Grand Lake

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  1. admin says:

    Original Post by MudHole on ScubaBoard (7/10/09)

    I used to dive Grand a couple of times a year. . . I found some visibility from “Two tree island” south to the dam. I quit diving that lake not because of poor visibility, but because of the boat drivers on that lake. A dive flag is required for you to dive legally, and I had close calls with boats every time I dove there. During a contest we were hunting carp, and at a sandy point out from a creek I passed a 10 lb.+ bass in 20 feet. I usually tell fishermen, but a bass boat ran over my bubbles and was sitting 10 feet from my flag, when I surfaced, he told me to leave, this was his spot. I left the lake and haven’t been back.

    It’s close to home for you, so fly your dive flag and be very careful of the boats. Beaver Lake in Arkansas, or Tenkiller lake in Oklahoma, both have better visibility, and dive shops near the lake for air or equipment.

  2. soonerwink says:

    I can’t believe anyone would dive this lake for recreation. I do some dive work around docks for people and the vis is always 0 to 1 ft. Most times you can’t even read your gauges with a light.

  3. K Pryor says:

    Grand Lake isn’t for diving, I use to go there and spear fish, but no longer. Boat traffic is terrible and the boaters don’t know a dive flag from the America flag.
    CAUTION !! if you dive this lake be very careful around all the submergible water pumps around the private water fronts. After losing my brother in-law while diving this lake from electrocution I found out a lot of these pumps in the lake are not insulated nor grounded properly. Even if they were insulated in the beginning the cables rub on the rocks and become exposed and electrify the surrounding water. We learned the hard way, I had to recovery my brother in-law’s body after this type of encounter. Once these pumps are installed the lake has no regulation or inspection requirements to make sure they’re safe.

  4. ozarkdiver says:

    To K Pryor….very sorry to hear about your loss. I’ve heard of docks with a cheap electrical wiring job, resulting in dangerous electricity in the water. In your brother-in-law’s case, do you know how close to the pumps it took to encounter the fatal electricity?

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