thermocline at 30′ and another at 40′. After 25′ the vis started opening up a little, we had 10 to 12′ vis at about 40′. The temps were a lot warmer than Beaver, 82 at the surface and only 72 at 57 feet. It was nice to be able to dive in only a 3mm and no hood. If you get a chance to dive the Scuba Park I would recommend it.

  35. mike tennison says:

    My dive instructor was the one to sink the helicopter an all items in the park. Its there for pople to enjoy an dive to depths of 60 foot an still see things. If you are not interested in enjoying it the please do not ruin it for others.

  36. MSD Ellis says:

    we just got back from great diving on Tenkiller this past weekend and man it was great. We boat dove on the bluffs just around the corner from the scuba park and had a blast. We went to around 60 feet in which visiblitly opened up considerably below the thermocline. The temps were in the 70s below 35 feet and 88.9 degrees on the surface.

    We then moved over to a secluded area of the lake near some cliffs and tried our luck but the visibility was so bad that at 50 feet I shined my light at my buddy and only found him because he had a silver tank and it gave off a very faint reflection. so we aborted almost immediately.

    We then went back to off shore of the scuba park (Safely well out of range of the buoys) and swam into the park. Visibility was best at this location and I was able to retrieve my boat anchor. It got stuck on the way up and we found that at 70 feet it snagged into an old tree but we were able to free it and save almost 60 bucks 🙂

  37. diveaholic says:

    We dove out in Party Cove on September 11 and 12 to aid in the lake tenkiller clean up. While we were there we enjoyed a comfortable 81 degrees all the way down to at least 50 feet (Deepest of our dives) While there the visibility was around 10 feet. We pulled out beer cans, bottles, an old tire, an old 8 man inflatable party island, A remote, a speaker and alot of other unique items such as mardi gra beads.

    To those who dont dive tenkiller much this would be a real eye opener to just how much damage people are doing to our lake bottoms. With 3 seperate boats each hosting around 8 divers we managed to bring out well over 3000 pounds of trash and did not even make a dent.

  38. soonerwink says:

    Fantastic Day, great weather, great friends, and great diving. There were 9 Tulsa Aquanauts that made it out today. Conditions were awesome. visibility 25’+, water temps 73 degrees, thermocline at 60′ and very mild. I also found a new area to dive on the wall at the Scuba Park that is one of my new favorites. Just go over the wall and go right or North instead of left. I have dove the Scuba Park probably a hundred times and have never ventured that way on the wall. There are a lot of small caverns and one that I went back into about 15′ and couldn’t see the end with my light. I didn’t feel comfortable going any further in though. We saw a lot of fish today, and there were several very large bass, crappie, catfish, drum and the perch.

  39. Snagel says:

    Original Post by TacoFranklin on ScubaToys
    February 20, 2011

    Just got back in from a weekend at tenkiller. Water level is about 8 feet below normal (probably due to maintenance on the dam). Visibility was about 5-10ft or less. Water was 43º today and 45º yesterday. At 50ft, it got extremely dark. I dont think there was a thermocline.

  40. soonerwink says:

    Rick and I dove the Scuba Park today at Lake Tenkiller. Surface temp was 59 degrees, at 50 ft. it was 55 degrees, and at 60 ft. it was 54 degrees. There was no thermocline. Visibility was about 15 ft. It was a bright sunny day and didn’t even need a light down to 62 feet. The lake is only about 2 ft. below normal, the back of the helicopter sets at 50 ft. Finally temps are above 50, and it was a great day to dive.

  41. snagel says:

    Tenkiller lake report 8-13-11
    Original Post by BudMan on ScubaToys

    just in case anybody is thinking of diving Tenkiller lake.

    made 2 dives at the scuba park visibility was 8-12 ft at 40 ffw which was the first thermocline 71 degrees . got real dark below that and since I forgot to charge my light it went out on me so I really didn’t go much below that 49 ft max depth.

    there was a lot of students at the park so I believe that accounts for the visibility which I believe may have been better away from the park but I didn’t take the boat so I really couldn’t go anywhere else.

    saw some really large drum in the 15-20 lb range and a few nice bass

    tried to get some pics but nothing really turned out. overall not bad dives but not what I was looking for wanted to make it out to the helicopter but it was just too dark with no light.

  42. snagel says:

    Tenkiller lake report 8-13-11
    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    Just in case anybody is thinking of diving Tenkiller lake. Made 2 dives at the scuba park visibility was 8-12 ft at 40 ffw which was the first thermocline 71 degrees . got real dark below that and since I forgot to charge my light it went out on me so I really didn’t go much below that 49 ft max depth.

    there was a lot of students at the park so I believe that accounts for the visibility which I believe may have been better away from the park but I didn’t take the boat so I really couldn’t go anywhere else. saw some really large drum in the 15-20 lb range and a few nice bass

    tried to get some pics but nothing really turned out. overall not bad dives but not what I was looking for wanted to make it out to the helicopter but it was just too dark with no light.

  43. snagel says:

    Tenkiller Dive Report
    March 3, 2012
    Original Post by Soonerwink on ScubaToys Forum

    I was able to dive Tenkiller today with another Aquanaut, it was bright, sunny and very windy. We only did one dive but it was a nice dive: 43 min. max depth 68, vis only about 5 feet. I thought it would be better. Surface tempature was 49 degrees and a chilly 47 at depth. We visited all the attractions in the Scuba Park above the wall. We didn’t see many fish, but the ones we did see were all big. We also located what may be a good final resting place for our boat, that we are sinking this Spring. Next to a large stump and rock to anchor it to at 28 feet. We were the only divers out there, I wish more could have made it. It was great getting back in the water. I did forget to bring a dive flag, didn’t even remember until dive was about over. At least there were no rangers around.

  44. Dive Master says:

    Tenkiller was great today. I dove with a friend at the scuba park where there were about 10 students doing open water from Oklahoma City. The visibility understandably was not good in the general area they were doing skills. Probably about a foot but once I was away from them it opened up to about 10 foot of visibility. The surface temperature was resting at 66 degrees.

    Once we made our decent there was an ever so slight thermocline at 30 feet but it was so marginal youd miss it if you was not paying attention. It went to 62 degrees.

    At 50 foot the granddad of thermos kicked in and it dropped to about 55 degrees which was too cold for my partner so we leveled back out above it. The visibility at 50 feet opened a little more to about 15- 20 feet and you could see the silt line sitting at about 50 feet.

    Dive times were both in excess of 30 minutes and we encountered no difficulties from currents or waves. Water actually appeared to be glass on the surface!

  45. Snagel says:

    October 2012
    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    vis about 8-10ft at 54 ffw

  46. Snagel says:

    November 3, 2012
    Original Post by Soonerwink on ScubaToys

    We had a few Oklahoma Aquanauts dive the Scuba Park today. Vis was about 10 ft. and temp was 65 down to 52 ft. We were able to run lines to all the attractions in the Scuba Park. I hope they stay, I have run them in the past and they seem to disappear. The lake is extremly low, everything is about 12 ft. shallower. We plan on helping the parks dept. reset the buoys next spring. We are going to set them out farther so that the helicopter is no longer outside them.

  47. Snagel says:

    January 1, 2013
    Original Post by AvonTheDiver on ScubaBoard

    At the scuba park today at TenKiller…thanks K…it was rain filled fog and windy.

    water temp is 50 degrees
    viz: at pour 4-5 at best, The lake looks about 10 ta 12 ft low lots of silt
    Its easy to find the wreck’s around 29ft it gets really really dark around 50ft take a light!

    Their was two guys watching me from their RV one had his gear hooked up and ready to go but I think they were on the verge of not going. I got looked at hard as I was setting up out of my blazer lol. I hit the water around noon and turned on my gopro in hopes to get a good vid or two…the jury is still out on that one…
    I found the tag line going to a set of boat wreck’s easy, The plane is also at 29ft.

    On a sad not My dive flag and float poped and I got tangled in the line….I had the float since 1999

    And on a funny not the two guys finaly got their gear on and hit the water after I was out and putting my gear away, one was wearing a 3mm it was 32 out and snowing!

    Happy note I found a ScubaPro knife not far from the plane

  48. Snagel says:

    Tenkiller Dive Report for Sat. April 20, 2013
    Original Post by SoonerWink on ScubaToys

    It was a great day of diving. I thought with all the rain we had this last week that the vis would be bad. On the way there I noticed all the ponds and creeks were full and looked like chocolate milk, even Greenleaf looked that way. So I was expecting the worst. When I arrived I was surprised to see the lake so full. The water is clear up past the start of the ramp. There was a class there from Pirates Cove, a great group of people which included a couple of Aquanauts. Jason, Jonathan, Sean and I suited up and hit the water. To our surprise the vis was fantastic, I am talking 25 to 30 foot vis and some areas even better than that. This is the kind of vis I hear all the old timers “Rick” talking about how it used to be. Temps were 61 on the surface. 57 at 30 feet, and 56 at 60 feet at the back of the helicopter. Everyone needs to get out there soon to take advantage of the great conditions. I hope it stays this way till we get out there on May 18th for our annual picnic and dive. Hopefully warmer though.

  49. Snagel says:

    Original Post by Budman on ScubaToys

    vis reported to be 18 inches so I didn’t even get in the water. FYI the state of Oklahoma has decided to charge an entrance fee at this paticular location where the scuba park just happens to be. draw your own conclusions as to why.

    I’m done with Tenkiller. the vis sucks 99% of the time and now a fee to drive down and see how the vis is?

    Tenkiller used to be one of the clearest lakes around but due to poor management has suffered over the years.

  50. Kenley Hitchcock says:

    I live on tenkiller and it is not always clear but if you don’t like it try thunderbird lake, how about skiatook, eufala! Granted its not cosamel but for us who can’t jump a plane every month it’s pretty cool! Who goes to the dive park? There are so many other places to dive so much better with better vis anyway. I never liked seeing under water what I saw before it went down! I like the places that were only seen before they flooded it that’s whats cool to know you may have been the first to see it since the 50s right? Well I’ll climb off the soap box but if you want to see tenkiller I mean enjoy tenkiller then email and ill try to help because honestly I went today and at 40 feet it was vis about 20 feet!! Found some really cool glasses! Anyway remember one min under is better than 30 min obove!!!

  51. Snagel says:

    Tenkiller Dive report 11-17-13
    Original Post by Soonerwink on ScubaToys

    We had six of us show up to dive Tenkiller, and the good news is the weather was warm, the water temps are 63 degrees. The bad news is the visibility was at the most 2 feet and that was shallow where there was some light penetration. A couple of divers went as deep as 90 feet and said temp there was 64 degrees but visibility never improved just got darker. It is always good to get back in the water, but the vis was the worst I have seen in Tenkiller. It was still a good day and a great lunch at Big Daddy’s with some dive buddies. It is always fun to get together and talk diving

  52. Snagel says:

    July `17, 2016

    Original Post by Soonerwink on ScubaToys

    I am back!!! I have finally been medically cleared to dive again, it has been since the middle of April that I last dove. I ended up making a solo dive at Tenkiller scuba park today. I entered the water just to the right of the ramp, there were too many students from Blue Water on the ramp. Temp at the surface was 85 degrees. Visibility was around 2 feet. I dropped down on the double boats at about 31 ft. temp was about 80 degrees, visibility was around 3-4 ft. There was a thermocline at 32-33 ft. I swam over to the single boat and then to the bus. I went around to the back of the bus, and visibility was only about a foot. I swam over the top of the bus which was at 20 ft. and then dropped down to the airplane at 33 ft. I tried to make it over to the back of the helicopter but I got too cold and decided to go the Aquanaut boat at about 32 ft. visibility was around 3-4 ft. I cleaned off a bunch of our names and decided to try the helicopter from the front. The top of the helicopter was at 35 ft. and temp was in the low 70’s. I ended up doing about a 40 min. dive and enjoyed it very much. I am ready to go back and wear a thicker wetsuit and hood and go a little deeper. Hopefully visibility will improve deeper.

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