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    Posted on ScubaToys by Crosseyed95 – 4/4/09

    LDS went for the last ice dive of the year. As usual, we ended the season at Fortune Pond (Crystal Falls, MI). It always amazes me how this place holds ice. We had 12″ of good solid ice. Fortune pond is an ex-quarry. It’s roughly

    Visibility was roughly 100′. We cut the hole appx 20′ NW of the fishing dock and were right over the limited goodies to look at. Water temp was 36 deg (analog) and 41 deg (digital). So, take your pick.

    I completed two dives with the first being with my wife. After an equipment check under the ice, we dropped to 65′ to explore. Actually saw some trout. I’ve heard they were there but in 15 dives at this location I’ve never seen one. After our drop, we ascended up the side to roughly 15′ and then back to the hole to mess around. First dive was only 15 minutes since the wife gets cold easy.

    My second dive was with someone who had no buddy. We did equipment check and then dropped to 61′ to look around. On this dive I just followed since I was ordered to DM. After my buddy had a free flow which forced him to the hole to get his reg warmed up, we dropped back down to roughly 30′ but this time along the side/bottom. This is the 7th diver I’ve seen free flow with Aeris Regs and I don’t recommend them for cold diving. Others may have had success but I’ve grown timid. NOTE: my buddy did an excellent job of handling the free flow. At the same time I noticed the problem, he signaled to me that he was having difficulties. We ascended at a normal rate. I was impressed as a DM and I would personally dive with this individual again.

    Total second dive was roughly 40 minutes. On both dives, the ice was very clear with minimal air bubbles or cracks. I was told by a visitor walking his dog that last year the ice held until May. Several new items of interest were a fireman’s helmet with a plaque. I can’t remember the name on the plaque but apparently a dive team was practicing. There is also a new statue of the Mother Mary. She has a sign that says you must donate a penny or you will free flow.

    Afterwards everyone had hotdogs and soda which actually worked out this time. The sun was shining and it was 40 degrees out so were weren’t freezing.

    I’m not a poet but I promised myself I put this report out after this dive.


    The site site is a wonderful example of the many mines that have been reclaimed by nature as she heals the scars of the miner’s pick. Imagine the pumps that worked 24 hours a day to keep the open pits and tunnels dry.
    This mine produced 1,316,905 tons of iron ore from 1953 to 1958. It had one shaft with two drifts used to drain the 210-foot deep pit. The pit is 1,930 feet long by 750 feet wide. What was once a major mining operation now lends itself to a scuba diver’s and fisherman’s paradise.

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