Lake Ouachita

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  1. (taken at Blakely Mountain Dam 6/28/08)

    Water temp at surface – 83ºF
    visibility at dam – 10′ – 15′
    major thermoclines at ~ 30′ (73ºF), 60′ (62ºF) & 100′ (49ºF)

  2. S to the K says:

    seems to be the better of the two central Arkansas lakes in recent years… I had great luck at Ouachita last year with vis topping 20 ft in the spring before the boats woke up by the dam.

  3. S to the K says:

    Conditions 04/26/09 54 degrees and 12-14 down to 60. Little bit colder at depth.

  4. ozarkdiver says:

    I don’t know what the deal is with Ouachita lately. It used to have pretty nice vis, but that last couple of years it sucks. I know you can always go well below the thermocline for more vis, but a lot ot my diving is spearfishing, so I’m usually above it (more time, not as cold, etc.).

  5. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Ouachita on 6/26. Thermocline at 22-25 ft. Vis was 6 ft. above thermocline, 8-10 ft. below.

  6. admin says:

    May 23, 2013
    Original post by BBarnett51 on ScubaBoard

    Great Vis on Lake Ouachita!

    Wow the Arkansas lakes are great right now. Ouachita had 20-25′ even after the rain. I was at Blakely and the fish activity was great. I first saw a school of carp in 15′ with several Gar mixed in. Then just above the second thermocline in 25′ I got into the largest school of stripers I have ever seen in person. The would take off then chase some bait fish around and show up again.

    Also saw some nice smallmouth and a bream on a bed that was the size of a crappie.

    Fun stuff!. If you can get over there I recommend it.

    Surface was 72 but gets cold pretty quick. The lowest my computer read was 56 at 48′. I haven’t seen this many big fish in a long time on a lake. Stripers were really fun to watch feed!

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