Natural Springs Resort

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  1. Snagel says:

    Natural Springs Resort on Saturday, May 21, 2011
    Original Post by Jendra on ScubaBoard


    You are invited
    What: A day of diving with The Indy Dive Club (IDC)
    Where: Natural Springs Resort (NSR)
    When: Saturday, May 21st
    Time: TBA

    Natural Springs Resort: Scuba Diving

    A few of us decided to make this event at NSR last all weekend. We plan to set up camp on Friday evening and dive all weekend.
    This will be a great way to meet other local divers and enjoy some greatly deserved bubble time.

    We reserved 10 campsites under the Indy Dive Club name. If you want to join us for the camping part too, Great!! Tell them you are with the Indy Dive Club group! (If we fill 7 more sites they will give us a 10% discount).

    I must admit, I have not dove or camped there….but I will try to answer any questions you might have!?!?
    I was told the water was upper 50s last week.

  2. Nicole says:

    Went diving today- surface temp 71F, 17ft down was about 64F. Visibility was about 15 feet as long as everyone stayed out of the mud. When the water was mucked up vis went down to about 3-5ft

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