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  1. snagel says:

    Posted by 1969ivan1 (ScubaBoard)


    Just got back from diving in Blue today. All I can suggest is not to waste your gasoline, air, or money. The viz at the best spot was 5 feet and in some cases it was less than a foot! The temps were a lot lower than in past Sept I am sure because of the lack of sun penetration. All the platforms were covered in an inch or 2 of silt and the roads are only able to be safely driven on in a truck or suv.
    The dozers were working on everything pushing dirt here to there, but there is a LOT of work to do yet. My next dive trip will have to be to Falling Rock or something.

    Sorry for the bad review….

  2. snagel says:

    Posted by ScubaGypsy – (ScubaBoard)


    Well 5′ is probably being kind as the viz was terrible. Max depth was 25′, total dive was 43 minutes. Surface water was 77 F while bottom was 59 F. Did dive the cabin cruiser, bus and car but all are heavily silted and appear well encased so no penetrations as I’m unsure how stable their structures are. In comparison perhaps Blue Springs is in better shape than I realized!

  3. snagel says:

    Posted by Divin’Hoosier on 3/24/09 on Scubaboard:

    I was there on March 16. Viz was pretty good compared to what it has been. Most areas were 15-20′ visibility with some small sections more like 5′. Temps were 39-41 F.

  4. Adam says:

    I hadn’t been in the water since last month and I was wanting to get back in to try my new regulator. Here in Indiana, we’ve been deluged with rain, rain, and more rain. A dive out at Blue Springs didn’t hold high hopes of great vis., but I had the plans to dive and I was going to dive regardless of the rain.

    My buddy is a new diver and all of his diving to date had been in the Fla. Keys and he was wanting to try out his new gear. We went later in the day, around 5pm, which made for much better conditions than in the morning (more rain). We made our entry at the north dock and first descened to the 20′ platform.

    The visibility for the first 20-25′ was roughly 8′. The temps at the surface were around 59. The temps at the plastform were in the mid 50s. We followed the line leading away from the platform, and dropped to 40 feet where the temps started creeping down to the low 50’s and at a max. depth of 50 feet the temperature was 46 degrees. However, the visibility improved with depth and down at the 40-50 range the visibility was roughly 15′.

    All in all, the conditions were much better than I had anticipated. I was reasonably comfortable in my 7mil. At the end of our second dive the surface wind had whipped up and changing out of the gear was more uncomfortable than being in the water.

  5. snagel says:

    Original Post by DougB on ScubaToys

    $20 entry fee. About 55 feet deep in the one corner. I dove Blue Springs about two weeks ago. Thermalcline was at about 25 feet. Temp near the surface was about 77 degrees. Temp at the bottom, about 48 degrees.

    Visibility changes dramatically throughout the quarry. Near the thermal cline, it was, in some places, the typical 6 to ten feet – looked like clouds in the water. In other places, above and below the thermalcline, it was 25 to 30 feet. No kidding.

    I’ve been diving blue springs for five years, off and on. I saw two things this dive that I’ve never seen before – never had this kind of viz before.

    Oh, and there was a good inch thick of silt on a lot of things.

    Was planning on making more dives this week sometime after work, but gotta be outta town for work this week…

    There isn’t alwasy somebody on-site, and it’s a honesty pay thing. If there is somebody there – normally on weekends – you can get air fills for about $5, and warm showers.

    If there is nobody there, the gate looks like it is closed, but get out of your car and open it. Close it after you enter. Keeps the riff-raff out.

    Recommnend diving from the gravel area on the northwest corner of the water.

  6. Natalie says:

    There is a much better website link for this quarry than the one posted here.

    This website actually makes sense and has better details and information.

  7. SteveC says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. This sight does look a lot more modern. I’m not sure why they have two web sites, but I just changed our link to the new one.
    Thanks again, and don’t forget to come back and post some dive conditions.

  8. This is true that Blue Springs has two sites. We’ve just updated it with more info and working on removing the old site. is the new official site.

  9. Beth A says:

    I was at Blue Springs this past weekend and the temperature at the platforms was 57 degrees and varied only a couple of degrees at various depths. Visibility was about 15 – 20 ft.

  10. Jendra says:

    I went to Blue Springs for the first time on Saturday April 17th. The water temp was about 42 degrees and the vis was about 25′.
    it was a bit chilly in a 7mm wet suit, but I was ready to get my first dive in for the year!

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  12. Beth A says:

    I was just at Blue Springs on July 10th and 11th. Temp at the platforms was 68 degrees. Viz was very low at 3-5ft but it was also a very busy weekend with a LOT of divers stirring up the muck.

  13. William says:

    Blue Springs Quarry is under new ownership. It was bought by a local Indiana Diver who is also a member of the Indy Dive Club.

    There seems to be a lot of changes in the works. I know the Air compressor has been pull from service and being overhauled as well as the Bank Tanks being shipped for Hydro.

    Also heard:

    – 3 new underwater platforms
    – Stainless steel handrails installed on the Concrete steps that enter into the water at the Central Beach
    – Lots of clean up
    – New Air fill station
    – Small Concession stand
    – First Aid Station
    – Designated Camping location

    There seems to be a five year plan be developed for the revitalization of Blue Springs. Should be interesting.

  14. Snagel says:

    Blue Springs is closed till further notice.
    Effective June 10, 2011
    We are in the beginning stages of contractual litigation with one of the sellers of the property know as Blue Springs. More information to follow as it becomes available. Your support and kind words have been very much appreciated.

    Latest updated information on another SB thread….

    @USdiver1 – It is sad to say but yes the website is correct and has not been hacked. We are in the beginning stages of litigation against one of the sellers of the land known as Blue Springs. We are being a bit quiet as we prepare for the upcoming activities.

    It is sad to say that some try to prosper of the sweat and hard work of others.

    Here is just a peek…

    At last note we have been call squatters and removed from the property by the sheriffs Office. On the contrary, we called the Sheriff’s office to report a burglary and prevent any altercations from happening.

    Items missing:
    Two Honda Four Runners
    1 Underwater Scooter
    1 Box of wristbands
    250 Office Waivers
    1 Small Air Compressor
    2 Scuba Tanks
    1 Weed-eater
    2 5 gallon tanks for fuel
    1 New wet/Dry vac
    and more…

    To verify this statement, please contact the Shelbyville Sheriffs office. (Date compliant was made: 6/11/11)

    While the other side will continue to spread lies and innuendos, I encourage all divers to dig a little deeper, talk to other volunteers that spoke to the sellers as we improved the property.

    Who is Blue Springs LLC Registered to?
    Who has made the improvements to Blue Springs?
    Why is litigation happening at the beginning of the season?
    Why do we keep saying only one of the sellers and not both?
    How is it we carry liability Insurance?

    Does this sound like a Squatter? Remember this is only a very small glimpse of what is going on.

    For us, diving is a passion and not just another company for make money to be mad from. Once again your support and kind words have been very much appreciated.

    Please consider visiting Natural Springs, France Park, Hidden Paradise or other great locations in the Midwest for all your diving activities.

  15. Columbus Mayor of Scuba says:

    Just curious what the current conditions of the quarry are???

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