Quail Run (Rolla)

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  1. Snagel says:

    August 19, 2012

    It’s been awhile since we’ve dove Quail Run in Rolla, MO. Today the temps were in the upper 70’s. The quarry is spring fed so a little cooler than the lakes this time of year. A little chill getting in, but you quickly adapt. Didn’t really notice any thermocline since the quarry is fairly shallow, 35′ max.

    Viz is really hit and miss at this quarry. There is a lot sediment on the bottom and since the quarry is used a lot for training it can quickly be kicked up. We found areas of very good viz maybe up to 10-12′, but then a some areas where 5′ would be pushing it.

  2. Neoteric James says:

    Did my open water cert at quail run on 8/30 and 8/31.
    Surface water temp was 84F with a noticeable thermocline around 20 ft.
    First dive had vis up 15ft, then it rained…vis was then less than 10ft for my second dive.
    On the second day vis was 10-15ft for both dives.

    Regardless of vis I had a blast, and learned a lot (esp. compass navigation). I’ll be back there in a few weeks before I go experience Table Rock.

  3. snagel says:

    September 2014

    Original Post by Katrina.

    For those who asked, Quail Run is pretty icky right now. A foot or less of vis. We did however visit Dave Jacks’s memorial and clean it off and wave on the way by.

  4. Neoteric James says:

    September 20, 2014

    Dove Quail Run today 9/20.
    Vis was 10ft or less, but we were still able to locate some of the quarry’s artifacts.
    Temps were prob in the mid 70’s throughout, but I had no thermometer.

    I found a few golf balls, which were left amongst a pile of others for Mike to reuse and give us something to find again. Also found a plastic hose clip for a BCD on top of the muck. We spotted the replica medieval armor (I saw the helmet elsewhere on another day), HP computer monitor, and a discarded Xmas tree.

    There were training dives going on today, so bad vis was in small areas from students and occasionally myself, I still had a great time and learned a lot just by doing.

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