Devils Lake

Devils Lake State Park is one of Wisconsin’s most popular dive destinations and also a hiker, climber, camper and sportsman paradise.  The lake is about 370 acres of clear water, surrounded by high rock formations, trees and natural flora. Although a great one day dive spot, Devils Lake State Park is your perfect choice for a weekend family trip of camping and outdoor activities.  The park boasts a swimming beach, water sports, fishing, rock climbing, hiking trails, picnic areas and a host of other activities.  A no motor lake, you’ll see an abundance of kayakers, windsurfers and canoes enjoying the spectacular scenery.   Devils Lake is one of our favorite dive trips and one of our destinations at Seatasea for Open Water Training.  Each time we visit we wish we could stay a few more days and relax.  So if your going…make a weekend or more out of it.  You are also located just about 10 miles from Wisconsin’s top tourist attraction – Wisconsin Dells.

Most diving takes place on the north east side of the lake by the furthest parking lot from the entrance.  Divers either enter the water right from the parking lot, or you can gain more depth quicker with a short walk south along the railroad tracks.  You’ll meet lots of divers diving as Devils Lake is pretty popular on the weekends, both with dive buddy groups and classes from dive centers in the area (and Seatasea too.)  Divers normally stay close to the shoreline in 20ft+ of water and work their way south as the bottom is mostly sandy and the visibility the best.  Another diving area is the South West side of the lake, just off of the road to the south side entrance.  There are parking spots just along the road and the access is very easy, however the further you dive out from the shore..the more muddier it gets.

A dive flag is required by Wisconsin Law.  Air Fill and complete dive services are available at 3 Little Devils Scuba Shop, which is located by the north side of the park entrance

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