Lake Huron

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  1. admin says:

    Posted by DudleyNMU on Scubaboard….

    Sanilac Shores 4/18/09 Report


    Did 2 fantastic dives today…placed 2 mooring bouy on the Regina and one on the Mary Alice B. Viz was amazing 50-60’…Water temp was a different story…34 degrees on 1 computer and 36 on another. Great way to start the season…We had a 20min bottom time on the Mary Alice and 25 on the Regina…Too cold for any longer….Cant wait for next weekend hope the weather is nice like it was today…Dive Safe


  2. Rick says:

    Sanilac Shores water temps are warming up and were mid to high 50’s this weekend with thermoclines at around 30′ – 60′ dropping the bottom temp to low 40’s. Viz was average on all the wrecks – around 20′ – 40′.


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