Pleasant Creek State Rec Area – Palo

The lake is a “no wake” lake and is popular among fisherman.  This results in an abundance of “lake treasures” such as anchors, lures and other items.  A perfect search & recovery diving area! Marine Life includes your typical Iowa lake fish that normally look a bit bored.

The diving takes place off of the dam area due to that the rocks allow for better visibility.  (The lake bottom is mostly mud & silt)   Divers normally unload their gear at the spillway, then park in the parking lot on the north side of the dam…walk back…and enter by the spillway. (Big cement building in the middle of the dam!) Late Spring and early summer are the best times to dive.  As summer progresses a layer of algae settles on the top and the best visibility is below it at about 15+ feet.  The algae layer cuts off much of the light, so a bright, sunny day is best.

In April 2002, Seatasea placed a platform at 21 feet just off of the spillway on the dam.  If you dive to the bottom of the spillway, you may see two lines going out to the lake.  The line going straight out goes to a drain at about 50′.  (It is pretty dark…so bring a flashlight)  The line angling to the right goes to the platform.

Boat Access is available if you wish to use a boat.  There is no charge for boat launching or parking.  The Ranger staff is great and well used to divers in the area.  The fisherman are cooperative…especially if you point out some “hot” spots for them.

Access – To dive, you can drop your gear off at the spillway and park across the dam and walk back. (there is no parking on the dam)  Simply gear up and climb down the rocks by the spillway into the water.  Be carefull so you do not slip and fall on the rocks.  Remember a dive flag is required!

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