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  1. Mark George says:

    I was at Tablerock yesterday, and although I didn’t dive, there were a lot of people in the water. From what everyone said, the best vis was about 8 ft. Surface temp is around 72, and temp around 30 ft is in the low 60’s. There’s still no vis below 30 ft, but on a calm day without a lot of divers and boat traffic, there’s still 12 to 14 ft vis in areas by the dam.

  2. cummings66 says:

    I dove there and yes the vis is about 8 feet for the most part. I had 73 degree temps and noticed a drop in temperature around 23 feet, but never recorded how much.

  3. snagel says:

    Dove Table Rock at Dewey Short on Sat 6/14. Awesome day after torential rains on Friday. Moonshine Beach is still closed, they are hoping to have it open in July if the rain ever stops. At Dewey the first 15 feet was basically true muck diving…viz 5-8 feet with total muckout at times. The sweet spot was around 30 feet. Opened up to 10-12 feet. Past 30 feet got real dark. My suggestion is to go early. Our first dive of the day was the best. Later in the day with all the students and increased boat traffic the viz decreased tremendously. We only did 2 dives because it was useless to do a 3rd dive due to the viz. Temps – 61 degrees below TC and low 70’s surface.

    We stayed at Table Rock Inn a couple miles from Dewey. I have to comment on this. It’s not the Ritz, but who needs the Ritz on a dive trip. The owners and employees are about the most hospitable people I’ve met and true “diver friendly”. They provide a diver discount and actually asked us suggestions about what could be done to “pay back” all the divers that visit the area. I guess the park at Dewey is looking for suggestions to improve the area for divers since they visit the area frequently and “spend money”. We suggested installing some “diver friendly” steps to the “traditional water level”.

    By the way, the water is still up to the metal steps. There is about 4-5 steps showing, but the first platau is still underwater, but provides a nice area to hold to the rail and get your fins on.

    All in all, a great day of diving and great day of meeting new people and talking about diving.


  4. Mark George says:

    Dove TR today, 6/26/08, and it really hasn’t changed much over the last two weeks. Still, it’s very enjoyable, and we had a great time! We really enjoyed our new SN Canopy! LOL! I copied and pasted this from my post on ST forum:

    Vis from 0 to 15 ft was anywhere from 1 to maybe 3 feet. Still pretty mucked up. It clears a bit more down to 30, and at around 32/33 your at the cline and it opens up pretty good. I’d say pretty close to 12/15 ft vis from there down to the deepest we went, which was 54 ft. After 33, the temp drops to 63, and gets only slightly cooler down a little past 50. The best dive will be early, and it will get worse later in the day, but it’s all pretty good in my opinion.

  5. snagel says:

    Submitted by IaHammerhead from ScubaToys Forum:

    Too all who remotely complain about diving conditions at Table Rock Lake…..STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I arrived at Caboose Junction Resort near Lampe, MO. on 6-20 and stayed through 6-27. I conducted at a minimum of two dives a day, each one a bit deeper and more intense. Other than the visibility in the first 15 feet, dive conditions were absolutely outstanding and every trip down was better than the last. Compared to nearby Iowa lakes and dive opportunities Table Rock was absolutely outstanding.
    My first two dives at TR, were my first of the year so I was a bit cautious and stayed above 25 feet to re-acclimate with my gear and evaluate for failures (You Never Know). I practiced failure drills of mask clearing, BC failure, and underwater evaluation of my entire dive system, which requires taking the BC and tank off then adjusting straps, buckles, making sure hoses aren’t fouled, etc….then donning again underwater. Being comfortable with my abilities I ventured deeper to 35 feet the next two dives and practiced underwater navigation, and general enjoyment diving.
    Next two dives included 45 and 50 foot dives. The water temp change did catch me off guard and I spent quite a bit of time acclimating to the change and didn’t venture further due to not wearing a hood or heavy gloves. Conditions began getting dark at 45 feet and I checked my comfort level to prepare for a deeper dive, and took time to evaluate what I would do further down.
    Tuesday was Branson day for our family get together and 16 of us went into Branson to let the kids ride gokarts, shop and be tourists for a day. Tuesday afternoon I made a mid-afternoon dive to 61 feet. Absolutely breathtaking and stunning. 61 feet was very dark and cold. I believe my computer registered 63 degrees. Passing the thermocline at 20-25 feet the water turned from green/brown to green, visibility was murky while passing the cline, below visibility was so much better. At 57 feet the water went very dark, and the light came out. I planned for a 60 foot dive and managed 61. I remained at 61 for about 5 minutes, the bottom was mud/silt and stirred easily. I practiced hovering above the bottom and took in the visibility. I am not a DIR diver, but some of those practices that I have seen did aid in buoyancy control and moving. I don’t guage distance that well but 20-30 visibility is likely. This is my deepest dive to date. It was absolutely breath taking to have the sensation of an overhead environment because of the dark green water above my head and the openess of the water in front of me due in part to the light.
    Upon my return above the cline I wanted to push and go to 75 at the next dive opportunity, but time allotment didn’t allow. I dove shallower depths, cleaned up debris during my other dives, and brought a mussel up for the boys to use as bait.
    Considering past dives at Table Rock conditions were much different and for those who regularly dive TR, the conditions are probably not what you are used to, but compared to Iowa waterways right now with extremely high conditions, farm fields in the water along with everything else, Table Rock was HEAVEN. When not under the water we floated on the surface. I came home with a great tan, pride in the adventure, and relaxed senses. I am glad that we didn’t abort our vacation to the area. The lake was awesome!!!!
    Keep up the diving Table Rockers…..and don’t forget to tell me about your experiences. Being 8 hours away I don’t forsee any TR diving soon. Hopefully Sept/Oct we will make it down and I will get a splash in.

  6. Mark George says:

    Tablerock update 07/14/08. Dove Indian Point for the first time, and it’s a pretty cool dive spot. We dove a wreck I’ve never heard of, about 150 yards northeast of the dock where the dive shop is at. They recently put a buoy on it, so it’s easy to find. 30-35 ft cabin cruiser sitting in about 35-38 ft of water. We did two dives, the first of which was 46 ft max. Vis down to 10-15 feet is clearing nicely, I’d say 5-8 ft. Below that it’s very clear, probably 15-20 ft. TR is coming around!

  7. Mark George says:

    Tablerock lake level is falling at a pretty good pace. The water is down to the bottom of the cement steps at Dewey. Vis has also improved shallow. You can actually see your dive buddy now from 0-15 ft deep. The vis around the rock ledges from 30-60 ft is great! Problem now is the air temp and humidity. Get geared up and in the water FAST!

  8. Todd says:

    Dove Dewey Short Sat/Sun with a bunch of students doing their OW. After their class, i took a few down to about 30′-40′ it really opened up after the first thermocline with vist about 15′ – 20′ on the surface and down to 20′ was limited vis of about 3-5 depending on how late in the day. Water temps at the surface were 88. mmm bathwater with the water up about +/-10′ above normal pool.

  9. snagel says:

    Submitted by MM2002 (ScubaToys)

    I did TR today, and I can’t really tell that the level has changed any. What I can tell you is the vis sucks right now. I think it’s starting an early turn-over. You have to go below 40 ft to find any decent vis, and it’s nothing to brag about.

  10. Mark George says:

    Did Dewey Short on 9th and 10th. Vis was not bad at all. 0 to 40ft probably ranged 6 to 10 ft, and from 40 to our max depth of 80, it was easily 20+, but dark. Still pretty good diving there, and it will get better later in the fall.

    Did Project Aware yesterday at Moonshine Beach. First of my dives was a boat dive over close to Chatteau on the Lake. Max depth was 30 ft, and you couldn’t see anything until you were right on the bottom. 2nd dive was a shore dive at Moonshine, and it was just as bad. The bottom was deep in silt so if you touched ANYTHING you were in a black out. At 50 ft it was a night dive. Temps shallow have dropped a lot over the last couple of weeks, but the cline is a bit deeper. 76 surface, and 72 @ 50ft.

  11. Mark George says:

    Did TR this morning, and don’t even waste your time coming down here right now. I guess the storm really hit hard in the Branson area. The water is back up another 4 ft, and the vis has went to crap. I’d say 2-3 ft vis from the surface down to 30 ft, and at 30 it’s dark as night. I didn’t bring my light so I didn’t go any deeper. We’re diving again tomorrow to finish my rescue class, and after that I’m planning a deep dive to see if there’s any vis at all deeper (with a light of course).

  12. Frank Thompson says:

    Dived Jake’s Point on 9/27/08 vis was back up 6 – 7 feet between 20 – 42′ deep. Water temp was 71 degrees at 42′. Not the best conditions but it is getting better. Should be nice & clear come Drysuit season.

  13. Frank Thompson says:

    10/5/2008 Did Dewey short around noon vis was about 10′ between 20′ – 40′ deep temp was 69 degrees. The lake gets better everytime I go.
    Hopefully the weather stays warm enough to keep diving in my 4/3 for the rest of the month.

  14. Mark George says:

    A little late here, but dove TR last weekend, and the shallower vis wasn’t anything to brag about. One thing that was very nice though, was the absence of a thermocline. We went to 97 ft, and it was about as warm as at the surface (68-72F). Also, the vis is awesome at that depth, but it’s a night dive so bring a light or you won’t see anything!

  15. snagel says:

    As Mark is saying the lake is starting to turn over so it is very “mucky” up top, but very warm even down to depth. 1-30 feet very silty, opened up a little if you got away from everybody past that. Once you get past 80′ it seemed to clear up, but very dark. At 100′ it seemed very clear, but very dark.

    No definate Thermocline due to lake turning over. Many dove in thin wetsuits without a problem.

  16. Sabbath9999 says:

    November 28 (Black Friday)

    We found something better to do than shopping.

    Surface 15 ft vis. to 32 feet depth (max depth achieved) 56 degrees.

  17. Bill says:

    Did a shore dive today on southwest end of Kimberling City bridge. Visibility to 41′ was 12′-15′ with a consistent temp. of 51 degrees. First time to dive this site. A gravel road just south of the bridge turns west and leads to a gravel shore. Good dive for beginners on up. Easy entry with a rocky bottom and gradual drop. Not a lot of structure to look at but still a good dive. Next time I dive here I’ll try it closer to the bridge along the fill leading to bridge.

  18. Don Beissel says:

    We dove on the White River Bridge (AKA Old Kimberling City Bridge) yesterday. Water was 50 degrees from the surface all the way down to the road on the old bridge (133 feet). Vis was DARK. At 60 feet the sun disappeared. Vis was about 10 feet on the bridge with a LED light.

    Air temp was in the mid 40s when we started but a cold front blew in and made waves and dropped the temp to below freezing before we were done. We skipped dive #2 on the Zebulon pike due to weather and time.

  19. Hudson says:

    Did Table Rock last weekend, 24-25th. We were at the dam and the boat launch nearby. Visibility was around 10ft, slightly better, slightly worse in spots. Gets dark around 40ft, night time at 60ft..Temps were 45-46F…. didn’t go any deeper than 60ft.

  20. bottomdweller/Frank Thompson says:

    Dived Dewey Short 2/7/09 Vis was great, no one else around to muck it up.
    We went to 57′ & temps were 40 degrees, surface was 54 degrees
    our 7mm farmer johns were warm enough but man my feet got cold!!

  21. SLIM says:

    Watertemp is 41* from surface to 150 foot. vis about 15+, did not have all the much sun out. After about 80-90 foot lost most of the ambianet light. Is clear but just gets dark without the light. WIth the HID and LED’s it was cleat and bright.

    Did I mention how cold it was? Incase I did not , it was 41*.


  22. Kyle Mead says:

    Dove Table rock Lake on 4/4/09 with Roger and Mike from the State Park Dive Shop. We dove Duck Island in the morning and had about 10 Ft. of visibility down to 60 Ft. and water temp. was 50F. We did not see many fish and the water was cold but it was great to get wet.

  23. admin says:

    Posted by BillS on ScubaToys…..4/13/09

    Water temps. are still around 48 degrees and the vis. is around 12-15 feet.

  24. bottomdweller/Frank Thompson says:

    Got up this morning & it wasn’t raining & was nice & warm.
    Beach Bum & I shot down to Dewey Short & got in 1 dive, temp was still about 47-48 down to 67ft vis 10-12 ft. We saw the biggest crawdad/crawfish either of us have ever seen (could not get Beach Bum to put his finger in the pincher) Also found an Easter Egg fom the hunt last weekend #64. Beach Bum Tried out his new fins Tusa X-PERT zooms & absolutly loved them. all in all a great day to dive.

  25. snagel says:

    Dewey Short – April 25, 2009

    Attended DUI Days and once again a great time. If you never attended this is great opportunity to try drysuit diving.

    As far as conditions, a little hard to say due to all the divers in the water. However, we entered the water where the wooden steps use to be away from all the congestion on the cement steps. Surface temp was in the mid 50’s and fell to the upper 40’s below sixty feet. Vis was about 10′ down to forty feet with pockets of almost 0. After forty feet a thick layer of muck down to sixty feet. It seemed to open up pretty good after sixty feet. We dove down to a little over 100 feet and it opened up nicely; however, it was dark with temps in the upper 40’s.

    They have added additional “NO BOATS” buoys around Dewey to the Dam. Pretty much keeps all the boat traffic away. Talked to the owners at Table Rock Inn and they told us there are plans to replace the wooden steps, but they didn’t know if they would be wooden or cement. They also told us that there is going to be some more remodeling done at Dewey, but wasn’t sure exactly what was going to be done. They are hoping they are going to be adding a dock for the divers. On a side note, the Table Rock Inn is up for sale. If you have ever stayed there and met the owners this is sad news. Sure the Inn is a little dated, but $30 a night and the great hospitality afforded by the owners is going to be missed.

    Be Safe and Here’s to Another Great Year of Diving,

    S. Nagel

  26. bottomdweller/Frank Thompson says:

    5/9/09 We dived Dewey Short again today We were the only two divers there vis was 10-15 ft in most places, We went to 67ft & temps were about 55 degrees at that depth.
    I found yet another Easter egg from a few weeks back. The water is warming up nicely, won’t be long before I am back in my 4/3.

  27. Todd says:

    5/16-5/17 Dove Dewey Short over the weekend with an OW class. they mucked it up pretty good, but there was a good 10-15 vis before the rough wind and students. Surface temps were at 66, I never got below 30 so no reading on what vis or temps were, but the advanced students did say it was upper 50’s with nice 15 vis.

  28. bottomdweller/Frank Thompson says:

    Beach Bum & I hit Dewey at about 11:30 today, We got in 2 dives & went to 70 ft. Temp at 70 was 57 degrees. we drove through a little rain on the way down from Nixa but it was a perfect day at Dewey.
    We also got a chance to meet akanemrod & 2 of his dive buddys.
    If it doesn’t rain much we plan on a few more dives this weekend.
    By the way nemrod said it was about 48 degrees at 100 ft.

  29. snagel says:

    Made three dives, Dewey Short, Zebulon Pike, Jake’s Point Island Cabin Cruiser, max depth was 115 feet, water temps showed 52 degrees below the second thermocline. Viz below the second thermocline, spotty 15 to 25, as usual, better looking upward. The murky darkness looking downward absorbed my Dive Rite LED 500 as if I was hovering over a black hole, maybe I was.

    Orginal Post by Nemrod on Scubatoys (May 24, 2009)

    I was somewhat taken aback by the deteriorating condition of the Zeb. The stacks are fallen over, decks caved, stuff hanging down inside, where once there had been a gravel bottom is now goo. It is not my opinion that there has been vandalism but has there been?

    Ran into “bottomdweller,” I thought I recognized him so said hello. Usually I bring my own boat but this was just a quick trip, staying with friends, being as I am headed to the Keys in a couple of weeks. I even used a sissy single hose reg, I must be ill.


  30. admin says:

    Table Rock Lake Mini Report
    Original Post by ScubaGal on ScubaBoard (5/27/09)


    Lloyd and I and several others from our local dive club, GO SCUBA, spent the holiday weekend diving at Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO. Archie, our diving activities chairperson for the club, rented a houseboat at Kimberling City and arranged for airfills. We had a great group of divers. A few were diving dry with the majority diving wet. Visibility wasn’t as good as we’ve experienced in the past, only 6-8 ft. in places.

    Underwater sightings included crappie, largemouth bass, catfish, and lots of crawfish. The crawfish were fun to mess with. They would hold up their claws and try to scare you. Reminded me of the crabs in Finding Nemo, ay, ay, ay… . The island we tied up at on Friday to spend the night I named Snake Island. Early Saturday morning we watched quite a few water snakes swimming around. Glad I didn’t see them on Friday when we were getting ready for our dive. On Sunday morning we had a couple of turtles hang out by the boat. I was hoping to see one while diving but no luck there.

    Water temps were in the mid 60’s above the thermocline. On our last dive to 59′ Lloyd’s computer read 52 degrees, brrr… Have to say our new 7 mil semi dry suits did pretty well keeping us warm, except for the last dive. Our group found lots of “treasure”. Several fishing poles, 7-9 anchors, fishing lures, sunglasses, an adding machine (Terry found it, but Lloyd and I retrieved it), a steering wheel, and over 1,000 golf balls at one site!

    All in all it was a fun weekend. Next up – a lake cleanup near Nebraska City being organized by our local dive club. Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend, diving or not.

  31. Todd says:

    Dove Dewey Short this weekend 5/30/09 to work on some skills. made 3 dives to 100′ on saturday. Surface temp was 73 and the coldest temp we had at depth was 52 degrees. The water really clears up below 40 and even more so below 60. We had ambient light for each dive ( considering it was a blue bird sunny day) I’d say vis below the muck layer was an easy 15-20 feet, very clear, just kinda dark.

  32. bottomdweller/Frank Thompson says:

    Back from Dewey Short, surface was 76 degrees, 53 degrees at 75′.
    Vis was crap, maybe 5′ down to 30′ after 30ft it opened up & from 50′- 75′ it was way better, 20′ at least.
    We saw a lot of divers out today/maybe 12 (last few times it’s just been the 2 of us)
    I did talk to one diver who said he dived beaver a couple of weeks ago & wished he had went back cause vis was about 40′ at beaver. But he was diving solo & said he didn’t go below 30″

    Great day for a couple of dives!!@!!

  33. bottomdweller/Frank Thompson says:

    Went to Jake’s point on 6/5/09 I was with a newby & we didn’t go below 27 ft vis was 8-10 ft at these depths lots & lots of perch they surrounded us the whole dive.
    Since were not planning on going deep I broke out my 4/3 wetsuit & left the hood & gloves on shore!!! The coldest it got was 70 degrees & we didn’t hit the thermocline.
    Nice day to get wet!!!


  34. Frank Thompson says:

    Shell Knob, MO Table Rock Lake.

    Spent the weekend at Big Bay campground site#29.
    Did 6 dives over the weekend & we found a very cool underwater forest and a nice bluff wall much like at Dewey Short.
    We found a nice fishing pole, 4 pair of sunglasses, a ladder from a boat, & a snorkeling mask. Saw lots of big catfish & bass.
    All in all a good weekend of diving & found a new spot to dive that was better than what I had expected.

  35. neogeo says:

    Dove the lost bridge July 8th at Table Rock Lake. Temps 68 degrees down to 50ft and low 50’s at 130ft viz at depth was great 30ft, really dark water with no ambient light.

  36. admin says:

    Project Aware, Table Rock Lake


    Project Aware looks like it will be held on Saturday September 19,2009. According to Scuba Sports website, it will take place at Moonshine Beach at Table Rock Lake. I have participated in the past and had a blast. I plan on participating again this year. I was wondering if anyone else planned on attending this years event?

    Scuba Sports – Branson Missouri, The only 5 Star PADI dive center in the area!

  37. MSD diver says:

    At the Dewey Short dive site last friday (July 24) the visibility was about 4 feet but none the less a good dive!

  38. snagel says:

    Table Rock Lake Dive Report for 7/12/09-7/14/09

    Original Post by JWard on ScubaBoard (A little dated, but a great report on the conditions)


    I had a great time diving! Over the week I was able to get 4 dives in, and they were all great.

    1) Zebulon Pike, 93ft, 28min, 55* at depth, 78* on surface. Vis was 25′ at depth.
    2) Zebulon Pike, 94ft, 30min, 55* at depth, 79* on surface. Vis was 25′ at depth.
    3) Jake’s Point Wreck, 63ft, 21min, 58* at depth, 81* on surface. Vis was 25′ at depth.
    4) Zebulon Pike, 89ft, 39min, 54* at depth, 83* on surface. Vis was 25′ at depth.

    The last dive on the Zeb had more things go wrong than I’ve ever had on a single dive. I did the dive at night, so that added a few coplexities, but sheesh! They were:

    1) Video cam snagged the permanent line a few times on the way down (no biggie, just lifted it off the line)
    2) Zip tie holding bolt snap to light broke as I was trying to stow it.
    3) SMB exploded at end of dive, adding a few minutes to reel it back in and to follow the permanent line back (it’s a long swim, about 6 minutes)
    4) Computer went into unplanned Deco due to time spent fixing SMB issue. It was cleared by the time I hit 15′, so again no biggie.
    5) Went low(er) on air than planned due to problems. I have a 19 cuft sling, so again it wasn’t an issue.

    I can’t wait to dive the Zeb again – it’s a cool wreck!

  39. Frank Thompson says:

    Dewey Short 8/9/09


    My brother-in-law & I met up with 417Diver (From Scuba toys fourm) on Sunday at Dewey Short.
    Got in one dive & had a great time meeting & diving with a new buddy.
    I got to try out my new spring straps & now I don’t know how I have went this long without them? My new mask I bought at ST has not made here yet so I will have to wait at least another week to try it out.
    We went to around 70′ deep temps were about 57 degrees at that depth.
    Vis was crap until we got to 35-40 ft after that it opened up to about 15-20 ft. All in all a great dive.

  40. snagel says:

    Project Aware Lake Cleanup
    September 19, 2009
    Registration starting at: 8:00 am until When Ever!
    New Location: Indian Point Marina Table Rock Lake Branson, MO
    Lunch will be provided.
    Please RSVP! Scuba Sports 417/334-9073

  41. Frank thompson says:

    9/27/09 we hit Jakes point around 11:00am.
    Vis was not very good until we hit about 45-50 feet, after that it opened up nice about 20 ft. We went to 105 ft deep & temps there were at 55 degrees.
    Next Saturday we will be back for the treasure hunt put on by Aquasports at 11:00am.
    hope to see you there.

  42. snagel says:

    Treasure Hunt
    Sat. Oct 3, 11 am
    Jakes Point, Table Rock Lake
    On Indian Point Rd.
    All proceeds donated to
    Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks
    Divers will redeem special markers found underwater for valuable prizes including fins, masks, lights, accessories,
    coupons and more. Co-sponsored by Aqualung .
    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month help
    us raise $$$ for this worthy cause!
    Sign up by Monday Sept. 28 to assure your spot.
    Entry fee $15 per diver
    All Certified Divers Welcome
    For more details contact 417- 883-5151
    or email
    *Special rates available for rental equipment at
    Aquasports Scuba Center 5601 S Campbell Springfield, Mo 65810

  43. Todd says:

    Dove October 11th near the dam. Vis was about 10′ and the water was at 65 degrees.

  44. Frank Thompson says:

    We went down around point 10 to help a buddy reattach a broken cable holding their dock in place. The vis was no more than 3 ft & around 35 ft it went pitch black.
    We were extremly lucky & dropped right on to the broken cable leading to the concrete piece we needed to reattach the new cable on. Three Divers total (me/bottomdweller,417diver,& beachbum from STboard) water temps down to 42 ft were 56 degrees. We didn’t go any deeper because you could not see anything even with a light. We got in two dives, one to fix the dock & one for fun.
    Oh ya air temps were around 60-62degrees.
    Water was up from all the rain but I am sure vis would have been better at Dewey Short or Jake’s point.

  45. SLIM says:

    Well just got out of the water with a RB class on Duck Island seems to be the clearest with all the rain that we have had a few weeks ago and them running the gaites so much. Water at Dewy Short looks to be about 2 feet there at teh bank and if you look close you can see a current.

    At Duck Island we had about 20 foot of vis until you got to 20 feet then it went to about 2 foot. Water temp is about 60* down to 20, did not go any deeper since vis SUCKED. It was better last week there but they opened up the gates again for a few days.


  46. snagel says:

    Table Rock – Jakes Point

    Viz: 15′ after 30′ depth

    Temp: 39 Degrees

  47. snagel says:

    March 26, 2010

    Orginal Post by Skdvr on ScubaToys

    We got two good dives in. The vis was no better than 10′ from the surface down to 120′. We dove breezy point and a point over near the state park. Over near the state park we came across a small cruiser that I had never seen before. All in all we got two good dives. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will hold out and we can get 2 or 3 more in.

  48. snagel says:

    April 10, 2010

    Original Post by Skdvr on ScubaToys:

    Dive conditions were pretty good. Better than 2 weeks ago. Around 20ft viz and water temp was around 52* at the surface and 47* below 20 or 25ft.

  49. todd says:

    DM’d the Dam Site with an OW class on 5/1 and 5/2. Surface temps were at 64 degrees. Theres a big algae bloom right now. The bloom stops at about 20′, im guessing due to the light penetration. Bass are on the beds and lots of fish activity, much more than previous trips to the dam. I never went deep enough to find the thermocline, but others in the group commented on it was around 30′. For Table Rock, the visibility was excellent. im guessing around 20′ although kinda cloudy, but much better than its been on previous trips.

  50. snagel says:

    May 30, 2010

    Dove a cove right outside of Table Rock State Park Marina. Surface temp was in the lower 70’s and 62 at about forty-five feet. Viz was very murky at the surface, probably around 3′. Did open up nicely at around 30′ to around 10-12′. A lot of boats in the water over the holiday weekend; so, this might have churned up the water a little. Did drive over to dewey and looked at the water. It appeared to be clearer than where we dove.


  51. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove at the dam on 6/13. Vis was about 5-8 ft above thermocline.

  52. snagel says:

    July 4th Weekend 2010

    Had a great time at Table Rock over the weekend; however, lot’s of boats on the water. Was able to get in 6 dives: Jakes Island, Enchanted Forest, Duck Island, Cove by Indian Point Marina, Shoreline by Dewey.

    Viz: Very murky, 5-8 in the shallows, less than 5 at thermocline (20′). Opened up once you got deeper around 50′ to 12-15′. Not great conditions.

    Temp: Low 80’s surface temp. low 60’s at the 20′ thermocline.

  53. Todd says:

    Dove Dewey Short 6/17-6/18 as a DM with OW students doing their checkouts. Vis was better than i expected it but still kinda lousy. That big algae bloom we had a few months back has all died off and its making lots of particulate in the water. Especially with students who are still working on their buoyancy. either way its a balmy 89 degree surface temps down to 14 where it starts to drop a little. the First Thermocline is about 20′ and it does open up after that as far as vis goes. I’d say its about 8-10 above the thermo and 12-15 below.

  54. admin says:

    July 17-18, 2010

    The wife completed her open water dives and is now a certified diver. She spent the weekend in class. Did her pool work at RockLane Resort and her first open water dive at the marina there. She said the vis was terrible…she gave up on looking at things and concentrated on just staying with her instructor. The next day she did her remaining open water dives at Dewey. I tagged along for this.

    Conditions: First the important stuff….conditions at Dewey were actually fairly good. I would say 8-10 maybe up to 12 earlier in the day. We didn’t go below 30′ so not sure how it opened up. Temps were balmy above the thermocline (sitting at 20′). In the 80’s. It got rather cold at the thermocline since we were sporting trucks and t-shirts.

    Bill Stimson: Bill was my wifes instructor for OW Diver. I have to brag on him because he did an amazing job. The wife was very nervous about the whole thing and he had a way of talking to her and calming her. He is very detail oriented and follows the PADI corriculum step-by-step. She definately learned a lot in a couple days. I highly recommend Bill to anybody who is needing an instructor….not only for open water, but he teaches many of the advanced courses as well. You can contact Bill at or

    Table Rock Inn: I debated about adding this to the blog, but this is a site to inform divers of the conditions. I stretch this a little to tell you about the Table Rock Inn since may of the divers on the site visit the area and many have stayed at the Inn. Recently, some new owners took over…our beloved elderly couple who ran the Inn for years have retired officially. This trip I booked the Inn for my wife and me since it was close, cheap, offered late checkouts for the divers. Everything was fine until we got into the room. Things have went downhill a little. Hey, it’s never been the Ritz, but this was bad. My wife suffers from many allergies and simply could not take it. There was mold on the baseboards where the room flooded, the toilet didn’t work (I had to do some repair) and in general the place gave you the creeps. We lasted about 30 minutes before we packed our stuff up and headed to another hotel. I don’t say this because I want to be mean, but if you are planning on staying at the Inn….you have been warned. Peggy, the new owner, graciously did provide us with a refund the next day.

    Scuba Sports: Many of you probably know the shop moved to the shopping center down the road a couple years ago. However, they now have a 2nd location at Indian Point. ScubaSports is now the shop operating out of the Indian Point Marina. They do still have the shop in town, but also the marina shop. Their compressor is only at the Marina, so if you need fills you cannot get them at the shop in town. As always, Monte and gang treated us great. I had an issue with a tank and Monte looked it over and made the repair. He fixed the tank, did a visual on the tank, and thinking about it on the way home…I’m not sure he charged me the right price. Got two tanks filled and a visual along with the repair for $12.

    Anyway, happy diving and be safe out there.


  55. ozarkdiver says:

    Date of dive: 8/4/10
    Location: Dewey Short (dam)
    Thermocline: 25 ft.
    Temp above thermocline: 86
    Vis above thermocline: 5 ft.

  56. snagel says:

    Table Rock – Dewey Short
    September 4-5, 2010 (Labor Day Weekend)
    Original Post by Gnats on ScubaToys

    Here is your full report.

    A GREAT time was had by all.

    Okay, seriously….

    The divers: Cummings66, CRNA, Chuck, myself. Beachbum, BottomDweller, and I believe SheDives were also there, but we just exchanged pleasantries.

    The non-divers: Mrs. Cummings66, Mrs. Chuck, and 1,2,3,4,5 yes, 5 kids between 10 and 3.

    Saturday began at 8:30ish at the Dewey Short Visitors’ Center. CRNA was doing his 3rd Tec 50 dive that day. HIS goal was to reach 160 feet and return alive. Cummings66 and I decided to follow the terrain to 100′, do the Clark Griswald nod, and head back up within recreational (no deco) limits.

    Day 1 – Dive 1
    Our dive was fantastic. I loved the terrain and after 45 feet the water appeared crystal clear. Vis was fantastic, probably 20-25 feet. Of course, it was PITCH BLACK head under a sleeping bag in the closet dark! Thank GOODNESS Cummings66 had an extra can light for me to use. My handheld would have been useless. I saw these little microscopic bug creatures at 100′ and stared fascinated at them for almost an entire minute. This was my first Table Rock dive beyond 20′ and I loved it.

    Dive time: 43 minutes
    Depth: 108 ft.
    Temp: 59 deg. F

    Day 1 – Dive 2
    Since CRNA did return back alive from his dive, the three of us decided to do a shallow dive around 30′ to the dam. It was like swimming through skim milk. But, temps were warm enough for CRNA to dive in a tired 3mm shorty. The three of us went into the water with roughly the same gas amount in our various doubles, when you take into account varying SAC rates. There is now a cute heart with the Squirrel’s name in it at the dam.

    Dive Time: 47 minutes
    Depth: 33 feet
    Temp: 79 deg. F

    The kids (remember them?) had a great time playing at the Visitor Center and a special huge big thanks to Mrs.Cummings66 for keeping an eye on Caity. Her and Elizabeth hit it off big time and were inseparable. Of course, one child asks, Can she stay overnight? and CRNA and I said yes. So, we had a guest at our campsite Saturday night.

    PS – The Marina for airfills was HORRIBLE that evening. We waited almost an hour just to get the airfill and then it was one thing after another, right down to not being able to fill my doubles because their DIN thingy was too long for my valves. Sheesh. We had an adapter for yoke and an allen wrench so I was able to get the fill afterall.

    Day 2 – Dive 1
    Cummings66 and I decided to start our first dive off with more of a tec dive following a deco plan. Our plan was 100 feet for 14 minutes with deco stops to offgas. Our goal was to find the Flamingos. Cummings66 wasn’t sure he could find them easily, but it seemed to me that he led us directly to them. We hovered around them for a bit while Matt tried to stand one of the flamingos up. Finished our 14 minutes swimming around the area and began our ascent to the first stop. My computer did go into deco at some point but cleared itself well before our third stop. Another great dive.

    Time: 41 minutes
    Depth: 109 feet
    Stop 1: 40 ft for 1 minute
    Stop 2: 30 ft for 1 minute
    Stop 3: 20 ft for 3 minutes
    Stop 4: 10 ft for 6 minutes

    Day 2 – Dive 2
    CRNA finished his Tec 50 dives in the morning and decided (with great arm twisting) to gear up for another deepish dive in the afternoon. Once again, our plan was to do a dive to 100-ish feet, putz around a bit, and head up with planned deco stops.

    All goes well on the dive descent. We reached 100-ish feet. Explored the area hitting around 115 – 120 max (depending on the diver’s individual depth) and started up. As we are heading up, Matt in front of me, Don to the back and just leftish, I felt an entanglement on a tree limb. I stop, look at the limb, see it’s just a light snag, undo the snag and turn to head up and HUH. I don’t see anybody’s lights.

    I look up, to the side, in the back. I look at my gauges and I am somewhere around the 80′ mark. Stop. breathe. think. I decide at that point, I am not going to look any further. They are probably up ahead and Matt had been very good at turning to keep an eye on US. If I am going to find them, it will be up ahead at a shallow depth.

    (Can you feel my heart pounding?) I do a few slooooooowwww deep breaths, dump some air so I am a little closer to the bottom (where vis was optimum and I felt control) and began a reallllllllllyyyyy slow ascent up the terrain. I decided to go real slow and do my first stop at 40′ as planned.

    (For those of you that don’t know the location, think stadium seating at a football arena, not a straight wall.)

    As I continue my ascent up, I maintain focus on breathing calmly, all the while thinking to myself (over and over), “I have plenty of back gas. I know the dive plan. They are up ahead. HOW COULD CRNA LOSE ME?????”

    All of a sudden, as I am looking forward I see NOTHING. Okay, I see a rock ceiling. EEEP. DID I SWIM INTO A CAVE????? Nope. Just a rock ledge. phew. I go up and over the ledge. Somewhere around 60 feet now and I look to my right and BLINK BLINK There is Matt. Swimming along like nothing is wrong. Um, Didn’t he realize I was LOST?

    hahahaa – post dive discussion, those two could see me clearly the entire time. And, they were wondering why I was going so slowly and silting out the place because I was so close to the bottom.

    We reach the 40′ mark do our 1 minute and continue on. Now, the remaining safety stops were more of guesses (for me – not Matt) because CRNA and I couldn’t find Matt in the shallow skim milk around 20′

    I don’t have a great bottom timer on my computer for this sort of thing so my 2 minutes at 30′ was a little short and I did a 3 minute safety stop instead of the full 16 minutes at 20′. I turn to look where I thought Matt SHOULD BE, and couldn’t find him. At the same time, CRNA is looking for him. We are turning right and left. Vis was probably only 5 feet at this depth. But, it wasn’t “dark” it was bright and milky so lights did us no good. You could just make out the big boulders before you ran smack dab into them.

    The safety stop finished and we moved up to 10′ to do a 1 minute stop (for the heck of it, it apparently wasn’t in the plan) and pop up to some fierce wave action.

    As I surface, I find two bobbing hoods, not just one. Yep, Matt could see us the whole time, but neither of us could see him.

    That must be why two is the magic buddy number. Easier to see one person at all times rather than 2.

    Bottom temp was 55 deg F.

    Sunday night we hosted the Cummings at our campsite for burgers and s’mores. Don’s kids crashed HARD next to the campfire. The oldest didn’t even want s’mores when the fire was ready. He just zombied into the camper and fell immediately asleep on top of his bag.

    A huge and special thanks to Judy for keeping an eye on Don’s children. It was super kind of her to stick around all day at Dewey Short so I could dive during Don’s training dives.

    How’s that for a report?

  57. snagel says:

    September 25, 2010

    Had some Awesome Dives at Table Rock! Upon arriving, we immediately looked at the water and our hearts dropped… we go again, nothing but Muck. Since we made the trip we pulled the boat out of the slip and geared it up and made our way out to “somewhere”. We made 3 dives in total, near the Enchanted Forest, South of Dewey Short, and Duck Island. In all three areas we pretty much found the same conditions…..Very “milky” down to about 40 feet. But, once you get through this it opens up wonderfully, but it is dark so bring a light. Our best dive was to 65′ and it was crystal clear, but again dark. Water temp at this depth was 61 degrees.

    We did find some interesting things – an old fire extinguisher last inspected in 1981 – I’m taking this to my fire extinguisher service guy at work as a joke, a small air pump, screwdriver, a fish aquarium, a tackle box, and of course two more anchors. We seem to be collecting a pletheria of boat anchors. I think we are up to 8 or 10 sitting on the boat right now. Anybody need an anchor? Anybody have any ideas on what do with all these?

    We completely forgot, but Scuba Sports was hosting the annual Project Aware at Indian Point. We didn’t participate because we had limited time and had several pieces of gear to get checked out before we head to Roatan in a few weeks. It looked like they had a good turnout.

    All-in-all, a great day of diving and with some unexpected viz once you got a little deeper.


  58. Thw wife & I dived at Jake’s point on Saturday 10/16/10
    We started out at jake’s point & headed for Jake’s point island out in the middle of the lake. We stayed around 30 ft for the swim to the island & then headed south around the island until we found a rope leading us to the cabin cruiser. This was the first time either of us dived on the cabin cruiser, we found the front of the boat in about 35 ft of water & swam around the boat. The back end of the boat is about 57 ft deep, temps were around 60 degrees & vis was pretty good, I would say 13-20 ft.
    I will totally do this dive again soon & bring a light to check out the boat.

  59. Todd says:

    DM’d an Open Water class 10/23-10/24 at Dewey Short.
    Temp at 68, with viz at 5-7 but very murky. It was cloudy and we could have used more light. The Advanced class said it cleared up at depth. They were around 90 and it was its typical crystal clear blackness.

  60. The wife & I dived Jake’s point and swam over to the island to check out the cabin cruiser on Saturday 11/20/10. Surface temps are 64 degrees and it was 57 degrees at 77 ft.
    Vis was 10-20 ft depending on where we were at, nice & clear under 50 ft.

  61. Just to let everyone know, they have started construction on the new visitors center. You can’t park as close to the water as before & there is no access to stairs. They have the place all torn up & fenced off. You can still get to the water to dive, just don’t plan on using the stairs for awhile. The water is way down 8ft or so I would say. You can walk all the way to the dam along the shoreline right past the bottom of the stairs. Went to Jakes Point and spoke with a guy I know that was diving there. He said waters temps were 43 degrees vis 10-12ft down to 30ft. The sailboat at Jakes is sticking out of the water about 2-3 ft.

  62. That last post started about Dewey Short, forgot that part…

  63. We went to Jake’s point yesterday & got in 2 dives.
    Surface temps were about 46 degrees & it was 43 degrees at 50 ft.
    Vis was about 15 ft. Ran into a couple of guys from Araknsas that were diving there also, one of the two was diving a 3mm (NUTS). After we were done diving we drove over to the damn to see how the construction on the new visitors center was going, they have started erecting the building so hopefully it will be done on time. At the damn we ran into a small group from Y Kiki divers out of St Louis had a nice chat with them. Anyway it was a great day of diving.

  64. FRANK THOMPSON says:

    The wife & I went to Dewey Short to visit the flamingos at about 85 ft on 04/03/11.
    surface temps were 49 degrees & 44 degrees at 85 ft.
    Vis was good 20 ft or so, the construction makes the walk to the water a real pain in the butt. It is starting to warm up so expect to see more divers in the coming weeks.

  65. Snagel says:

    April 9, 2011

    The Muck Diving Crew dove Dewey. Water Temp in the low 50’s. Viz 15-18′. Very nice day, but wind was very hard probably the reason the viz might be down.

    Construction still going on. We parked in front of the visitors center and walked down the steps behind the center to beach.

    Still a little cool for wet diving, but very doable if you are aching to get wet.


  66. Snagel says:

    Table Rock Report – Posted 5/8/11
    Original Post by Mooregooder on ScubaBoard


    Had the boat at Kimberling city for the weekend a week ago, got lucky and hit a weekend without storms. Water is at an all time high, water temp was 57, 20′ was the best vizz we found but you had to look for it.
    When my good spots are all mucked up I head out on Lewis and Clark dives that my buddy Steve at Tri Lakes recomends (he is the Oracle of Kimberling) knows all the good stuff, and yes he put us on anuther spot full of anchors, will take all summer to get them out
    feel bad for the those suffering from the high water Cap Jim off SEA TOW said they have 20 to 30 boats trapped under the 7 flipped docks that the high wind got. as we left last sunday anuther storm hit we drove in it all the way to KC. every one we talked to said the Corp hoped to have the lake out of the trees by Mday we will see, It seams the location of Bass Pros store in Branson was poorly placed and prevents them from dropping the water any faster.

  67. snagel says:

    June 25, 2011

    Made a dive at Dewey today….terrible conditions. Above thermocline (30′) pretty much total Muck..maybe 3′ viz. It did appear to open up a little under the thermocline, but dive buddy was too cold. Temps at surface very warm down to about 20′.


  68. snagel says:

    Not clearing up much at Table Rock. Spent July 4th weekend at the lake. Very hot, lots of boats, and water still above pool. Conditions haven’t improved much since the last week…pretty much MUCK.

    We drove up to Duck Island; which, resembles a couple trees sticking out of the water. Didn’t even jump in…viz no good. Drove over to Breezy Point, but a lot of boats hanging out. We pulled up to the shore down from Breezy Point, but really couldn’t see trying to dive due to poor viz. Drove over by Dewey and actually jumped in with the gear. Total dive time about 3 minutes….viz about 3′. Drove back over to Indian Point and found a cove North of the Marina. Jumped in with the gear and dove about 30 minutes trying to see if it opened up…not really. The best (if you can call best 3-5′ viz) was between 15-30 feet. Packed up the gear and parked the boat back at the Marina and set out to enjoys some shows in Branson.

    Fun weekend, but diving was terrible.


  69. snagel says:

    October 1, 2011
    Original Post by Bottomdweller on ScubaToys

    Vis was poor at the Zeb today 5-7 maybe 10 ft in places, but an interesting dive for sure.
    Temps 71 at surface, 60 degrees at 80ft. At Jakes Island vis was better 10-15 ft maybe 20 in places, temps about the same.
    Great day to dive I guess I am skippnig the early football games tomorrow, going diving again…

  70. snagel says:

    October 8, 2011
    Original Post by BoardnDave on ScubaBoard.

    We’ve been diving Dewey Short (the dam site) and visibility is 15-20 feet starting at 49′ feet all the way down to 110′, where it murks up again. Everything above the thermocline (which is at 49′) is unfortunately pretty murky at about 5 of visibility.

    Temps: 71 per Bottomdweller.

  71. ozarkdiver says:

    Dove Table Rock on 10/23 (I think). Dewey Short is under construction and you can’t access the dive area. Drove to Coombs Ferry rec area. Turns out it was closed/abandoned a long time ago, but you can drop down onto a dirt path just before the area and drive right into the old camp area. The east side looks way too shallow to dive, but the west side is better (although still a shallow slope). With the abandoned camp area, there’s plenty of parking close to the water. Still want to find another shore diving area. This one’s too shallow.

  72. Dave Holenda says:

    Dove Dewey Short on 1/6/12. You can get to the dive site you just have to walk the beach to get to it. They are going to be stopping the diving there in April due to water intakes for the new building. Had a great dive, water was 52 degrees, vis was an easy 15-20 down to 60 feet.

  73. FRANK THOMPSON says:

    Took a day off work Friday & dove Jakes Point Island.
    Surface temps about 54 degrees & 46 degrees at 63 ft.
    vis was about 10 ft until you got to around 40 ft it opened up to around 20 ft.
    The vis at the sunken cabin crusier was the best I have ever seen there, you could almost see the whole boat front to back.We did notice it was last tagged in 95.
    Good start to the dive season, & we all got sunburned chillin on the boat.

  74. Frank Thompson says:

    We dived Jake’s island again yesterday, vis was crap until you get down under 30 ft then it is anywhere from 10-15 ft. The good news is the water is warming up 71 degrees at 12-15 ft 63 degrees at 30 ft, & around 50 degrees at 63 ft.

  75. Frank Thompson says:

    We dived Duck island on Saturday 5/5/12, The vis was crap down to about 25 ft & then it opened up very nice, 20-25 ft of vis from 25 ft down to 52 ft. This is the best vis I have seen at Table Rock in a couple of years!!!! We found the boat on the east side of the island & a leg & thigh master too. There were laots of fish & temps were in the 60’s down to about 20-25 ft & 53 degrees at 52 ft. Hoping the great vis stays that way for a while.

  76. Todd says:

    Dove near the State Park Marina on 5/5/12. Vis was the worst I have ever seen this lake. Above 20 feet there was somewhere between one and two feet of visibility. Lots of silt and easily kicked up. The surface temp was around 76, it dipped below 8′ where the temps were about 66-63 and a definite thermo forming around 20 where it dipped to the upper 50’s. Vis below 20 was much better but its very dark. Im guessing the lake is post turnover and has a distinct stain to the water. a nice rust color. Im really hoping this can setle out in the next few weeks or its going to be rough for TRL this year.

  77. ozarkdiver says:

    Towed my boat up to Table Rock on 5/3, and found out the lake had turned. Sucks….anybody know how long it takes this lake to clear up after turning?

  78. Snagel says:

    54 ft today no light 15 viz real clear this year so far.. 5 or 7 mm is fine

  79. Snagel says:

    Memorial Weekend (5/26/12-5/28/12)

    Spend the weekend at Table Rock Camping at Indian Point Campground. Got in a few dives 2 at the marina and 2 at Dewey. Water very murky until you get down to 30′ and then it opens up nicely – 20-25 foot viz at that level. Temps 58 degrees.

  80. Debora Sappington says:

    This will be a fantastic web site, might you be involved in doing an interview regarding how you developed it? If so e-mail me!

  81. ozarkdiver says:

    To the admin for this site……Saw your piece on the dive shop at Indian Point. I’ve never been there, but in Arkansas we generally can’t dive at marinas. I assume the marina owner would enforce this, so if Indian Point allows it, then so be it. However, it looks like the stairs/dive shop is right next to docks. Are they not concerned with boat traffic?

  82. Snagel says:

    I think it is one of those things that is not being talked about. The owners of the Marina want a dive shop at the marina and I don’t know what kind of agreement they entered into with this shop. I too questioned about diving in the marina and with boat traffic. The only discussion I heard was instruction to stay low along the line until you reach the platform to avoid the boat traffic. I’m not exactly sure what Missouri law is regarding diving in marina’s. Might be something to research.


  83. Snagel says:

    June 16, 2012
    Week of Diving Tablerock
    Orginal Post by Shoot2Retreive on ScubaToys

    Just got back from a week of diving Tablerock and had a great time. Vis was poor above ~30ft (vis about 4-6ft), but below that was fantastic with 25ft vis common. We made it down to Indian Point there past Silver Dollar City and met the dive shop owner (I believe his name was Joseph). We asked a few questions about some shore diving and I tell you we could not have met a friendlier guy!!! They have a little bit to dive there at the marina and he pointed everything out to us from the dock explaining the dive area. Even offered his dive flag for us to use, but we had our own. They have a pretty neat little set up going and he seems excited to build upon their little dive area, so that will be great. Definitely, a great shop and a fun shore dive. If your in the area I would recommend to take a stop by his shop great guy!

    Two days out of the week we booked some boat dives from White River Dive Co. (Formerly ScubaSports). We dove the Zebulon Pike, Jakes Island, Battleship Point, and the Enchanted Forest area. Was some fun dives and our first time ever to the Zeb, pretty cool! Over by Jakes Island it seemed some good depths (over 150′) could be probable, although my wife and I never went below 100′, but may be something to check out if I’m back in a more technical frame of mind. The folks at White River Dive Co. were super friendly and were great to be with out on the boat. They were in the middle of moving so thing were quite busy for them. They were also very reasonably priced for a two tank dive each day!

    The only folks I would not recommend from the entire week were at the State Marina and that is all I will say about that. So from our experience there are a couple of great places we will visit again and we did enjoy our week diving Tablerock!

  84. Frank Thompson says:

    We dived the Zebulon Pike yesterday 7/29/12, temps were 51 degrees at 80 ft about 10 ft of vis at the Zeb. Did a night dive at jakes point last night again about 10 ft of vis & temps much warmer since we only went around 25 ft deep. Saw lots of cool critters on the night dive.

  85. Snagel says:

    White Water Dive Company in Branson is hosting Project Aware on September 22, 2012.

    Join us in cleaning up Table Rock Lake. Divers and Non Divers welcome. Will provide free air, Lunch, Prizes, and More… We look forward to seeing everyone there. Registration will begin at 8:00 A.M.

  86. Frank Thompson says:

    We dived the Zebulon pike on Saturday 9/29/12.
    Temps were 52 degrees at 79 ft with around 15 ft vis.
    Second dice was at jakes point temps in the 60’s as we stayed 30 ft or above, vis 7-10 ft in this area. Got a couple of nice videos with my new GOPRO camera.

  87. Snagel says:

    August 2012
    Original Post By Blu Diver on ScubaBoard

    I dove the K-City Bridge the third weekend in August. The lake was down approx 18 feet. Once we grappled the bridge we had a difficult time keeping the anchor set. Pull up to the center pylon drop the anchor 100+ feet and very slowly back up. There is a large yellow nylon rope that is wrapped around the center piling that you can follow down to the original bridge. The guidline is chocked full of fishing lures of every type. There is also a lot fishing line floating around the guideline, be careful not to become entangled. At 59′ there was a thermocline we passed through and it was pitch black! The viz was 15-20 and dark as night with absolutley no signs of life besides us three divers. We reached the top of the bridge at 92′ did a quick tour, took turns ringing the bell (it’s loud…very loud!), it’s a nice size bell! We turned the dive and made our way back up the guideline. I was thinking about going back just to replenish my tackle box, I am not kidding about the fishing lures on thatguideline. We only made one dive on the K-City bridge due to a Thunderstorm and some other topside issues. However, yes, it’s deep dark and cold. The deepest I went was 108 feet. Very interesting dive and I had my camera with me but did not film the bridge….only topside video. I plan on going back hopefully next year sometime and I will video the bridge and bell.

  88. Snagel says:

    April 2013
    Original Post by BottomDweller on ScubaToys

    Vis was so great 35 ft or so, for those who dive table rock, this is the best vis I have seen since I got certified in 07.
    This was our first dive of the year, dialing in the gear.

    51 degrees at 20 ft, 45 degrees at 50 ft

  89. Snagel says:

    Indian Point Dive Center…..

    Hey steve, been long winter vis is 50 ft now. we have done expansion on retail double size of store. The dive center added one of the best technical instructors in the country we can now teach open water thru full technical cave. Hope to c u soon

  90. Frank Thompson says:

    Dived Jake’s Island on Sunday 8/11/13. Vis was around 15 ft until you got down to about 20 -35 ft vis was around 2 ft. once you get below vis opened up to around 20 ft maybe more. The rain has not screwed up the vis deeper in the lake, we went to around 60 ft & water temps in the mid to upper 60’s, still great conditions to get out there & dive.

  91. Frank Thompson says:

    Below 40 ft the vis was great!!!

  92. Todd says:

    With access to Beaver Lake closed due to the fed shutdown we did Open Water Checkouts at the State Park adjacent from State Park Marina.

    Dove 10/12 and 10/13

    overcast skies, Water temp 72 with a heavy stain and no sunlight. Visibility was 5′ at best. No thermocline detected, deepest depth was 35′. Seems like the lake may be getting ready to turnover.

  93. Josh says:

    Dove Table Rock (Indian Point Marina) 11/10.

    Visibility was 10-15 above 63 feet then real bad below that (didn’t go much deeper). Water temp was about 60 as well. Nice sunny day. First cold(ish) water dive for me. Great time, lots of fish… swam around the sunken boat. Good stuff for 11/10.

  94. Snagel says:

    Table Rock
    January 26, 2014

    Original Post by BluDiver on ScubaBoard

    On Sunday January 26, 2014 a few of us went diving at TRL. The surface temp was 42F and 39F at 85 feet. The visibility on the Zebulon Pike was about 10 feet at Jakes Point the visibility improved to 15 feet. Both dives were shore dives and that surface swim from shore to the island (Jakes Point) was a doozy! The weather was tremendous at 65F and sunny. We did not see much in the way of fish but it was a fun time had by all.

  95. Todd says:

    5-30 – 6-1 Dove Near the State Park Marina with my OW students.

    Surface temps around 75, First Thermocline starts around 28-20 and it drops to 71. Next Thermo is around 40 and gets a bit nippy below this point so we didnt venture much deeper in our 3mil suits.

    Clarity was about 10-15. It was cloudy so it could be better with some sun penetrating down.

  96. Snagel says:


    Went diving at Table Rock Lake last weekend and the lake is still surprisingly clear. Vis was at least 15′ above the thermocline.

  97. Snagel says:

    Original Post by BottomDweller on ScubaToys:

    We have been diving Table Rock, & the vis has been great.
    Last couple of weeks vis Is around 40-50 ft below the thermocline 30-35 ft deep, it is vey clear the first 10-15 ft then murky until you get below that thermocline. temps in the 60′ s around 40-50 ft my computer showed temp was 52 degrees at 73ft. Great diving!!

  98. Snagel says:

    State Park Dive Shop

    Awesome visibility lately. Dove Spoonbill Bluff yesterday and Duck Island today. Water is crystal clear, had an easy 25-30 foot of visibility! Water temp is 83 degrees at the surface until the thermocline.

  99. Snagel says:

    We had tropical diving conditions! Table Rock water conditions for this weekend were 82 F water temp and 15-25 ft. visibility all the way down to 24 ft. depth. Below that it gradually got colder and visibility opened up to 20-50 ft! Most of our deeper dives were in temps of 60-76 F.

    The nine of us who participated through the weekend did Friday shore dives at Indian Point, then Sat-Sun boat dives at Breezy Point, Enchanted Forest, & Poverty Point. Thank you to all who came for being prompt, enthusiastic, well prepared, and courteous boat divers. This enabled us to get in two dives at each dive site. Congrats to Jerry Boyle on completing Dive 100 this weekend!

    Dive booty! Through the weekend we found and retrieved 2 boat ladders, 3 anchors, 4 rod and reels, sunglasses, and a watch (not Timex, no longer ticking).

    With the great vis, we were able to experience much sea life: huge turtles, large catfish, walleye, bass, crappie, and plentiful bluegill. Some of the bluegill were eating from our hand thanks to the presence of small mussels to break open. And the always surreal experience of swimming through the trees was easy to do as a group in these great conditions. We also got to ring the underwater bell on the “attractions” route at Poverty Point.

    We were provided the usual excellent service by our friends at the State Park Marina Dive Shop, and may have found a new favorite hotel at Dockers Inn – a few minutes extra drive from the Marina, but at a great rate for very nice rooms, with good free breakfast and a nice pool.


  100. Todd says:

    Dove near State Park on 7/19 and 7/20. Visibility was 15-20 feet with a bit of a cloudyness to the water. We had lots of sun so good light penetration. I was with the OW students so no depths below about 30′. Thermocline was about 25-27 feet deep. Surface temps around 81. great water for the most part.

  101. Todd says:

    Did some quick fun dives 8/16 and 8/17. Saturday we dove the state park where we do our Open Waters. The water has a definite cloudy/murkyness to it this year. Its been a month dive I’ve been in the water at table rock and the murk is getting heavier. Sunday we dove the north banks of the old ferry campgrounds. Cool area above water. below was very mundane. There is a big, and I mean huge, fish atractor that was loaded with all kinds of fish at about 20′. I think we discovered some fishermans secret honey hole.

    Surface temps around 84 degrees. Cloudy vis so I’d say 10 feet. We never got below 30′ so no thermocline noticed. Still good diving.

  102. Todd says:

    Dove Table Rock Lake on 5/30 and 5/31. We had OW students at the state park boat ramps at an area we set up many years ago that we call Spider Beach. This area has seen a lot of recent use by local shops and other divers. Major spring rains have really raised the lake level. Both water outlets are generating electricity and they are flowing water over the top of the spillway to alleviate the flow into the lake. Surface temps are at 73 with the first thremocline loosely forming around 20 where it drops to 66. with OW students we never really ventured below this first thermocline so no clue what temp/depth the next one is. Visibility was at about 5-10 feet, the water is somewhat stained but pretty good considering how much rain this area has received. We had a self-reliant tech DM do a dive off this site to a max depth of 144′. He noted the temps were 42 degrees at that depth. burrrrrr.

  103. Frank Thompsn says:

    Dived Jake’s Island & Spoonbill Bluff last weekend 9/26/15.
    The vis is finally getting much better after all the flooding we had this year.
    Below 30 ftt it really opens up to around 25 – 30 ft.
    Didn’t pay attention to what the water temps were but we hit 103 ft & I was wearing only my 4/3 wetsuit with hood & gloves & didn’t get to cold.
    Now is the time to get out & dive before it gets to cold & water temps really start to drop.

  104. Snagel says:

    May 2016

    Original post by Bottomdweller on ScubaToys Forum:

    Did two dives on Table Rock Saturday, visibility is still not that great & temps were in the low 50’s.
    It was great to get wet though.
    Here is a video I shot of the sunken houseboat between points 6 & 7, maybe 15 ft of vis in spots.

  105. Ryan says:

    Lake’s finally starting to warm up. Mid 70’s at the surface, 59 at 60′. There’s a thick muck layer starting at 11 ft, beginning to clear up around 22ft. By 30′ depth vis was 12′. @60′ it opens up to around 20.

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