Athens Scuba Park

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  1. ozarkdiver says:

    My family and I dived Athen Scuba Park last year. Vis wasn’t what they advertised (is it ever?)….about 10-15 ft. There are some nice things sunk in the quarry. The two largest (and nicest) were a houseboat and a private jet. The entire quarry is pretty shallow, and all the sunken stuff is probably no deeper than 25 ft.

  2. Master Diver says:

    We got to venture out to Athens this weekend for some extremely great diving. The water temperature was at about 60 degrees on the surface and just about 57 or so degrees at 23 feet.

    The visibilty getting into the water on the surface appeared to be at around 60 feet however it soon shrunk down to about 30-40 feet at depth. It was a great dive and had plenty to offer and see.

    They are also preparing to sink another airplane in May and are planning festivities for anyone interested in going to see or participate in it!

  3. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Athens on 3/19/2011. The advertised VIS was 50-60, but was actually about 25-30. Still, nicer than it was last time I was there.

  4. Snagel says:

    Athens Scuba Park
    May 9, 2011
    Original Post by TwistedSister209 on ScubaToys

    Returned yesterday afternoon from 3 days at Athens! Our OW check-out dives went well. The only body I found was PVC and for another class.

    Friday the viz was 40′, water temps between 74 – 77. Saturday, with the a lot more divers, the viz was slightly less. Sunday–a bit less– could be do the large number of classes getting certs.

    I was so impressed with the changes in the park with the water clarity. Shannon was fantastic to work with as was Eric, who filled our tanks. Everything was clean, diver, camper & family friendly. I’m glad the instructor I work with has changed OW check-out dives to this place. Athens Scuba Park – Texas Scuba Diving Facility

    After Memorial Day, there will be another plane to explore.

  5. Divemaster says:

    We went to Athens on June 10 through the 12 and the visibility was at about 15 feet with temps 88 on the bottom to 90 on the surface. Diving was great as well as it was better conditions then anywhere north!

  6. snagel says:

    Athens Scuba Park 11/5/11

    Nice diving at Athens Scuba Park this weekend.
    Water temp 61 degrees
    Viz 6′-8′

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