Broken Bow

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  1. snagel says:

    Submitted by Texdiveguy (Scubaboard & Scubatoys)

    My dive buddy and I set off for Stephens Gap area (point near the small island off shore) of Lake Broken Bow,Oklahoma yesterday morning. Traffic was lite out of Paris TX. and once in the park it was lite. A few campers and day picnics and swimmers along the shoreline. We observed a few small water craft and one or two pontoons. Having dove this area before we decided on several different routes of travel once we set out dive flag. #1 dive was to drop down to follow the bottom profile of from the point just NW of the island then hit the deeper tree line and go south to the island wall and do a tour of it prior the swimming back across the the point…..all went as planned and the trees were plentiful and very large! Nice rock outcroppings around and to the island. Saw several bass and craw fish, a few fishing lines and bait, couple water shoes and a plastic zipper topped shopping cart bag. #2 dive was very similar except we investigated the drop off on the SE corner of the island. Two great dives!!

    Vis— fair to very good
    thermo— warm water in the upper 20ffw (86f)
    thermo at around 30ffw and another at around 60ffw with a third deeper.
    dive 1 129ffw//48f//52min.
    dive 2 122ffw//58f//74min.

  2. ozarkdiver says:

    Hey Snagel….I’m interested in diving Broken Bow. When you say the vis is “fair to very good”, what was the actual vis?

  3. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Broken Bow on 2/21. Beautiful lake….it’s a minature version of Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. Camped at Beaver Bend campground (below dam), and dived off Eagle drive in the park area. I had gone to Tenkiller earlier in the year hearing that it was the place to dive in OK, but the vis was horrible. I’ll definitely go back to Broken Bow.

    Air temp: 55
    Water temp: 45
    Vis: 12-15 ft.
    Depth: 30 ft.

  4. shoot2retrieve says:

    My wife and I dove the lake on 6/14/14. The area had recently experienced several substantial rains and the lake was up 6-8 ft. We dove east of the Beavers Bend Marina and had 4 to 6 ft. vis. The wind was blowing pretty hard and there were lots of swimmers so the bottom was stirred up substantially.

    We had originally planned to rent a boat from the Marina, however they do not have and will not let you use an anchor for their rental boats. Which makes the use for scuba diving rather worthless. We were only able to get in one dive do to our dive flag coming apart and blowing off with the wind. We hope to return at a later date, but for our first trip got a lot of scouting done.

    The dive shop “Broken Bow Scuba” is about 20 minutes from the Marina area, so it is a good idea to get your fills early and be ready to go early in the day, because the area gets CROWDED! Broken Bow Scuba was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the lake, they are also technical divers too!

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