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  1. Tracker says:

    Surface temp- 71
    10 ft.- 66
    40 ft.- 53
    Visibility was around 20 ft.

  2. snagel says:

    Original Post by fwfd601 on ScubaToys:

    36 degrees at 100 ft Saturday (April 10, 2010)

  3. Met up with the GLWC on April 23 & 24. The water temp was 42 F.

  4. snagel says:

    May 6, 2010

    Original Post by Juggling Monkeys on ScubaToays

    surface – low 60s
    20″ – 55 degrees
    36″ – 48 degrees

  5. snagel says:

    GLWC Meet & Greet
    Original Post by Barracuda2 on ScubaBoard

    Just to let you all know that you’re welcome to join us.

    GLWC Spring Meet and Greet
    Date: April 27-29, 2012
    Location: Gilboa Quary

    Gilboa Quarry
    3763 Old St. Rt. 224
    Ottawa, Ohio 45875
    Phone: (419) 456-3300

    For anyone new wishing to attend…
    1.) Everyone is welcome. This is a great event to meet other local divers. Many of the group get together and make plans (or firm up plans) for charter events for this years dive season at this event. Typically divers start showing up at the quarry around noon on Friday the 27th. For those that have the proper trained, there is often an early afternoon deep dive planned.

    2.) Mike reserves back turn around at the quarry for the group. This is were we have the “buffet” and also the evening camp fires. There are a few areas that are yearly reserved for GTXL1200’s camper, MittenDiver’s trailer, and Smith’s camper. Other than that, there are areas for others to camp in that area as well. If you are looking for someone, that’s probably where they are (or at least a good place to start looking!).

    3.) Many people camp at Gilboa for the weekend event. As stated above, there is room to camp in the turnaround, or many camp in the sites around the quarry. For those we need electric, Mike has camp sites with electric by the office. In the past others have grouped up as well and rented the apartment, cottage, or bunkhouse.

    4.) Denny (Barracuda2) has Mike bring back a stack of wood so we can have campfires/bonfires on Friday night and Saturday night. We ask for donations to help cover the costs of the wood. Donations can be made directly to Denny or can be paid at the office. Just tell the office it is for the GLWC firewood.

    5.) Typically (although not required) everyone brings a dish to pass for the different meals. We normally have the following group meals:

    Friday Night (7:00PM Reservations at the Red Pig in Ottowa) –
    See Red Pig – GLWC Meet & Greet April 27th. 7:00 for reservation details.
    Address and info for the Red Pig

    1470 North Perry Street
    Ottawa, OH 45875
    (419) 523-6458

    Saturday Morning
    Saturday Afternoon (this tends to be the biggest event of the weekend)
    Saturday Evening (some new stuff comes out here, but mainly it is a continuation of the afternoon grazing!)
    Sunday Morning

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