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  1. snagel says:

    Submitted by Veritas3586 (Scubaboard)

    Viz at Elmar Thomas is about 15′ and better. It was probably better than 20′ in forty feet of water 2 weeks ago.

  2. Michael Russ (Malibu_Tinman) says:

    Dove ET on July 27th.
    First dive was at the boat ramp. Excellent conditions. Surface temp 85. Viz was 20-30′. Shallow diving (10-20′), bbut the Hydrilla plants were very cool to dive in. Reminded me of pics I’ve seen of Florida springs. Lots of fish.
    Second dive was at the dam. We dove the south shore. Vis was around 10′ down to the first thermocline at 20′ (temp 70). Second thermocline at 40′ (temp 60). Vis improved with depth. On the bottom at 40′, viz was 30-50′. Black silt on the bottom makes it a bit dark, tho, so you’ll need a light below the thermocline.

  3. asymmetries says:

    Elmer Thomas at the dam proved to be rather silty. Though the water was fairly clear. I would estimate 12′-15′ viz average in the shallow-30′ depth range. It was slightly improved going a bit deeper, 40′. It was even somewhat light at 40′ though it was dark at 50′. Temp was 60 at 50′, but in the mid 70s up to 37′. Viz was much better on the south shore. Nice diving and a great many people were there Sunday the 21, which may have contributed to the silty nature of the lake.

  4. asymmetries says:

    Weather was overcast, viz was poor (max 10′), and the whole lake was silty. All in all not too great of conditions for Oct 12th

  5. snagel says:

    Lake Elmer Thomas Conditions

    Original Post by BubblesMcCoy on ScubaToys


    Made a quick trip to Elmer Thomas on Wednesday, 10/28/09 and it wasn’t bad. This was my first trip there so I can’t really compare the conditions, but viz in the shallow areas (10-25′) was about 10′ but it got a bit siltier below that. Temp on the surface was a balmy 62 degrees and dropped to 50-49 degrees at around 40′. I was toasty warm in a semidry suit so it was hard to tell where the thermocline started/stopped but it seemed to run from about 35′ to 40′.

    We bottomed twice and the temp really wasn’t much lower than at 40′, somewhere in the mid 40s. There isn’t a whole lot to see at Elmer, but we did see some decent sized fish hanging around in the hydrilla banks.

    All in all a decent couple of dives.

  6. Adam says:

    Just finished my two days of OW certification dives this last weekend. We dove at the dam both days. Temp was 61 deg. Vis was about 10-15′. Lots of fish.

  7. Brent Barnes says:

    Dove Elmer Thomas on May 29th. Viz was excellent at 10′ – 15′ with more fish than I have seen in the past. Saw several very large bass and they were very active. Also, many juvenile fish. Water temp was in the high 70’s at surface with thermoclines at 8 feet and 18 feet.

  8. Jeramy J says:

    We just dove ELmer Thomas today. Vis was fair up to 20 feet in some areas. Very silty bottom so avoid stirring that and it was a nice dive. Many fish to be seen. Temps were around 78 all the way to around 34 feet when a pronounced thermocline appears. I did not venture into it aside from noticing it was cold.

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