This isn’t Muck Diving!  True, but that doesn’t mean those in the Midwest cannot treat themselves to some of the more exotic diving experiences.  Because the traditional Muck Diver doesn’t dive in paradise everyday information on dive ops, hotels, what should I do and not do become essential when planning a trip to paradise.  Because of all these questions, we thought we would give everybody a one-stop place to go to learn about these places and hopefully help with planning your next trip.  Once again, the success of this relies upon those that have taken the journey.  So, please help out and tell us about your trips and what worked and what did not work.

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    Original Post by JCAT on ScubaToys

    We spent a week on Aruba two years ago and fell in love with the place. Not for it’s diving, but it’s laid back atmosphere. This depends on where you stay as well. The two main areas are the low rise and high rise areas. The low rise area is made up of resorts no taller than 3 stories. The high rise area resembles condo hotels.

    We dove with Pelican/Unique (two companies merged) and their located in the high rise area. If your in the low rise area, they’ll come pick you up at most places. They have a few wrecks on that end including the “Antilla”, Pendernalis, and a twin engine cargo plane.

    Aruba is not really a dive destination, but it is enjoyable and worth the effort. There is little current and the sea is usually calm. Night dives are somewhat better as more critters come out. I would compare it to diving in Jamaica or Myrtle Beach SC. It’s ok, but its not the Keys, Roatan, or Bonaire.

    Things to remember and do.

    Eating is expensive, if your there for any length of time, hit the grocery store. If you want great food, try Iguana Joes. Downtown, 2nd floor balcony dining.

    Taxis are expensive, ride the bus. From the low rise area to downtown is around $1 one person.

    Forget Hairspray or keeping hair neat. The trade winds are blowing constantly and around noon you’ll be thankful they are. (wife made me put that last bit in)

    Travel to the back side of the Island as well, a very different looking coast line.

    If you get the chance, take a ride on a sub to 120′ in the main channel.

    Eagle Beach is Beautiful. Look for photos under my profile.

    hope this helps a little.

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