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  1. Michael says:

    I dove both Saturday and Sunday (6/7-6/8) at Mammoth Lake. We have had high winds all week so they didn’t flock the lake this week thinking it wouldn’t be too productive. Saturday I dove the East of the lake from the large pavilion. Viz was around 10′ down to about 28′ with a tempature around 80. Then down to mid-30′ viz decreased and temp went down to mid 70s.

    Then Sunday 3 dives. First dive was with my newly cert. step-mom and dad. We dove from pavilion #16 which is a great location cause it is very centrally located. Viz was still about 10′ and 80 temp. We dove “Reel lady” a 36′ sportfisher, 1932 Chrysler and several other small boats.

    2nd dive I made a long dive on one of my favorite wreck “Island Girl” a 60′ sail boat built right after 1900 and was a Rum runner. This boat is full of small perch. And I finished up my dive with “Reel Lady”. I have dove this boats many times over the last year and looked at them alot before they were covered in water.

    Thinking I was finished with my diving for the day I took a shower and was about to go home when my friend Ernie showed up. Needing a buddy I voulnteered to dive with my and we dove from the shop dock.

    3rd dive. We started off at the shop training platform and swam the line out to the Yellow Submarine which goes by the new motorcyle. Swam into the sub thru the crack on the starboard side and head forward to the torpedo room by way for the galley and head. As I am checking out the torpedo I hear a noise like someone was in pain. I look back and my dive buddy is sitting on the head with a weird look on his face. Finish the dive on the sub and make our way back along the road. At the “rock garden” we turn south and make our way across the lake about 20′ past two small boats and over to the “Shuttle”. We stay in the 20′-lower 30′ range around many old trees and brush. Around all the trees there are many bass from a few inchs to several pounds. And many perch. Seems last the West end of the lake was warmer cause I dove in only shorts and dropped down into the lower 30′ range several times and felt comfortable. Normally when I get that deep I get cold.

    So all and all I had a great weekend of diving. I really wish these winds would lay so I could get offshore and do some spearfishing.

  2. snagel says:

    Original Post – donnad

    as promised, a little trip report on Mammoth Lake, Clute, Texas. A group of four of us went on sat. June 21. nice place, very nice facilities, nice pavillions, picnic tables etc. the staff in the dive shop were all nice and helpful. there are alot of “items of interest” sunken in the lake for your viewing pleasure…….planes, caboose, etc. etc. etc. saw a few fish, saw a small catfish hanging out in an airplane. the water was very comfy…….87 degrees, vis was maybe 10feet i’d say…..about what you’d expect in a lake. there are lots of buoys to mark items of interest, training platforms, etc. had an enjoyable day, took a picnic lunch. will go back!

  3. vanessar says:

    Had a great day today at ML Aug 24th, 08.

    Viz is improving since my last visit to ML on July 4th weekend, 4-5 ft July and 10-13 this time. Temp is 80-85 degrees depending on depth and location.

    The site is well planned and fun Dive shop is nice. It has pleasant staff and is adequately equipped. Classes were in session in a covered pool. Looked like a great place to do the required pool dives. There are several docks and associated pavilions around the lake. The docks have both good entry and exit.

    C-130 was cool. Even though the viz was at 10 ft, I enjoyed following the wing span and tail section. Additionally, there are many other sites including a fire truck, metal sculptures, and a submarine.

    Folks at ML are working toward better viz on a continual basis. I am looking forward to more day trips to ML in the future.


  4. snagel says:

    Submitted by mr tabasco (ScubaToys)

    The layout is very nice topside and they have several pavillions and they seem to share a max of about 4 pavillions for each entry. They assign each group to a paviliion so you have a nice shaded area to sit during surface intervals and the dive shop is on sight so you cn get anything you might need. The visibility was only about 5 feet in most places so you really had to know where things were to find the sights. The map they give out is pretty sparce so we found it difficult to find stuff. They have several training platforms which are marked with different bouys (two large tanks as opposed to the single orange bouy) we didn’t realize this until later in the day. The water temp was nice at about 85°F and there was a thermocline atabout 30 ft. All in all it was a good day and we would go back

  5. admin says:

    Posted on ScubaToys by ColdPass 3/10/09…..

    Well, I didn’t make it diving in Mammoth last year, but I heard that the vis was still on the poor side. I just stopped by the dive shop on my lunch break, and it appears that the situation has improved dramatically. While I wasn’t in the water, the visibility from the docks looked to be at least 10 feet or so.

    This last weekend I dove in a smaller private lake and the vis was only about 4-5 feet, so it was nice to see that Mammoth is appreciably clearer.

    I’m looking forward to getting some work buddies to take an afternoon to go diving this season. So much more fun than golfing!

  6. snagel says:

    Original Post by ScubaShawn123 on ScubaBoard

    Mammoth LAKE


    4/17 and 4/18

    Water Temperature a warm 70 degrees – 3 mil worked fine for 65 minute bottom time

    Max Depth 40 feet

    Visibility varied, average 7 feet, best 10 feet…….some spots for short periods dropped a few feet…

    I thought for Texas great Visiblity…

  7. snagel says:

    Mammoth Lake Thursday 14May09
    (Original post by tripntx on ScubaBoard)

    Vis: 12′ @ 20-30 feet
    Temp: 78f @ 20 – 30 feet
    Thermocline: at 30′, stayed above it

    Dove on the C-130 (front of lake) and then on and around the fire truck with ladder extended (more towards the middle of lake). Vis is the best I personally seen to date, hope the trend continues.

  8. admin says:

    March 4, 2011
    Original Post by TripnTX (ScubaToys)

    Went diving at Mammoth Lake in Clute Texas today. Visibility was approx 20′ and temp was 53F at 35′.

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