Lake Travis

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  1. Ian says:

    Mansfield Dam 6/19/08

    Viz pretty crappy. 10 feet down to 70 feet depth. 6 inches at the thermocline.Maybe 5 feet below that.
    Has a lot of clearing up to do.

    80’s on surface,around 58 at depth.

  2. admin says:

    Posted by Navychop on ScubaToys – 4/18/09

    Lake Travis-Windy Point 4/18/09


    Interesting day, rained on the way there, cleared up just in time to do the XXX dry suit trial demo. It was ok, the suit fit, I was dry. Hot on the land, nice and cool in the water. After a brief, we went in for 33 minutes. I had no hood or gloves and was quite comfortable. We went down to 47′ max, you could feel the temperature drop below 31 feet to a low of 61 degree. Texas typical viz- about 10-12 feet using lights (as always). Nice to be back in the water, but nicer 3 weeks ago in Coz. Lots of wetsuit divers out. Another week or two for me as the lake warms. See ya’ll out there.

  3. admin says:

    Original Post by Zinc on ScubaBoard

    Lake Travis 4-19-09

    April 19, 2009
    Lake Travis – Bob Wentz Park (WP Public)
    Air Temp: 81f clear skies, windy, very choppy surface
    Surface Temp: 68f
    Depth Temp: 61f at Max 83′
    Vis: 5-15 feet down to 83′, very spotty, great in places
    Lake Level Down 28′

    Cool morning showers were followed by sunshine making a great afternoon of diving after the previous days much needed rain. Visibility is great in some places, but inconsistent (thus 5-15′). Vis and temps seemed to differ quite a bit by location, but overall nice for lake Travis. Water a bit warmer, noticeably 61f at max 83′.

  4. admin says:

    Original Post by ChrisPete on ScubaBoard

    Lake Travis 4/21/09

    Mansfield Dam
    Air Temp – 75-80f
    Surface Temp 69f
    Depth Temp: 59f @ 105′
    Vis: 5-10 from surface to 60′, 10-15 from 60′ to 95′, 5-10 from 95′-105′

    Blue skies and calm water. Nice dive.

  5. snagel says:

    Original Post by DownUnderJenn on ScubaBoard

    Windy Point Private, Lake Travis


    Date: 5/7/2009
    Location: Windy Point Private (Barstows)
    Lake Condition: Calm, 654.54 lake level
    Bottom Temp: 63Žº at 89′
    Night dive

    Good visibility with very little floating debris from 52′ to the surface; a little green.
    Visibility drops from 52′ to 89′ down to white cloudy. Still, could see rope and objects like trees when upon them clearly, but no distance at all.

  6. admin says:

    Lake Travis Wreck Alley May 24, 2009

    Original Post by Lake Travis Scuba on ScubaBoard

    Open Water certification dives at Wreck Alley using the Boatel as the training platform during the afternoon charter.

    Temps are coming up nicely:
    Surface temp – 79*
    Surface to 15′ – 77*
    15′ – 30′ – 75*
    30′ – 35′ – 73*

    Visibility – average 8′ (rain and chop from wind must be mucking things up based on other posts about Lake Travis diving). Tech divers conducting deep training drills to 145′ during morning charter reported low visibility on Oasis Bluff wall.

    A large bass was hanging out on top of the Boatel observing skills with the group. No chance to see if Brody (large catfish named in memory of Don Brod, creator of Scuba Park aka Wreck Alley, who recently passed away) was hanging out at the deep houseboat.

  7. admin says:

    Lake Travis – Windy Point- 6/5/2009

    Original Post by Txmntman on ScubToys

    Had 2 dives today at Windy Point on Lake Travis. Vis is from 2-20 feet, clearer deeper. Thermocline at 50 ft, and vis is clearer in the colder water. With the water down this low, you drive out onto the “beach” and dive on the channel side of the beach (this would be the right side as you drive off the point). Overall, a good day at the lake!

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  9. snagel says:

    Original Post by Shaggie on ScubaBoard

    Lake Travis- Oasis bluff
    2 dives, 1st 10:30 am
    max depth 113 ffw, avg. depth 70 ffw
    45 min bottom time
    bottom temp 50 deg, surface temp 60 deg

    2nd dive similar to 1st. A little shallower with more bottom time.

    vis 10 ft on the top 30 ft, 6 ft at 75 ft and below, kinda foggy down deeper.

    A bright sunny morning, calm winds, not much boater traffic. Anchored in 30 ft of water. As I dropped down saw a school of about 20-30 good size fish, maybe 3-5 lb. Don’t know what they were since they didn’t hang around. My guess was either large shad or small stripers. After checking my anchor I dove down to grottos the top of which are around 75 ft. From there the wall dropped down to about 110 ft. The vis is getting better, I could almost make out back wall of the grottos from the entrance. Second dive found a brand new anchor, always fun to find treasure :- )

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