Finger Lakes

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  1. cummings66 says:

    At the far end where it’s deepest at, about ~35 feet, you will find about 15 feet of vis. The shallow end is about 0 and you’ll have to navigate out away from the shore to get vis. The park is working on the area and it’s pretty muddy from that work.

  2. snagel says:

    Submitted by Cummings66 from ScubaToys Forum:

    OK, I dove it today. Vis ranged from 0 to about 5 feet. All in all it was a way to get wet. Yes, the entrance is the one you hang a left on and go up to the ATV park. Keep going until you almost get to the campground and on the left side you will see a quarry. That’s the one to dive in. The best vis is on the west side, it’s also the deepest.

  3. cummings66 says:

    Dove this quarry on 11/23/2008 and noted the following conditions. Visibility about 10 feet, perhaps more at the deep end, temperatures at the surface were around 41 degrees and there was a light skim of ice on parts near the shore. Down deeper below 32 feet the bottom temps warmed up about 5 degrees warmer than the surface, but visibility would drop to about 1 foot.

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