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    Cuba–good, bad and ugly

    Original Post by Daved on ScubaToys (12/7/09)


    soo–Spent a week in a cheap and cheerful resort in Veradero Cuba. To answer your first question–I’m Canadian and there are not travel restrictions between Canada and Cuba.

    Flew direct from Calgary–no lay overs no transfers just–get on the [plane and get off! What a treat compared to going to Bonaire or Aus!

    Stayed at Breezes Bella Costa. Great staff–really Great Staff. Can not think of anything bad to say—yea I know I’m Canadian and we don’t say Sh*t if our mouth is full of it—but the staff were great. Food was–ok and good. A la carte were not that great. Why I would try a Japanese restaurant in Cuba when I don’t like Japanese food in Canada? Buffet was clean and well stocked, could have used a little more fresh fruit and salad, but the great staff made up for it. Room was dated,(tv, no internet, poor phone service, yada yada) but clean. Beach was great! Nice sand, clean, Canadian size waves (two feet and under). No bugs–none–not a single bit—hmmm must find out what they spray.

    1) Disorganized. Pick up at hotel was 20 minutes late an the first day and 45 minutes late on the second. then drove to dive centre. Cattle bus of 30 stood in line and rented gear from two non English speaking people–(go figure they). I had brought my own–except for wts and tank and still had to stand in same line–on both days. Do not have dive lockers if you want to hang and dry your gear for next day–really sucked–.
    2) dive one: Coral Gardens Veredaro: Was insta buddy with a girl who had NEVER DOVE!!! DM asked 2 minutes before we went in if I could look after the girl–(Lady 30-35 year old). In retrospect I should have said–get stuffed. But I didn’t. She had just finished an into to scuba course in the pool and was painless. Equalized great and was pretty calm for a newbe. Truth be told I have dove with “experienced” divers who were as together as she was.
    3) reef was in amazing shape. Lots and lots of healthy coral. good selection of juvenile fish. But where were the big fish? Nothing over 12″. Very few cleaning stations, crab, lobster and shrimps compared to Bonaire or even Belize. Seemed lacking.

    4) dove the Bay of Pigs on the second day. bus pick up late by 45 minutes, bus was full. Dive shop was packed. They had over booked. same amount of staff to look after 60 people as 30. Not enough room on bus–had to wait even longer–waaaa! Won’t boor with you with the rest of the details–on a five star rating

    diving ***-where were the fish?
    dive op * disorganized–nice staff but—need help
    Breezes Bella Costa **** Service
    ** hotel (amenities and product need updating)

    For a cheap and Cheerful lie on the beach eat,drink and sleep Veradero was great. Diving could be over the top if they got their crap together–assuming the fish had gone into hiding because of Storm Ida which was a couple of days out.

    oh ya–Wanda didn’t like having to pay for toilet paper! ( you know us Canadians–goverment should pay for everything!)

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