Whalon Lake

Located near Bolingbrook, IL 

There is a huge effort trying to open this lake up to divers.  Come out and support this effort.  Currently, it is in the infant stage, but with the help of everybody this could turn out to be a great dive location.

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  1. admin says:

    Posted by DiveRightInScuba on ScubaBoard

    New Dive Quarry in Illinois….Coming This Season


    OK, this is early, but I wanted to get this out there for people and start to get a feel for those interested. We will be obtaining a contract for a local quarry in Bolingbrook, IL. This is an 85 acre quarry, that is approximately 85+ft deep.

    We have not had the opportunity to get in yet as all the details are being worked out. This, for now, will not be open all the time like other local quarries. Its to be shared with other events(fishing, etc), but no other events would be out there the dates we are diving. This could easily, with diver support, develop into a dive quarry only that has a more wide open dive schedule. We just have to wait and see how its accepted and grows. As long as their are no issues, people are wanting in, and so on, I see no reason it wont develop into a dive only quarry.

    The plans:

    – Get in ASAP and map the bottom and see what can really be done with it(stuck in politics right now and they want the Xs and Ys in place before we get in)
    – Get some platforms for training. We will build or buy or accept donations for these or barter for entry. Buoys will also be needed.
    – We have a Bus that is already donated for sinking, and will be looking for other things to slowly purchase and or be donated or bartered.
    – $20 entrance fee will go directly into building this up as a dive quarry. The money will go into Platforms, Building for compressor( we currently have an extra compressor), underwater speakers, other structures/vehicles/etc to sink and explore. All the proceeds made, will go directly into making this a great dive opportunity! Im thinking it will grow pretty fast as our divers in the midwest love new dive exploration opportunities.
    – For the time being, as it grows from its first baby step introduction…Tickets for entry will be limited and only sold on our website or in the store. How limited Im not sure yet as we are still in talks with parking and such. We also will require liabilities to be filled out either at store or online when ticket is purchased. This may change, but until we know if/when we can put a building up, this will be required
    – Instructors will get in free when working with students, reduced rate when pleasure diving(unless otherwise worked out by mapping, developing, helping with quarry) The reason we feel they should pay if pleasure diving is that we want to build this quarry up and we need help! If your helping, fees can be waived…if your their for pleasure and just want to dive, you can be helping financially like everyone else to make a better dive quarry

    I know there will be alot of growing pains and red tape in the beginning. Trust me, I dont want it either. But with the right support of volunteers, divers, donations, etc, we can have another dive destination in the midwest!

    I look forward to any and all support in this venture! Feel free to contact me if your interested in helping, donating, volunteering in any way shape or form!

    Feel free to respond in this with any insight, ideas, criticism, etc that you may have. The above are just a few brief guidelines that we have based on what we know so far.

    The current dates we will have open for diving for the 2009 season( Im working hard on adding alot more, but its still early in this process so Im excited with what we have so far):

    Sun, July 12
    Sun, July 19
    Sun, Aug. 2
    Sun, Aug. 9
    Sat, Sept. 12
    Sun, Sept. 13
    Sat, Oct. 3
    Sun, Oct. 4 (full moon)
    Sat, Nov. 7
    Sun, Nov. 8
    Sat, Dec. 12
    Sun, Dec. 13

    Again, remember this is the beginning and as the program grows or has alot of response and eager divers, it will grow!!

  2. admin says:

    Submitted by DiveRightInScuba on ScubaBoard

    Viz is worse than Haigh The drains are pretty active when there is alot of rain…which is the culprit of the bad viz. If you notice in the pics, the shore is all mud. They planted some grass last year, it didnt take. There is LOTS of erosion. They are planning on doing some erosion control this year so they don’t lose their shore line. That will clean up the viz, and give us somewhere to setup gear without getting muddy.

    As for the pipes, the area we would section off for diving, wouldnt be near them. The nice thing is that even a sectioned off portion, is the same as other quarries, so its pretty big.

    There are quite a few “issues” with the quarry right now. Nothing that cant be solved as it grows though. Haigh wasnt what it is today when it first opened. With support from divers that come to the quarry, there will be a proven need for more to be added and done to encourage diving there. It all takes time….

    Anyone got cheap or free grass seed or rocks for erosion control…..and lots of it….first step is grass to clear up the erosion problem and give us some great viz….last year when it opened, it was crystal clear…..but there was no rain for awhile….

  3. chris mengel says:

    is the quarry open for scubadiving for 2013 season?

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