SWEPCO Lake (Flint Creek)

SWEPCO lake is a unique lake in Arkansas. The lake is a cooling lake for the Flint Creek Power Plant operated by American Electric Power. As a result, the water is warm year round making for great winter fishing as well as wonderful early spring and late fall water sports.

The ONLY access point to the lake itself is to go three miles west of Gentry on Arkansas Highway 12 and turn south on Cripps Road, taking it until the boat ramp area – at the end of the paved road.

This access point includes a boat ramp, fishing dock and walkway (handicap accessible).

The access point includes no camping or picnicking areas.

4 Responses to “SWEPCO Lake (Flint Creek)”

  1. Msd says:

    Dont waste your time here. Go somewhere where you dont need a flashlight in 5 foot of water.

  2. lovethewater says:

    This is a great swimming sight. I have heard it compared to hot springs.

  3. yuck says:

    Wow is all I can say. It would be better to dive in a sewage plant then this place!

  4. DCR says:

    If you don’t like this, than you should try Keystone lake. Especially when they are letting water out from the Cimeron.
    Swepco is great in comparison……

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