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  1. snagel says:

    Dove Mermet on Sunday (6/1). Don’t waste your time. The viz is about 2-3 feet. It does open up a little down deep. Glen said with all the rain the quarry is about a month behind – they are seeing viz that they normally see end of April/first part of May. In addition, he had a mudslide in the back wall; which hasn’t helped.

    Our dive consisted of going to the 85′ platform to test out some new video housings. As I said it opened up to maybe 8-10 feet deeper. In the shallower side, it was pure “muck diving”. We followed the lines out to the plane and had to see the new fire truck, but we didn’t vary from the lines. I could barely see my dive buddy in front of me on the line. (The best night dive I’ve had during the day).

    The fire truck – it’s located between the boxcar and the ambulance. Acutally, it was pretty cool to see (although, I’ve walked by it many times on the surface). Goes to show a bus in a parking lot is just a bus, put it underwater and it is something to see.

    Temps were on the cooler side – upper 50’s lower 60’s.

    We called ahead and was very glad that we dove Penny Royal the day prior.

    S. Nagel

  2. b1gcountry says:

    Went down on Mat 17-18, and it was pretty crappy vis. There were a lot of OW students mucking things up, and the conditions were just bad because of the rain. We went to the East end and dove the Rock Coffer. This is a deeper dive, but it had pretty decent visibility. About 15′, but it was still dark as night.

  3. Mark George says:

    I just spoke with a lady at Mermet, and she said vis has improved a lot over the last few weeks. She said they’re reporting 10-15 ft vis at the 20 ft platform, and 20+ below the thermocline.

  4. snagel says:

    Submitted by B1gCountry from Scubaboard:

    10′ vis. Warm on the surface. Cold below 30′. Didn’t make it very far below the thermocline, as I was helping with an OW class, and the students got cold.


  5. bsigmund says:

    Went on Sunday July 20th. Bathwater temps to 30 ft then 65, at 50 ft it was 52. Viz was 10 ft to 20 ft in the deeper areas.

  6. snagel says:

    Spent the weekend at Mermet and very happy to be back. The quarry was full of students and divers – ahhhh – what an atmopshere!! I just couldn’t bring myself to leave on Sunday although I had a 6 hour drive.

    Surface Temp – 85
    Got cold about 20 feet and 52 degrees at the nose of the plane. Felt unusually cold at 20 feet and especially deeper. Probably because it was so hot on the surface.

    Vis – 15′ and sometimes up to 20′. Really hard to tell due to all the students. Earlier dives were clearer than later dives.

    If you haven’t made it out to Mermet this is a must see. Great diving, many attractions, and the owners (PJ & Glenn) are great hosts. Actually, the entire staff are great.

    If your planning a trip, check out The Baymont Hotel next to the cosino in Metropolis. They give a great divers discount ($59/room) about $20 off. Nice / clean hotel and good breakfast.


  7. snagel says:

    Submitted by rsigmund (Scubaboard)

    Mermet Springs Dive report 8/10


    Well, Bill and I dove mermet springs on Sunday. Let me tell you, it was cool air temps and great diving. The visability in the quarry has gotten much better over the last couple of weeks. at platform 2 you could actually see the other side of platform 1. At 60 and 100 feet, the visability was every bit of 50 feet. Water temps were about 75-80 at the surface, 55 at the nose of the plane, thermalcline was at 50 feet. second thermalcline was at roughly 75 feet and the temp dropped to the normal 45-48 at that point.
    the extended visability, was helped becasue when we were there there was only one group of students diving. the entire area was pretty empty for such a beautiful day. we showed up at about 10:30 and actually got two spots in the main set of pavillions between the deep dock and the main dock (unheard of at that time of day).
    It was a great day of diving. We had three dives and basicly circled the entire quarry. It looks like Mermet is back to its “warm time” again, but the exceptional visability was the highlight. I hope that the Vis sticks around a while…


  8. SteveC says:

    Sunday, 08/31/08

    Vis was good through out the quarry. 20′ in the shallow and 30’+ deeper, with no muck level. The ambulance could be seen easily from the 727. No light was needed at 85′. Over all, a very good day of diving.

  9. SteveC says:

    Conditions still much the same. Very good. I would say 20′-30′ through out most of the quarry. On our night dive, the fish appeared to be floating in air.

  10. snagel says:

    Spend the weekend at Mermet with the DUI Rally. Even with all the divers in the water, the viz was great. I would say around 20′. The first day we went to the deep side and it opened up atleast to 30′ about 80′ of water. Water temps still in the 70’s at the surface and 50’s at depth.

    The DUI Rally was great a usual and the staff at Mermet haven’t lost their touch – great hosts.

    S. Nagel

  11. hudson says:

    This is a little late but I wanted to add that later in the day on Oct 5th (Sunday) the shallow-side visibility was pretty much shot. It’d be interesting to know if it cleared back up.

  12. snagel says:

    Submitted by KennyD (ScubaToys)

    Well got back from Mermet Springs late last night. Wow! What a great bunch of people working there! I dove my A$$ off this past weekend. Did 12 dives in two days. Did night dives both nights and each was over a hour long. Huge Black Fish (4 feet long) and they love hot dogs…. The whole place is really great. I can’t say enough good things about this place. Every line has a place card saying where it goes to. Huge training platforms. This place has Everything and great Viz!!!!! 60+ feet. I couldn’t believe it. Did I already say how great the Staff was? It’s a 10 hour drive from Wichita and worth every min. of it! I will be going back several times!
    Special thanks to Glen (owner) and Jamie (Intern) who really made our group feel like family.

  13. SteveC says:


    Temp was in the low 60’s down to about 50′
    Vis was about 15-20′ down to 50′.

  14. DeepDiverBob says:

    Mermet 11/15/08
    Water temp was 60 degrees from the surface, down to the nose of the plane. Vis was 20-30 feet, despite the lack of sunshine.

  15. Hudson says:

    Wow, long time no reports.. Dove Mermet last Saturday. Water is about 42 to 45F. Visibility is pretty decent, I think we had a good 15-20ft all around. The whole place was under ice, no AC, no water, but the heater was running and that’s all that matters. Great day of diving.

  16. Ben Perkins says:

    Dove Mermet on 3/14 and 3/15. Viz was 5 feet down to 35 feet and then 10 feet below that. Only decent viz we had was going into the less travelled north end of the quarry and wall diving below 60 feet. The viz there was a little better at 10-15 feet. Temps were 47 down to 30 feet and then about 43 from there down. There are a lot of limbs and trees in the water along the western and northern walls from the ice storm.

  17. snagel says:

    Posted by Jefm on Scubaboard:

    Had a couple great dives on Saturday 4-4-09, well, ~2m vis and cold, but still fun stuff. Company included two Steves, two Terrys and a Stan. Managed to dive again later with no other then the founder of The Great American Diving Co, we had some fun wall diving and underwater nav (never done either before). Mermet is really on the spot if you need to rent a part or get the battery in your computer replaced. I wussed out for diving on Sunday, weather did not sound good. A lot of work and driving for three dives but I had a good time. Not sure when I’ll get out there again, but it won’t be soon enough! :}

  18. snagel says:

    Original Post by Maverick on ScubaToys (7/20/09)

    Mermet was about 25′ vis. The deeper U go it gets colder. 70′ was 48 degrees

  19. admin says:

    Mermet Springs Report (8/17/09)

    Original Post by Blu Diver on ScubaBoard


    What a fantastic weekend! The viz was the best that I have seen all year! The surface temp. was in the 80’s and 44 degrees at 115′. The viz from the surface to 25′ was 10-15′ and the thermal was at 30′. Once you got beneath the thermal cline the the clarity opened up to 40′!!! I made a descent down to the 85′ platform and from just above the 50′ marker you could see the entire 85′ platform (all four corners!). It was great to have that kind of visibility! It made navigation that much easier! I didn’t see a single catfish, however the spoonbill were very active! On a shallow dive we stopped at the ambulace to watch the schooling spoonbill. As always the Bluegill were active and hungry for some hotdogs! Made a wall dive which was cool to see the sun beaming off the rock wall. The weather was beautiful, a breeze was blowing just enough to keep you from getting too hot! Returning to the surface was relaxing in the tropical warm water, the leaves rustling in wind and the sun shining! It was an all round great weekend at Mermet Springs

  20. SteveC says:

    We dove Memet Saturday. (Aug 22, 2009)

    There were a lot of students. Glen said there were about 200 divers that day. So the shallow was very mucked up. It would probably be a little better on a weekday. I would call it about 10’ max in the shallow, sometimes less than 5’. In the deeper water it opened up very nice. We did a dive right off the main dock and dropped to about 70’, and it opened up to a good 40 or 50 feet. It was very cold, but was a very nice dive. The terrain is very interesting with lots of big boulders. It was dim, but there was enough light to see.

  21. SteveC says:

    Dove Mermet today (Monday 09-28-09)
    The vis in the shallow areas was much better today than the last time we were there.. About 15′, but it did not open up at depth this time. Surface temp is still in the high 70’s

  22. snagel says:

    Sturgeon @ Mermet Springs 11/1/09
    Original Post by Blu Diver on ScubaBoard


    Dove Mermet Springs yesterday (Sunday). It was a very nice day for diving. There were not as many divers there. The water has cooled down to 62F down to 15′ and 52F below 15′. The thermocline is at 45′ and the temp. was 42F at 45″. We practiced running reels on the 727 and shot a few lift bags from the 15′ platform. On our third dive we were slowly making our way back to the dock from the 727. We had just passed by the rail car (coal car). We were near the wall when we spotted a Sturgeon. It was white/gray and about 1.5-2 feet long. It was resting on the bottom and would slowly swim a few feet and rest again. The Sturgeon was just at the crest of the wall just off the rail car. This made for a unique experience for me, as I never knew there were Stugeon in Mermet. We also saw some large spoonbill and the usual large catfish. The viz was 15-20 in shallow water and 33′ in the deep end of the quarry (at 67′ you could see the 100′ platform). I’ll take the viz, considering how much rain we’ve had this month. I was concerned it might be horrible. I’ve been before following a rainy period where the water was milky gray down to about 35′. Once again it was a nice day to dive and had blast doing so.

  23. SteveC says:


    Mermet Springs on 1/24/10

    Viz was 20-25 feet improved only slightly with depth. On the deep end very dark. The water temp at 65′ read 40*. Air temp was 52* with light rain bands moving throught the area. They recently stocked a total of 100 LARGE Trout in the quarry, both Brown and Rainbow trout. There are two Pike that have been added and several more Albino Catfish coming soon!

  24. Dove at Mermet 03/13-14/10. Visibility was not great but not the worst I’ve seen at Mermet either, 10-15ft on the deep side, 45F air. Bring a flash light when venturing into the deep side, it gets dark.
    Regardless, it was nice to get in the water after a long winter break.

  25. JeremyP says:

    Went down to Mermet April 17th 18th and 19th. This was for open water and advanced open water certification so it was 9 dives over the weekend and obviously my first diving ever. First I want to say that the folks that run the quarry were very nice and helpful. They explained that spring time at the quarry is a period of poor viz, and were true to their word. Dive conditions were very poor at the time I went. Viz was about 6-10ft at the surface, and cleared to about 15-20ft at depth (40-60ft down). The weather was 70 and sunny out. The water temp was 58 at the surface and a chilling 43 degrees at 60+ ft. I was diving with a dry suit and I still felt cold. My arms and (gloved) hands were so cold I couldn’t feel them by the time I surfaced. On day 2 I led 2 others around the quarry perimeter wall for our last open water dive. The growth of muck on the wall was very thick and creepy. With the poor viz I was weary of losing my followers and when I turned around to check, they weren’t there. Those few seconds of stopping was all it took to create a zero viz cloud (thank God bubbles go up). We gave up after that. You could barely see peoples fins right in front of you. This review doesn’t seem to give the quarry credit where credit is due though, because there was alot of cool sunken things to see, and hearing Bon Jovi pumping through the underwater sound system is pretty cool. They sent a video home with us which showed underwater scenes with water clear as day. I would love to go back down in the summer and experience it in a different light.

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  27. snagel says:

    September 4-6, 2010

    Original Post by Semo Scuba on ScubaToys

    Tthe viz was really good for Mermet. Viz was probably about 20-25 feet from surface to first thermocline, then was anywhere from 25 to 40 feet as you went deeper. The folks working there said viz is the best it has been all year. I would imagine it will continue to get better or at least not get worse unless we get heavy rains to wash sediment into it.

  28. Snagel says:

    September 2010

    Original Post by ByteMe on ScubaToys

    Drive to Mermet was a little over four hours, some construction mess but overall it was pretty easy. Stayed in Paducah. Woke up early and headed to Mermet to try and beat some of the crowd. Pulled up, parked, and the guy at the gate directed us to the check in table. From there we went in, paid the park fee, inquired about fills and then walked around to get a lay of the place. Very nice setup! Covered pavilions with benches made for gearing up. Steel racks for hanging gear, camp sites, all very well laid out. Our LDS didn’t reserve a pavilion so one of the Mermet folks offered for us to gear up in the Student area or then offered us the “West” pavilion – since we already had drysuits and weren’t going to be test diving any of the DUI stuff. It was perfect. On the opposite side from everyone else, had our own pier and the whole area to ourselves. They were even running a tank exchange delivery service with four wheelers!

    Diving was good, obviously with that many people in the water and that many new to dry suits things got pretty stirred up by the school bus and main platform areas. We made a pass through all the wreck stuff (727, semi, train car, ambulance, cessna, boats, school bus, etc.) on our first dive. 52min, 58′, 50F, vis varied from 5 by the school bus to 40′ along the walls more towards the west.

    Had lunch provided by DUI, burgers and dogs, chips, iced tea and lemonade.

    2nd dive my buddy and I went along the north wall, dropped down to find the deep boat and rock crusher thing and then back along the center wall. 52 min, 104′, 44F. Saw the spoonbills above us on the way back, very cool looking fish!

    Third dive on Saturday went through the center again, this time they had the music going – what a weird experience that was at first! But it was pretty cool!! Ended up going back through the 727, etc. 47 min, 83′, 43F.

    Went to BBQ fest in Paducah at night – what a blast! Lucky timing on our part for this to be going on while we were there!

    Went back Sunday for one last dive before the 8+ hour ride home. Had a great dive through the deep area, left from the deep dock returned to the main dock. It was a great dive – not sure why exactly but it was a great way to end the weekend. 34min, 105′, 43F. Vis was a bit better today and it was less crowded.

    This was one of the best run dive places I’ve been to. Totally customer service oriented, tanks were filled full, they vis’d our tanks for us, filled and delivered them to our pavilion! For having that many people there, we never waited in line for anything – the only line we saw was for the dry suit try out – it was VERY well run. We stopped on the way out to let them know how great things went.

    The only part I could have done without was the 8+ hour drive home!

  29. snagel says:

    October 2, 2010

    I would have to say “fair”. The viz was probably in the 10-15″ range. Hard to tell sometime with the many students. Deeper dives it was better. Temp was in the 60’s. Under 30′ it got colder in the upper 50’s. All in all, not bad conditions.


  30. Snagel says:

    March 8, 2011
    Original Post by Blu Diver on ScubaBoard

    I dove Mermet Springs two weeks ago. The quarry had recently turned over and the viz was 8′ at best. The surface temp was 42 and 39-41 at depth.

  31. Snagel says:

    April 30, 2011
    Original Post by DeepDiverBob on MidwestDive Forum

    I was only there on Saturday, so not a whole lot to report. Vis was a couple of feet in the shallows, and opened up to about 15-20 foot around 50 feet.

  32. Snagel says:

    May 14-15 2011
    Original Post by Glub000 on ScubaToys

    Sometimes you gals can be pretty tough. My daughter and I went to Mermet Springs this weekend for our AOWs. Her and another young gal were the only ones diving in wetsuits. The rest of us were in drysuits. On our deep dive at the 85 foot platform the temp was 41 degrees… in a 7 mil. wetsuit, not a farmer john. Both performed with flying colors. Well done ladies

    The conditions were a little rough. There has been so much rain the vis was only 5′-10′ at the surface. Some of the shallows were near silt out where the classes were working on S&R. Below 25′-30′ it was a little better. It sounds like there was a lot of flooding in the area also. The Casino was still under. It was still a good time and the staff was great…. And yes, I’m kind of a proud Dad.

  33. Snagel says:

    Trip Report 6/10/11
    Original Post by DeepDiverBob on Midwest Dive Forum


    Vis is getting better at mermet. Had 20-25 foot at the nose of the 727 today. Also, when I was helping clean the deep platforms, I was able to turn off my light at the 100 foot platform, and easily see the entire platform, and read my gauges with no lights. Did some practice with the compass, shooting lift bags, gas switches and minor gear rearrangement.

    And . . . water temps are up, wetsuit divers!
    80 F at surface
    72 F at 15 ft
    63 F at 30 ft

    Time to dive!!!


  34. sabbath999 says:

    Dove Mermet Saturday with a group of folks from Y-Kiki.

    Vis was bad, 5-10 pretty much everywhere we went. We stayed above the lower cline, but our group who went down to the deep platform said it was no better down there than at the top…

    When I say 5-10 I mean closer to 5 than 10.

    No change whatever when going through the clines, same vis at the top of the tail of the 727 as the nose.

    We decided to go on to Pennyroyal the Sunday in hopes of better water (found it, too).

  35. snagel says:

    July 31, 2011
    Original Post by Dketcherside on ScubaToys

    Was just at Mermet Springs this weekend – dove on Saturday. Viz in the a.m. was pretty good – about 20-25. There were a lot of classes — OW, Try Scuba and DAN rescue, so the afternoon was a little bit worse. Could see the 20 platform from the surface looking down, though. Water is pretty warm until you get down about 25 feet or so. As usual, though, had a great time – Glen, PJ and the staff were awesome, as always!!!

  36. snagel says:

    Aug 6-7, 2011

    Finally got back down to Mermet Springs. It felt great to get back. The diving was “okay”. As far as viz, it wasn’t the worse I’ve seen at Mermet, but definitely not the best. 5-10′ in shallows is probably pretty accurate, but it is a very milky viz. At times it was difficult to see my partner due to many particulates. The thermocline is at about 15′. Pretty cold below, but bath water above. It felt very cold to me because I normally dive Mermet dry and this time I dove wet; so, my calculation on temp is a little off. We went down to 65′ and I was very cold in a 7mm. It did appear to open up pretty good at depth, but we weren’t staying long due tot he temps.

    Lost a mask off the deep dock. If you find it let me know.


  37. SteveC says:

    Dove Sunday Aug 28, 2011

    Vis was very good today. Even after the students. We circled the quarry above the thermocline, where the temp was in the 80’s and the vis was a good 20’
    Great dive.

  38. ffperez says:

    January 28-12

    Viz was around 20′

    water temp 46 pretty consistently all the way down to 60′

    Spoonbill were easily seen on the shallow side while following the lines to the bus and pass it to the petty zoo.

  39. snagel says:

    Mermet Springs 2-16-12
    Original Post by FFPerez on ScubaBoard

    Today I did the SSI Nitrox course at Mermet Springs. As always, Glen (owner) did a great job getting everything lined out for a weekday training session to accommodate my schedule. I passed with ease and had a good time.

    Water conditions were stated to be iffy, after the quarry had turned over last week. When we entered the water and descended to the 20′ platform, we were met with 15′ viz, and possibly at times 20′ when the sun wasn’t behind the clouds. Water temp ranged from 45F(30′) to 42F(75′). It was very comfortable in the drysuit. Over all the conditions were good and we were the only 2 in the water. We made 2 dives and just had fun. We did a general tour of the quarry and just took it easy.

    As a side note I am digging my new black skirted mask (2nd day diving with it).

  40. Snagel says:

    Original Post by Mermet Springs

    The water god’s have finally smiled on us!

    Last weekend, we could stand on the dock & see the divers on the 20 ft training platforms doing skills!

    Surface temp is 84 degrees

    Temperature at the shallow platforms is 76 degrees

    Visibility is ranging from 8 to 20 feet & improving daily!

  41. SteveC says:

    Dove Mermet yesterday 08-04-12
    I’d say the vis in the shallows was about 15 feet, and deeper was probably 30 feet, but it did get kinda dark at the 80 foot flatform. People that dove on Friday said it was much better before all the dive traffic came through.
    The temp near the surface was in the upper 80’s, so we made an hour+ dive in our swim trunks, which was nice.

  42. Snagel says:


    Viz is Awesome – 20+. Water temps great down to 25′ can where bathing suit, under that get the thicker stuff. Seen lots of Fresh Water Jelly Fish and Lots of Spoonbill. Great day of diving. Mermet is at it’s peak right now.


  43. Snagel says:

    Dive Report Mermet Springs 9/8 & 9/9
    Original Post by DigDug87 on ScubaBoard

    This was my first trip to Mermet Springs.

    Dive conditions were good for fresh water area that was being used by a lot of divers. Water temps ran from the lower 80’s above the thermocline to 48 at 100′. Visibility was good, with the best, 25′-30’+ occurring below about 50′ level, the average visibly from the surface to 40′ was 15’+.

    The folks that own & operate Mermet Springs have put a lot of work into the site and the surface area to live up to their motto of “Dive in First Class”.

    From the dive platforms, items sunk, the abundance of fish and freshwater jellyfish, there is plenty to see and do at Mermet Springs.

    I’ll plan to return.

  44. Snagel says:

    September 1, 2013

    Stopped by Mermet Springs on our way back from PennyRoyal. The conditions were good so we had to get the gear out for a couple dives. Mermet has a lot of students so it’s hard to say about the conditions. We were there on Sunday afternoon after many of the classes have concluded. The viz was still good at about 15′ above the thurmacline. As you got down to about 30′ it got colder and did open up a little better. Temps were in the upper 70’s. All in all some great dives at a great place to dive.

    I’ve said it many times, but Mermet is a very classy dive operation ran by some top notch owners and employees.


  45. snagel says:

    August 15, 2014

    It sure was great to get back down and see our friends at Mermet Springs. What a Great Weekend! Conditions: Not as good as we had hoped, but still very divable. Visibility was 10 feet. Maybe 15 in some areas. Really didn’t matter how deep. Water temp on the surface was upper 70’s low 80’s. It started getting pretty cold about 20 feet and dropped from there. We dropped down to the 80′ platform and it was cold enough to cause numbness to the hands and feet.

    This trip we also did something new….we camped! This worked our really good. We backed the camper into one of the electric sites and we were home. Glen has done a great job with these new camp sites. This made diving very easy. We could get up and walk down to the water and dive. It was very peaceful in the evenings. We were the only ones there over night.

    Had a great time and can’t wait to get back down.


  46. snagel says:

    This coming weekend September 20th is the DUI Event at Mermet. This is a great chance to try out drysuit diving (you do not have to be drysuit certified).

    Mermet Springs hosts the event like nobody else. A great time to spend with other divers with food, good stories, and great diving.

    Come on out!

  47. Snagel says:

    August 25, 2016

    It was great to get back to Mermet. The Quarry is simply awesome. Viz was 20+ although we were there on a Thursday not a weekend. Great day of diving with only a couple other divers. It did get cold in the 50’s around 30 feet.


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