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    Original Post by ScubaGal on ScubaBoard (7/13/09)

    Here’s a quick mini report on our dive at Sandy Channel Recreation Area in Nebraska located off I-80 at the Elm Creek exit. Upon our arrival we decided to drive around to see all the lakes. There were several groups of people camping. The water was warm, Lloyd’s computer showed 70 degrees. For the first time this year I dove locally without my hooded vest.

    This trip we saw more fish at Sandy Channel than we’ve seen on previous trips. Lots of bluegill, some that were very curious and friendly, a large catfish that was hiding under a log with two rock bass hanging out next to it, largemouth bass, and a lot of juvenile fish. The rock bass weren’t afraid of us at all, I got within inches of one of them and he didn’t blink an eye. Other sightings included items placed in the lake by local divers, including a large coyote and three smaller coyotes, a cement alligator, a chicken, dolphins, a lighthouse (the top had come off so we replaced it) and a statue of Mary.

    We gave up looking for other stuff and decided to stay close to the shoreline as the visibility was much better. You could really tell when the sun would come out as the visibility increased dramatically. The thermocline was shallower than other places we’ve been this summer. It started just below 10 ft. Visibility ranged from 5 ft. at depth to up to 15 ft. near the shoreline and on the sandy ridge. We did a little bit of lake cleanup, picking up some cans and bottles from the bottom. I also found a blue rock, probably from a previous dive shop scavenger hunt.

    We did one 90 minute dive. Lloyd still had 1,000 psi, I had 1,400 psi left. When we surfaced we saw a couple divers getting ready to enter the water. They surfaced shortly and one of the divers told us the visibility was the worst he’s ever seen at Sandy Channel. He’s been diving there since the early 90’s. Funny, it was actually the best we’ve experienced there, but we’ve only been there 4 times.

    All in all it was a fun day. Next up – the GO SCUBA club dive event at the Atlantic Quarry on August 8. Unless we get the urge to go diving before then.

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