Bennett Springs

This is a natural spring system that is open to any open water diver. Cave certification is NOT needed. It is only open from November thru February, and only 6 divers per day. Entry is free, but reservations are necessary. Under normal flow conditions the current is not bad, and there are no entrapment issues. One way in and one way out. Depth is about 85’. A dive light is needed.

Contact Diane Tucker at 417-532-4338 or write to for reservations.

Click here for pictures of Bennett Springs.

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  1. Omni says:

    I am interested in diving Bennet Springs this year but can’t find any info on who to call to reserve a spot. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. snagel says:

    You have to call the office at Bennett Springs State Park. They only open it up during the off-season (Dec-Feb) and then only 6 divers at a time + one person topside. I’ll see if I can find more information and post.

  3. SteveC says:

    I just updated the Bennett Springs discription with contact information.

  4. Omni says:


  5. Omni says:

    I just called and reserved the spring. The number you need to call is 417-532-3925. Dianne was surprised that we were already reserving it but took my info without a hassle. They open in November and you are only allowed to reserve for two days per year per person. Limit of six divers a day with only three at a time allowed in the spring. Must always have a topside safety and bring a photo ID and a C-card they can Scan for their records.

  6. Sabbath9999 says:

    Please forgive a newbie question, but what is the water temp there in the winter (i.e. I assume it is drysuit only).

  7. SteveC says:

    The temp is upper 50’s all year long. We dove it last year in wet suits.

  8. snagel says:

    Dove the spring on 11/2 (Awesome Day for November – Mid 70’s – The Leaves Turning)

    Flow Rate – Approx 135 cfs. This was a little tough. Had to fight hard to get down to bottom. In fact, I never did, but a couple dive buddies did by finding line on right side of cavern and pulling themselves down.

    Viz – Oddly enough a little “soupy”. Not as clear as seen in past. Outside of cavern probably 15′. Inside cavern will need a light.

    Temp – Mid 50’s.

    Remember to call ahead and make reservations and check in at the Nature Center when you get there. They made a copy of my drivers license and C-Card for their records.

    Great day of meeting up with old friends and making new friends. If you find a weight pouch, let me know, we lost a weight pouch somewhere in the spring.


  9. cummings66 says:

    I dove the springs this weekend 11/2 and enjoyed it quite a bit. The current was a kicker and once you got to the cave entrance it was a real blast.

    The line as far as I can tell is broken that leads down to it, but I didn’t have much trouble getting there by staying low and going slow.

    Temp was warmer than normal and the air temp was outstanding which made for a very nice diving day, except for tearing my drysuit.

    The last dive I did there was a milk cloud coming out of the cave which was not there on the prior 2 dives, and nobody was in there. The current would vary quite a bit too. Fun dive.

  10. DUSTIN CAREY says:


  11. SteveC says:

    ( This post was moved to the Bennett Springs page by SteveC)

    Richard Russell, on November 14th, 2009 at 9:55 pm
    I have a couple of friends who are diving bennitt springs the 28th of Nov. 09 we are going to be there at noon. If anyone would like to join us we are looking for 3 more people. contact me at or 573-280-9413 good diving all, Richard Lake of the Ozarks Mo. area

  12. SteveC says:

    The flow rate at Bennett is kind of high right now. Check the link on the right (Bennett Springs Flow Rate). But it is also falling. Let us know how it goes. We would like to make it again this year.

  13. MO50 says:

    Finally got to dive Bennett yesterday (1-29-2011). Flow was 106 cfs and water temps the usual 58 degrees. The air temp hit a warm 61 degrees. The park contact, Diane Tucker, was very friendly and helpful. She met us at the spring as we were gearing up. Viz was great and we were able to reach the last bit of rope at a depth of 82″. The flow was very strong at that depth. Overall a great dive site. We saw lots of trout, sculpin, and a even one lonely catfish. Id recommend this dive to anyone but just be prepared to swim into a strong current most of the dive.

  14. shoot2retrieve says:

    Dove Bennet on Saturday Feb. 12th 2011 and it was incredible. Was my our 1st trip to dive this location and will definitely be back next year. Visibility is amazing, to the point you can’t believe your in the Midwest. Flow was good and picked up as you got down to the popcorn room, which was popping and loud. Great fish life and the sculpins were guarding the nests, so were in an aggressive mood, until spotlighted with our lights, then they would recede back into their crevace. The trout were a friendly as could be too, coming face to mask and curiously eyeballing us. Was an all out incredible weekend of diving.

  15. snagel says:

    November 26, 2011

    Met up with Navy, Mike, and Cswine, from the ScubaToys forum for a quick dive at Bennett Springs. The day was full of rain with ambient temps hovering around 60 degrees. The diving:

    Water Temp: 52-57 depending on who’s gauge you looked at.

    Flow: 160 cfs (A little strong)

    Viz: A little milky, but not bad with no sunlight

    We only made it about 1/2 way down the cavern due to the flow. It had been hovering around 120 cfs for the last several weeks, but jumped up to over 200 a week ago and was heading back down. Sure today’s rain will have it up again.

    After several dives at Bennett, I’m believing the best flow to allow you to make it down to the popcorn room is around 100 cfs or less.

    Great meeting up with some friends from the forum and had a great day of diving regardless of all the rain.


  16. Snagel says:

    January 20, 2013

    Dove Bennett Springs today. Ambient Temp was high 40’s, not too bad we had a shelter and heater. Water temp was 55 degrees. We made it down to the popcorn room at about 80 feet. The water was awesome…just like the Caribbean. The flow was 82cfs….perfect to make it down to the bottom.

    Did notice the bottom has gotten considerably larger where the flow is coming out.

    Great Day of Diving….as if there is any day of diving is bad.


  17. snagel says:

    We enjoyed a great day of diving at Bennett Springs State Park! The water was 58F, visibility of at least 50 feet and the flow was lower than originally expected at 80 cubic feet per second. The restriction to the “Popcorn Room” is wide open. Last year the only access to the popcorn room was through the keyhole. The flow has removed most of the gravel making the restriction about 15 feet wide. There was a large catfish under an over hang at 76 feet. Great times had by all.

    D. Coleman

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