Atlantic Quarry

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  1. admin says:

    Original Post by K9Pig on ScubaToys Forum

    June 2009

    Visibility: Surf-14′ 4-6 feet
    15-34′ 12-15′

    Temps: Air 94*
    Surf 74*
    34′ was 51*
    The thermocline was the usual 23′.

  2. Sugar Pops says:

    June 16, 2009

    Water temp at 24′ – 66*, 41′-48*, 80′- 44*.
    Visibility surf-20′ was only 5′ – 10′, below that became better up to 20′, very little daylight at 80′ and flashlight was very handy. Weather was 65* and overcast. Lots of fish along rockwall. Stired somthing big up at 80′. Didn’t see it, but it sure stired up a lot of silt from the bottom.

  3. Snagel says:

    July 24, 2011
    Original Post by ScubaGal on ScubaToys

    We had a great turnout at the dive event on Saturday at the Atlantic Quarry in Atlantic, IA! 15 divers got in the water, including one diver who drove all the way from Columbus, NE. It was nice meeting and diving with you Mark. Visibility was the best we have had all season, 10-15 ft. in places. Lots of blue gill who followed us around, bass, crappie, and Lloyd found a big carp sleeping in the weeds. After the dive we dined on hot dogs, brats, deer steaks, watermelon & canteloupe, cheese, summer sausage and olive salad, chips & salsa, chocolate peanut butter bars, and chocolate chip cookies. It was quite a spread!

  4. Snagel says:

    Original Post by ScubaGal on ScubaToys Forum

    Here is a mini report on the first Greater Omaha SCUBA Club local dive of the year at the Atlantic Quarry in Atlantic, IA last Sunday. Unfortunately the visibility was only about arms length, maybe 2 1/2 ft. Surface temp around 72, dropping to around 64 at 16 ft. Eight club members got in the water.

    Sightings included a few blue gill, turtles sunning on rocks, and several largemouth bass. When we arrived at the quarry we went down to check out the conditions and my husband noticed a big largemouth bass that was “beached” on the shore but still breathing. He pushed it into deeper water and it righted itself and swam off.

    Hoping the water temps and visibility improve in the next few weeks. This was dive 391 for me. Only 9 more until I hit 400! Hope to achieve that milestone this summer. It felt great to be in the water again!

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