Eugene Quarry

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  1. cummings66 says:

    Depending on the quarry you dive in the vis will range from about 8 feet to 15 feet with the temps anywhere from 40 degree’s to about 50 degree’s.

  2. Sabbath9999 says:

    I did my open water certification dives there 09/13/08 and 09/14/08. We used the quarry in the middle (the smallest one I believe). It is the one with the pontoon boat on it.

    Day 1 the visibility was about 12 feet or so. Water temp on the surface was 71, and at the bottom was 66, the thermocline was at 20 feet.

    Overnight, there was 5 inches of rain in the area, and the quarry water level rose about 3 feet. Visibility was 1-2 feet at best… and it was REALLY dark starting about 14 feet down, so dark that I couldn’t see the platform sunk at the bottom of the quarry with my face about 6 inches away from it. At that level, vis was 1 foot, I had to hold on to my buddy because I couldn’t see him at all.

  3. sabbath999 says:

    OK, I didn’t DIVE the Eugene quarry, but was driving past on the highway so I drove over to it to check it out looking for a place with more clear water than what I have been seeing… I drove down the driveway (CAREFUL, it’s quite rutted up) and checked on the middle of the two quarries. Vis was 30 feet or so on the surface, and the top was warm (84ish degrees). Since it is only about 30 feet deep, I suspect it’s pretty warm.

    Permission/payment can be made in Jeff City at the Dive shop or in Columbia at Life Aquatic. Probably going to dive it soon.

  4. Discdiver says:

    Dived the small quarry on 5/23/11. Was there to get my gills wet. Water temp was ~60 at the surface, ~50 below the thermocline which was at 17ft. Vis was fair at about 10ft, give or take a foot. I was actually really surprised because there was a downpour last night and another storm cell about noon that day. All in all a fun day diving and am excitedto go back after it warms up a couple degrees and dive the big pit. I’ve not done it but there is apparently a car at 60ft in that one and later in the summer vis is supposed to be better. Jeff, who owns it and runs a shop in Jeff City is a great guy and a joy to work with.

  5. sabbath999 says:

    OK, have dove this quarry 3 times in the last couple months…

    Water conditions have been pretty stable, cooling off now that fall is here. Dove in two of the three pits, with the last dive being in the northernmost pit last weekend (September 16, 2012).

    We found a bunch of fresh water jelly fish in the quarry, they were all over the place on September 16, got some really good pictures of them. Water was about 66 at the surface, 60 at the cline, 15 foot vis.

    Two weeks before we dove “Noddy Cove” with British Bob… he named it that because dive students tend to “nod” a lot when you talk to them, and this is the pit they take the students to because it is small and not very deep, and has a good platform. Temps a bit warmer, vis about 10 feet.

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