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  1. snagel says:

    Blue Lagoon Huntsville, Texas



    I just wanted everyone to know that the Blue Lagoon is undergoing new owners/managers.

    We are very excited, and things moved a little quicker than we anticipated.

    I am trying to get letters out to all the dive shops this week. Details can be seen at our new website Our new phone number is 936-438-8888.

    Please call if you have any questions. We look forward to serving the diving communtiy for years to come.


    Phil Riggs

  2. snagel says:

    Posted by Vam302 on ScubaBoard

    Blue Lagoon – Huntsville


    02 May 2009

    Lagoon 2:
    Got there early enough to do a dive before the basic classes arrived.
    Water temp 74F, mid 60s below thermocline @ ~20′.
    Visibility 5′ at best, max depth a mere 23′. After classes started vis dropped to 2-3′.

    Heavy rains last week killed the vis, give it a couple of weeks and it should be better.

  3. snagel says:

    Blue Lagoon – Opening Day 2010

    Original Post by Texas Torpedo on ScubaBoard


    Date: March 06, 2010
    Location: Huntsville, Texas. Blue Lagoon #1, Main Beach
    Water Temp: 70 Degrees air, 52.7 F in the water. Maybe a bit warmer on the surface but it sure didn’t feel like it.
    Visibility: 10-20.
    Max Depth: 31.6 ffw Probably deeper in some areas.

    The water, at least from the surface, is the clearest I have personally seen. Viz down below was good as well, though there seemed to be a lot of green algae floating around. The water level is pretty high. I was at Main Beach #4 and the water was just a few feet from the base of the platform / shelter.

    Phil & Co. have done a lot of work during the off season and the place really looks good. Nitrox fills are now available. I believe they are converting the old check-in building at the front to a bunk house for divers wanting to spend the night but not in tents. There is a new office on the property next to Air Phils / the fill station.

    I didn’t dive in Lagoon #2, but it looked like there were a couple groups of dive-campers having a good time. Water conditions looked to be the same as Lagoon #1.

  4. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Blue Lagoon on 3/19/2011. Very nice. The water actually does have a turquoise color (I assumed the photos had been touched up). Vis was around 25 ft., but with all the ambient light (due to the water color), it seemed even better. Both lagoons were equally enjoyable, and were small enough to see everything on one tank per lagoon (I’m 53 and not into long surface swims anymore). I do appreciate the management giving me an accurate estimate of the vis before I drove all the way from Arkansas (many places inflate the vis). Good underwater platforms and rustic camping (is there any other way?).

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