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    Posted by ScubaBlue67 on Scuba Board – April 2009

    One Hell of a Clean Up at Hell’s Gate April 26th



    On Sunday April 26th several shops and dive clubs are gathering to clean up Hell’s Gate cove. Everyone is welcome to attend and if you have a club our shop that would like to help us host please contact me. The fun will begin with a briefing at 11:00am and boarding of boats at 11:30am. Several folks from the PK area have been kind enough to volunteer to help shuttle divers to the site. After the clean up we will grill up whatever you bring along. No road kill please or yours will only be cooked after the tofu is done being burned.

    It’s been a couple years since the last clean up as Todd and Ann have been busy after closing down Scuba Point. I’ve been bugging him for awhile and he said lets do it. I know for a fact Todd will enjoy seeing lots of divers enjoying PK again. He is one biggest supporters of diving at PK and it’s nice to show him alittle appreciation.

    The event is free but you are encouraged to make a small donation to help pay for the gas used by the volunteers. If we end up with any money left over it will be donated to Project Aware.

    Non divers or those that don’t care to dive but want to help out are welcome to provide surface support. We can really use a few people to man canoes to help retrieve full trash bags from divers.

    I have a link to sign up online and get directions to the staging area.
    International Scuba – SPECIAL EVENT !

    Meet us at BRA campsite #1 also known as Scenic Cove 10:30 for sign up.
    Don’t forget you C-card.

    There is also a dive club that is promoting diving on PK thru use of their dock next to the old Scuba Point. I’ll post more info later but it might be worth making a stop at their place and see the free facilities they are offering to divers.


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