Clear Springs

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  1. Ryan says:

    Went out to CSSP on Jun 13th. Visibility was good in shallower depths around 15-2o feet. Once you got to around 40 and deeper vis. got worse and worse. At the silo’s vis. was around 1 foot. Lowest temp was 64 and that was at the silos. Most of the dives the lowest temp was 68.

  2. admin says:

    Original Post by TwoBitTxn on ScubaBoard

    CSSP 04/19/09

    I wouldn’t report this but north end conditions were pretty different.

    Vis: Solid 15-20 away from other divers. Plane and surrounding area was mucked up, but that’s to be expected.

    Surface temp 66. Thermal developing at 27: Temp above 62; temp below 59.

    Found the plane. Bass actively hunting.

    Dry suits are good.

  3. snagel says:

    Clear Springs Scuba Park Terrell


    Original Post by H2OLover on ScubaBoard:

    Date: 05/09/2009

    Temperature mid day: 75 Degrees
    Water Temp : 65 Degrees to thermocline @ 26′
    Water Temp : 1st thermocline 59 degrees
    Visibility : 10′ dropping around shoreline Silt layer 6′ below surface lot of plant matter
    Wind : 2-3 knots.

    Floating debris from bottom minimal.

  4. Floyd Parkinson says:

    Dove clear springs on Nov 1st 2009 air temp was about 72 water temp surface 66 bottom of bin 64 @ 58 feet.

    Vis is clearing up nicely had about 10-12 feet at depth ~30ft

  5. snagel says:

    August 20, 2010

    Original Post by Russp on ScubaToys

    Got out there early today and made a couple of dives. Temp was around 85 above 20′ but viz was maybe 10′ because of algae. Below 20′, viz became 15 or 20′ but the temp dropped to right about 70, maybe a little less. Actually ran across one large group of divers, unusual for a Friday but there was the usual batch of small groups and lone divers.

    It still surprises me that even after a couple dozen dives here, I still run across something new just about everytime I dive. This time it was some cool rock formations on the end of the lake not too far from Sisco the shark.

  6. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Clear Springs on 3/20/2011. Vis was bad (10 ft.). The really bad thing is that they told me it was 20-25, and if the vis is only 10 ft. in the spring, think what it will be in the summer (with even more algae). I could have stayed home in Arkansas and had my selection of lakes to dive, all with better vis (and not had to pay to dive).

  7. Snagel says:


    Original Post by Soonerwink on ScubaToys:

    We made 3 dives on Sat. vis was 20-25 ft. (fantastic), temperature was 51 degrees. Dives lasted from 65-90 minutes, the deepest I hit was 42 feet. When we arrived we were the only 3 divers there. None of us new where anything was, and all the buoys were under water. We entered the water at the blue pontoon dock by the air fill station. We found 3 platforms and Sisco the Shark, but couldn’t find any of the boats. I wish they ran lines between the underwater attractions for divers that are new to the park. Over all it was a great day diving and was able to spend over 3 hours chilling out underwater. All 3 of us were diving drysuits with dry gloves. be I would like to come back and maybe dive the other end by the plane.

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