Greers Ferry

It’s probably the most popular lake for divers from Memphis & Little Rock.
With the exception of this year it usually has conditions similar to Norfork
or Table Rock




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  1. Drew says:

    Dove near the dam on 1-1-09. Vis was 5′ at best. 48 degrees. Hoping for much better come spring.

  2. S to the K says:

    dove Greers Ferry 03/15/09 still cold, 48 – 50 degrees depending on whose computer. Visibility was around 6 – 8

  3. S to the K says:

    Dove Greers Ferry 04/03/09… 53-51. Vis was 8 feet down to 40′

  4. S to the K says:

    Dove Greer Ferry last weekend. 60 degrees and 8 feet to 40′

  5. S to the K says:

    10-12 feet on th surface
    75 degrees to 26 feet then 66.
    Opens up at about 35 ‘

  6. Tommy says:

    Dove the bluffs on the lower part of the lake near the water intake this past weekend. Vis was only about 6 feet at best anywhere above 20 feet deep.

  7. Drew says:

    Dove (7-Sep-2009) the upper part of the lake off of boat ridge island (West of Fairfield). Temp 82-78. Visibility 10′ average from 10′-30′ below surface. Opens up at 30′. Thermocline at 30′.

  8. Drew says:

    Dove (27-Sep-2009) the upper part of the lake off of boat ridge island (West of Fairfield). Temp 78. Visibility 5′ average from 10′-30′ Thermocline at 30′.

  9. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on May 24th. Vis was 10-12 ft., with surface temp 68 degrees.

  10. Lou says:

    Dove GFL Sat and Tue (opening day of spear season) water warm, vis OK….the spear fishing was decent (it is my first season) I got two shots and two nice bass…enjoyed all…

  11. ozarkdiver says:

    Spearfished on Greers on opening day (6/15). Vis near dam was about 10 ft (5 ft. at a site further away from dam). Temp about 86 on surface (82 just above thermocline). Shot two nice smallmouth, plus a channel cat.

  12. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on 6/26.
    Vis: 10
    Temp: 90 on surface
    Temp: 81 just above thermocline
    Thermocline: 18-20
    Shot a 5 1/2 lb. largemouth

  13. Lou says:

    Dove yesterday (7/8/10)….conditions about the same…vis was less…got two nice bass and even though its raining out now, I hope to be diving/ hunting tomorrow…its only raining on top…

  14. Gabe says:

    Saturday was spent diving one of the forks. Shot 5 bass, vis at about 12 – 15 ft with water temps of – surface 84 and 72 bottom.

  15. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on 7/17 with my son.
    Thermocline: 25 ft.
    Vis above thermocline: 5 ft.
    Vis below thermocline: 10 ft.
    Temp on surface thermocline: 88 degrees
    Temp just above thermocline: 82 degrees

  16. LakeDiver says:

    The lake is down just a little. Shot a limit of bass. We talked to a “one man dive team” hunting with a 6ft. speargun in 8ft. of vis. If your on the lake, look out for him – His flag has a martini glass on it and he had jagermeister and voodoo stickers stuck on his boat. Thermo’s about 25ft.

  17. ozarkdiver says:

    Date of dive: 8/2/10
    Location: did 4 dives at Point #5/Heber rec area/bluffs just north of dam (east side)
    Thermocline: 25 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 88
    Vis above thermocline: 5 ft.
    Comments: For a Monday, there were an unusual number of divers on the lake. I probably saw seven other boats flying dive flags.

  18. Lou says:

    Vis at Point 2 was about 3’…sheesh…not much better in the Cove…time to switch from spearfishing to metal detecting…

  19. Gabe says:

    Shot a limit of bass just inside the South Fork creek. Vis at 3 to 4 ft. Lots of bass and crappie.

  20. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on 9/25.
    Vis near dam: 15 ft
    Thermocline: 26 ft.

  21. ozarkdiver says:

    Sorry, meant to say the thermocline was 36 ft., not 26.

  22. Gabe says:

    Dove in South Fork creek and found a bank statement that said Raiffeisenbank Ochsenfurt . Now that’s weird.

  23. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers Ferry on 4/9/2011 and 4/10/2011……

    Lake was up a little
    Thermocline: 30 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 61
    Temp below thermocline: 55
    Vis above thermocline: 10 ft.
    Vis below thermocline: 12-15 ft.

    Saw lots of fish, especially stripers (guess they were shallow with the cold water).

  24. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on 4/23 with my son. We sank a PVC shark cage.

    Temp at 20 ft: 71
    Temp at 30 ft: 59
    Vis: 5-10 ft.

    We had just had lots of rain, so the vis is down. We’ve now had 2-3 days of tornados/rain. I’ll have to go up and see if my boat still exists.

  25. ozarkdiver says:

    Was at Greers on Sunday (6/19). Didn’t dive cause the vis is still bad with the high water. But the temp was very nice (wouldn’t need a wetsuit above thermocline).

  26. ozarkdiver says:

    Was on Greers on 7/3. The water level is still high, and the vis is still bad (very bad).

  27. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on 7/30. The vis wasn’t great, but better than expected. If you can find the right spot, you’ll have enough vis to spearfish.

    Thermocline: 25 ft.
    Water temp above thermocline: 86
    Water temp right at thermocline: 80
    Vis above thermocline: 7-8 ft.

    Again, the vis depends on where you go. I did three dives, all within a 500 yards of each other, and the vis was 3 ft. on one dive, 4-5 on another, and 7-8 on still another.

  28. Mark says:

    Who put that shark cage down there? Why?

    My cousin and i ran accross it monday 08/15/11

    I saw this rope on the bottom so i followed it, i was thinking cool gonna be a good anckor on the end of this. when i got to the end i couldnt beleive what i was looking at, a shark cage.

  29. ozarkdiver says:

    I put the shark cage down there…..something to dive on/see. Other lakes (Bull Shoals/Beaver/Norfork) have sunken items to dive on, but not so much Greers Ferry. I also made an underwater habitat (with a short tunnel leading to it) that’s still under construction (need to put the tarp on it).

  30. ozarkdiver says:

    Conditions on 8/14:
    Thermocline: 30
    Temp above thermocline: 86
    Temp below thermocline: 76
    Vis above thermocline: 5
    Vis below thermocline: 7

  31. ozarkdiver says:

    Conditions on 9/25/2011:
    Thermocline: 35-40
    Temp above thermocline: 75
    Temp below thermocline: 67
    Vis above thermocline: 7-8
    Vis below thermocline: 10-12

  32. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on both 4/19, 4/21, and again on 4/23.

    Thermocline: 25 ft.
    Vis above thermocline: 10 ft.
    Vis below (didn’t go below)
    Temp above thermocline: 64
    Temp below (didn’t go below)

    Vis was much better about a week earlier (15-20 below thermocline), but we’ve had some rain since then. Looking forward to going later this week.

  33. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on 5/9. Boy what a difference a week makes.

    Thermocline: 25 ft.
    Vis above thermocline: 12 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 75

    Nice to start wearing a thin suit again.

  34. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove on 6/17:

    Vis: 8 ft.
    Temp: 77
    Thermocline: below 25 ft.
    Shot a 10 lb channel cat

  35. ozarkdiver says:

    Lake update on 7/22:

    Thermocline: 25-30 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 86
    Vis above thermocline: 7-8 ft.

  36. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Greers on 8/18…..

    Thermocline: 30 ft.
    Vis above thermocline: 8-10 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 82

  37. ozarkdiver says:

    Hey, found a 30 ft. cabin cruiser on Greers in 35 ft. of water (at a lake elevation of 455 ft). From the dam going north, go to the second cove on the right (lake will have turned west by then). Go to the left entrance point on the cove (west side), and take a 90 degree heading (due east). Go until you hit 35 ft, then turn north (staying at 35 ft.). You’ll run right into the stern of the boat. The boat is listing heavily to starboard, and has a large stump and small tree supporting it on the starboard side.

  38. ozarkdiver says:

    8/18/13 update on Greers Ferry:
    Surface temp: 82
    Thermocline: 32 ft.
    Temp below thermocline 64
    Vis at thermocline: 10 ft.

  39. ozarkdiver says:

    Update on Greers Ferry:

    Thermocline: 45 ft.
    Vis above: 8-10 ft.
    Vis below: 10-12 ft.
    Temp above: 68
    Temp below (at 70 ft.): 54

  40. ozarkdiver says:

    Update on Greers Ferry on 3/1:

    Vis: 10-15 ft.
    Temp: 44

  41. ozarkdiver says:

    Conditions on 10/21/14:
    Thermocline: Not a distinct thermocline, but noticeably colder at 45-50 ft.
    Vis above thermocline: 10
    Temp above thermocline: 70

  42. ozarkdiver says:

    Conditions on 5/3:
    Thermocline: probably around 35 ft. (hard to tell w/full suit)
    Vis above: 12 ft.
    Vis below: 15 ft.
    Temp above: 63
    Temp below (at 50 ft): 55

  43. ozarkdiver says:

    Greers update on 8/24:

    Thermocline: 31 ft.
    Vis above: 8 ft.
    Vis below: 10 ft.
    Temp above: 82
    Temp below: 78

  44. Ryan says:

    Do you mind describing exactly where the shark cage is? I’d like to dive there and check it out.

  45. ozarkdiver says:

    In answer to Ryan about the shark cage….
    Using Heber Springs Rec Area as a point of reference, look straight across the lake (north), and you’ll see a low set of bluffs (very low, as in only a few feet high). The east end of the bluffs is point-2 on the lake. The west end (where the bluffs gradually disappear into the water) is where the shark cage is. There are some large rocks just under the water. I have a blue/white nylon rope tied at about a 10 ft. depth. Once you find that, follow it out to the cage (about 30 ft out). The cage is made out of PVC pipe, and is about 25 ft. deep (and tied to the bottom). It’s a full size cage (roughly 10′ length by 5′ wide by 7′ tall). The opening on the top is large enough to swim into with full gear. If you have trouble finding it, swim out until you find the top of the underwater bluff, and follow it laterally until you find the cage (it’s perched right on the edge).

  46. ozarkdiver says:

    Update on Greers:

    Date: 9/14/2015
    Thermocline: 32 ft.
    Vis above thermocline: 8-10 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 82 degrees
    Vis below thermocline (at 45 ft.): 20 ft.
    Temp below thermmocline: 77 degrees

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