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  1. Darin Martell says:

    Went to Pearl for the first time this year on Thursday 6/5. Even with a storm in the morning and it still being very windy vis was good at 25 – 30′, even the night dive gave us a good 10 – 15′ thanks to there being three of us to pool out lights. Pearl is nice becuase being over 30 acres if the wind is kicking up the bottom in one area you can go to the other side of the lake and get in a more sheltered area. Since we where on the west side of the lake we stayed around the Airplane and the Sculpture garden primarly. The water was nice with an average of high 50’s – low 60’s (ut below the cline it was 39). Surprisingly we saw very few fish. in fact during the first 3 dives we only saw a couple of dead fish laying on the bottom. During the night dive we thought we saw another until we woke it up and it took of! That and a decent sized northern was the only fish I saw all day. Pearl lake is a campground, swimming beach, and dive spot. The cost is $20 to dive and swim (in a seperate area). They have air fills and a superclub on property also check out the diving maps section of the website for a full list of sunken atractions (Plane, Sub, School bus, a bunch of boats, statues, etc…) . The local shop is about 10 -15 mins south

  2. admin says:

    Dive report on Pearl Lake 5-29-09

    Original Post by Cheddarchick on ScubaToys

    Stopped into Pearl Lake today just to get wet………..Couldn’t stand it anymore…..Such a great spot for beginners & advanced to get back into the dive season in the midwest.
    Dive time: 10:00 am
    Air temps: 65* Partly cloudy
    Water temps: COLD…..61* above the thermocline (about 18′) 53* after that. Since I am a BIG Baby when it comes to cold, I never got deeper the 25′.
    Viz: about 20′
    Fish life: The Sucker fish were spawning, I have never seen so many suckers in my life. All in about 15′ of water. The bass were hanging out in 10′ to 15′ of water in the sushine, (trying to thaw out I think). I got a great picture of what had to be at least 8 lbs. Not many blue gills where we were, they must not be making babies yet.
    Dive Time: 74 minutes and still came out with 1000 lbs. Too cold to do a second dive…..
    All in all…a nice dive, I love Pearl Lake before the alage bloom….

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