Bredina Springs

A new quarry currently being updated and turned into a Dive Paradise!

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  1. Snagel says:

    Bredina Springs 5/1/11 Trip Report
    Original Post by bl6394 on MidWestDive Forum


    Got out late Sunday to Bredina Springs and met owners Jess and Christina. They were super nice to me, my grandpa and my son – who were with me as non-divers They’re still setting up – it appears that a classroom is under construction – but air banks (just air fills at the moment) and bathrooms are up and running. Its clear they’ve been putting a lot of effort into developing this site – it should be really fantastic when they finish all of the construction.

    There is a nice dock area with steps leading down into the water. Air temp was about 57 degrees and cloudy. There’s been a lot of rain lately – so the visibility around the sunken shed is about 2 feet. I swam over to the green buoy to in the NE of the quarry and dropped down to about 76 feet where I found a tractor trailer cab anchoring the buoy – surrounded by trees and brush. There was a small thermocline – temperature dropped from about 45 at the surface to 40 at depth. Visibility at depth was about 3 to 5 feet – good for running my reel and smb drills.

    Jess asked that we keep checking their website / calendar for information about their schedule. It will be open most weekends – with some exceptions. They will try to have all of the construction complete as soon as possible. Looking forward to diving there again soon.

    PS – if you like small towns – the drive out to Bredina Springs is fun too. My Grandpa – a longtime resident of IL – narrated as we passed through Jerseyville, Carrolton, and a host of other small farm towns. Made for a really pleasant drive.

  2. Snagel says:

    Bredina Springs Dive Report – 5/22/11
    Original Post by Fleep on ScubaBoard


    1hr+ North of St. Louis

    Google Maps: 39.451981, -90.506922 to White Hall, IL – Google Maps

    Coordinates: N39.454210, W90.504152 Set your GPS to Hours format (e.g. ddd.ddddd°)

    GPS: Program GPS to White Hall, Illinois. At the main town intersection follow sign left to Hillview after about 4miles you will cross a railroad track and Bredina is on your right.

    Directions from STL: 170N > 270E > 367N towards Alton > Continue 67N Pass Jerseyville and on to White Hall > Left at the 4way stop follow the sign to Hillview > about 4 miles in you will cross the railroad tracks. The entrance is on your right, marked by a small cloth dive flag.


    Bredina is a great new asset for the local dive community. With the closure of the “Dive-Stop”, their opening is very timely for STL based divers. The owners are moving forward rapidly with development. Access is a breeze, they have nice gravel roads passable by any type of vehicle. There are covered setup areas with both picnic tables and dive gear tables. They have a compressor on site and offer air fills. The training building is well underway and will be equipped with 2 or 3 classrooms. There are running water bathrooms and hot showers. They have excellent step off docks and walk out stairs. Currently there are a few underwater attractions including a short schoolbus, cabin cruiser, small airplanes, truck, quarry shacks, training platforms, and the quarry boasts some nice wall dives and a deep section that goes to about 110′. This mine was abandoned only 7 years ago so there are many submerged trees along the western wall that are fun to navigate through. The visability, as expected, was not that great but it may improve once we are out of the rain season. Temperatures are posted on their site and will be similar to any lake or quarry in the midwest. They have a website, Bredina Springs | Bredina Springs is a beautiful 12 acre dive quarry in Hillview, Illinois. Central Illinois answer to diving!, which they update regularly with their calendar and the quarry conditions. Make sure to check the calendar as they are sometimes closed on weekends for special occasions. If the calendar says they are open – they will be open. Ultimately they plan to open up for camping and to host some special annual events. There are 2 contact phone numbers listed and they are great about getting back to you via telephone or messages sent through their online form so reach out to them if you have any questions.

    In short, it is a great place for divers of all levels and especially for instructors who need a place to hold certification dives and classes. The owners, Jess and Christina, are great hosts and they have invested a lot of time and resources in this endeavor so go on out, show your support, and have a great dive!

  3. Hudson says:

    I was there a couple of weeks ago. Very impressed with the facilities, but the visibility is a hit & miss affair. It seems to have improved a bit in places. If you stay by the attractions near the dock, it’s pretty much braille diving. This wouldn’t be too bad except for the trees & twigs you keep running into if you decide to try and take a compass heading anywhere. I haven’t gone over to the planes on the left, but if you swing past the clump of trees on the right hand side and hit the wall, you have a good 15 feet, very divable. It starts getting dark pretty quick around 40ft so make sure you have a good light handy.

    Pretty much a straight shot on 367 from STL, but go early so you won’t hit traffic.

  4. Snagel says:

    3/28/12 Here’s an update for the April 1st opening. Temps are 60 at the surface, 52 at the platform(14ft) and 42 at 40ft. Still a little chilly! The visibility has been great at 20+

  5. sabbath999 says:

    I was planning a trip this weekend to Bredina, and checked ahead on their website.

    Good thing I did.

    The website says that, due to insurance reasons, Bredina Springs will only be open on weekends and only during the months of July and August this year.


  6. SteveC says:

    Robbin and I dove Brendina Sunday (07-08-12)
    We had a great time. The vis for the most part was about 20′. The area around the school bus was much less, but once you got past that and into the trees it was great. It got very cold very fast so we stayed above 15′. We saw lots of big catfish.
    They are only going to be open this year on weekends in July and August, so I would recomend everyone get out there and check it out. They have done a lot of work and are on there way to making it a first class dive site.

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