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  1. Snagel says:

    June 5, 2013
    Greenbo Lake SCUBA Refuge Cleanup
    Original Post by Mullannix930 on ScubaBoard

    We finally got the go ahead on the SCUBA Area at Greenbo Lake (in Greenup County, KY). To get the area ready, we are holding a cleanup and Dive. The event is on June 22nd, wit free diving for any divers that are willing to help remove trash from the water. Divers are also asked to give input for future additions to the area.

    The Grand Opening of the area is not set in stone at this time, but it will be in July. The clean up is a great chance for divers to be among the first few, who get to see what a great dive area Greenbo can be. The 10 divers who helped last October can tell you how nice it is, even for such a new location.

    Check it out on Facebook as the event: Greenbo SCUBA Area Clean up and Dive

    I dove Greenbo yesterday, pre cleanup inspection. Viz up to 15 feet. Surface to 10 feet 80 degree. Thermocline at 12 feet with a temp below of 70 degree.

    I made the mistake of diving a 3/2 full suit. I should have used a 5 or 7 mm.

    There was a lot of organic material in the water column but I think most of it was from us stirring up the bottom.

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